Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Spook from the Ice Age'- english) Spuk aus der Eiszeit. 207th episode, 19x7 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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Oct 21, 2021, 3:30:04 PM10/21/21
STORY LINE (in english):'A retiree named Hartmut Menkhaus is out and about on foot at the Landungsbrücken jetties in Hamburg' one day.  'Suddenly for a few seconds, he recognizes a voice that has remained unforgettable in his memory.  But, he does not know the name of the man who is to blame for him spending eleven years in a GDR East German prison.  

To find out the name after all these years, he visits Ms. Astrid Nicolay, who Hartmut knows she knows this man.  But, she is silent even though she knows exactly that he means' someone named 'Martin Scholko.
Knowing that Martin has reappeared, Astrid Nicolay demands hush money from her former boss Peter Kurbis.  She also kept a tricky delivery note from the transport company she had worked for for years under Kurbis' direction.  

Reluctantly, Peter pays Astrid a four-digit sum, but immediately goes to Martin in the Neustadt area of Holstein, with whom he himself had been in contact over the years.Peter instructs Martin to get the delivery note.' Martin is sure that Astrid Nicolay has the note.  So, Martin 'then drives to Astrid's place and attacks her after not having gotten the note.'  She sees two or three other people at work later.  

Then, Astrid Nicolay is found strangled in her apartment. 

Hamburg police senior commissioners Paul Stoever and Peter Brockmöller are now investigating the case.  The neighbor knows of an espionage affair that her neighbor would have been involved in years ago.  Stoever researches and finds out that Astrid is said to have been involved in the abduction of Hartmut in 1973.  

At the time, Hartmut had traded confidential information and was therefore' suddenly avoided 'by the GDR.  After he returned to Hamburg, Hartmut tried unsuccessfully to sue Astrid.'  This, 'late revenge would be a possible motive for the investigators.  

Hartmut is questioned and the investigators realize that the slender pensioner is barely able to strangle someone.  Hartmut explains that he was previously well acquainted with the victim Astrid, which she then exploited to lure him into her apartment.  

There, Astrid would have given Hartmut an anesthetic and then together with a helper, from whom he could only hear the voice,
Stoever and Brockmöller also question the trucker Peter, who still denies having anything to do with the alleged abduction.  Strangely enough after the kidnapping, his company had received a noticeably large number of new orders from the GDR in East Germany.  Amazingly, he offers a reward for the capture of Astrid's murderer.

The next day Peter meets with Martin, who fears that Hartmut is able to recognize him.  In addition, he blackmailed Kurbis and demands hush money. For fear of being found, Martin hides. 
Nevertheless, the policeman named Meyer Zwo is radioed to find Martin at a certain address and Zwo manages to arrest Martin.

Meanwhile, Brockmöller finds a lead on Falko Kurbis, who is the truck owners Peter Kurbis' son.  Falko claims that he met Astrid after she had blackmailed not only his father Peter, but also he himself.  Falko said that Astrid had 'wanted to revive the affair and that would have put his mother, who was also involved in the kidnapping in public.' Falko said that he 'wanted to protect' his mother from that and would have' had to silence 'Astrid Nicolay.

To Hartmut's satisfaction, Stoever' is able to 'finally tell Hartmut the name and even show him who 'this 'great stranger is.  But,' one night at a bar 'when Hartmut faces Martin Scholko again after so many years and who also mocks him,' Hartmut 'collapses and' drops dead on 'the ground.'
SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes') 
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