Tatort ('Crime Scene' Solitary Confinement') Einzelhaft 209th episode 19x9 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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Nov 30, 2021, 7:00:17 PM11/30/21
STORY LINE (in english):
'Ilona Vogtländer does not believe that her father' now in jail 'killed his wife Eva. But Rolf Vogtländer, who is in prison, remains silent and asks Duisburg police high commissioner Horst Schimanski to prevent his daughter from doing further research' about what happened.

Schimanski goes to visit and talk with Ilona and talks with and follows her close friend Petra Karstens.

He also meets and questions Petra's employer and shipping agent' Reiko Plewitsch who wonders who Schimanski learned some of his questions from. Plewitsch seemed to have a threatening air about him.

Dock workers meanwhile find a strangled then-Yugoslavian prostitute and national. Schimanski is so busy with the already closed Vogtländer case that Duisburg police high commissioner Christian Thanner who is investigating the death of a prostitute has to lead the 'new' investigation alone.

Ilona wants to find out more about her stepmother Eva Vogtländer and therefore' actually drives mainly 'taxi cabs in areas related to her stepmother's death' at night (without even picking up passengers. Schimanski follows her around one night even tapping into her taxi radio channel and listening to it. She gets out and goes into a bar and grill and talks with a guy. Illona buys a paper and reads it and becomes visibly shaken. Through this newspaper report' that Illona and Schimansiki both actually happen to read at that time at that very restaurant (copying what Illona bought, he bought a paper too to see what she was so shaken about as he followed her), she learns about the dead woman being found

Later, 'Ilona is lured into a trap, ambushed and is supposed to be killed. But when Schimanski shows up, he manages' to just barely 'drive away the attackers.

After Ilona takes the chance to flee, the attackers see her again, but she gets away. Schimanski goes to Ilona's where Petra is, too. Over beer, Illona tells Schimanski that she knew the now dead woman and that she lived in a brothel disguised as an apartment.

Schimanski and Thanner go to' this 'apartment in question and discover that it is' 'a brothel. Schimanski' chases a man who has recently left it. It happens to be one of the men who attacked Ilona the previous evening. He flees, but after a chase, Schimanski breaks into his car and brings him in.

Thanner brings three prostitutes from there to the station, too, At the station they all fight when they see each other.

During an interrogation where secret tape recordings indicate that there is a second thug named 'Jani', Thanner' is also able to 'find out from the man that Ilona's stepmother Eva ran the brothel together with' the 'shipping agent' Plewitsch, Petra's boss.

The woman was strangled by his friend Jani because she wanted to betray both of them.

On the way to' where 'Plewitsch' is, Thanner passes Plewitsch's secretary's car, who, like Ilona's mother Eva Vogtländer has now also been strangled. It may have been thanks to Ilona that she found the brothel disguised as an apartment' among the many other clues.

The second thug' named 'Jani gains access to Ilona's apartment, but is' ... 'overwhelmed easily by Schimanskii after being surprised, himself and Jani drops his key chain strangling device in the process. As Illona notices, the keychain assembly that Jani used to strangle people seemed to have Petra's name enscribed on it. too. The high commissioner Schimanski takes Jani to see Pleiwitsch not to the police station, yet. Instead, 'Ilona', her father Rolf' and a third office detective from Holland named Hänschen (short for Hans Scherpenzeel van Maaskant-Schoutens) and high commissioner Thanner finally all come to a confrontation at Plewitsch's trucking company, where Ilona's father wants to make his daughter understand that he himself 'actually killed his wife, after learning of their machinations.

Everything seems clear as Plewitsch starts walking away smiling, but suddenly Ilona takes Schimanski's weapon and shoots Plewitsch because she' still blames him' more in 'the tragedy.'

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

(see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

Book by Frank Göhre
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