Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Trail of Blood'- english) Blutspur 222nd episode 20x9 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):  
A 'Palestinian-related terrorist squad attacks a building with gunfire and fire bombs in Essen-Steele one evening.  
The morning after,' Duisburg police high commissioners Horst Schimanski and Christian Thanner are on their way to hunt' down 'an  exhibitionist who is identifiable by being around dragon-themed stuff, 'although that is not part of these policemen's job.  When' clues turn 'out to' lead to 'a warehouse for a Polish truck driving company Schimanski first has to call Ossmann, his boss and police board member.  

So, they stop briefly there and speak with a woman who already knows Schimanski, named Ela and a guilty-looking man named Leszek who run that warehouse and the nearby  junkyard.'  After Schimanski wants to make a phone call, they are suddenly shot at by the terrorist squad that was also active in Essen-Steele. Schimanski's car goes up in flames.' Right then Leszek and Ela sneak and race off.

The two high commissioners 'are promptly embroiled in a case of international magnitude.  

Shortly before, the same terrorists shot all the workers at another shipping site. Back there again, Schimanski, Thanner, their boss Ossmann and Dutch police high commissioner working with them discover a large pool of blood in a truck and suspect' that it's 'either an animal slaughter or evidence of a mass murder.  

Since, they are now without a car and Thanner has not yet received his new vehicle, they have to make do with a taxi or police cars.  A trip to Essen-Steele confronts' them 'with obdurate federal (BKA) investigators who are of no help to either of them.

Back in Duisburg at a restaurant, Schimanski gets a call that they' can again 'find Leszek in an hourly hotel.  But, the terrorists now disguised as window cleaners are there, too.  

Once there, Schimanski overhears the conversation between' someone named 'Samara and Leszek partly in an air shaft, but cannot understand everything and suspects agreements involved for weapons smuggling from Poland to the middle-east'.  Suddenly,' 'explosives' go off and the terrorists make a get away in a car across the street.  Samara and a passport forger are dead, but Leszek survives and escapes undetected.  Since, both bodies are unrecognizable by the fire, and the passport forger was mute and invisible, Schimanski believes Leszek is dead.  In front of the hotel they' 'detain his girlfriend Ela and interrogate her at the police station.  

Then, Hänschen brings in the passport information from the forger who died in the blast scene showing Leszek himself also in the process of possible forgery.

For lack of evidence, Hänschen releases her and she hides with her friend who is a belly dancer.  

To find her' again, 'the police even activate their former' informant undercover 'pimp' named 'Freddie.'  Freddie is able to get Ela into 'his rental car in the middle of the night as she is on her way to Leszek.  Schimanski follows them in Thanner's new car, while his co-worker feels the belly dancer's body.  Schimanski follows Ela and Freddie to Leszek's junkyard.  In order to appease Freddie, she offers' to 'him to get him into the business with the Poles.  Then, Schimanski' surprises them and takes a box of things with him. 'Ela is able to escape.  Schimanski also warns Freddie to find' 'Ela again' and bring her to the police station where he is in the morning, before he leaves that night.  

Meanwhile, Thanner has followed the belly dancer into her middle-eastern club, where the BKA and terrorists' are.  Schimanski' calls Thanner from the car, drives there and then 'joins them, and' in the bathroom' both are asked from the feds (BKA) to leave the bar.  The feds then laugh. Thanner and the belly dancer find her apartment ransacked.

Schimanski is carrying good from Ela's trucking garage.  He checks with the police data center about someone named Erich Hofman or Hoffmanerich.  The data center says that Hoffmanerich return shows someone who is a "Paßfälscher" among many other things and that their address isn't certain.  
'Freddie soon finds Ela with Leszek in a' trailer.  She might have seen him, too.  Freddie 'watches Ela and Leszek start to sleep together and Freddie runs off. '

That morning, 'when Freddie shows up at the station the next morning without Ela, he suggests they take him to the junkyard.  There, Leszek is surprised by the investigators as he is preparing a truck with a delivery with Ela.  

But, the scene is blown and shot' apart 'again by the terrorists who' destroy 'Thanner's new car and perforate the truck.'  Schimanski takes the initiative and' takes the truck cab 'in which Ela is hiding, in order to slow down the terrorists.  Thanner' is able to 'set their car on fire with aimed shots, whereupon they surrender.  

But, Ela was fatally hit by bullets' while 'in the truck cab.'  The truck trailer was full of blood plasma and is shot up and now leaking.  'In truth,' police board member Ossman learns that 'Leszek served the Palestinians as a supplier of blood plasma, a rare blood group often found mostly in Poland and the middle east' at odds with the middle-eastern terrorists.

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes') 

Book by Peter Steinback
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