Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Draft Beer') 'Bier vom Faß' 218th episode 20x4 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):
In Munich at the Garching Volksfest fair, a 'beer tent operator named 'Fritz Schweikert, is left in the afternoon by his girlfriend Edith Wagner after a fight.  Before she leaves, she takes a pistol out of a drawer.

In the evening,' a 'masked bar waiter at Schweikert's tent named Ronny Tiefenbacher and his brother-in-law Rudi Kirchler attack Fritz in his trailer.  Rudi is stands watch outside while Ronny in is robbing Fritz. Ronny and Rudi need the money to open their own restaurant.'  Afterwards, Ronny tells Rudi in shock that something went wrong during the attack.  

Meanwhile,' Munich police high commissioner Otto Brandenburg is under pressure' as he is 'justifying to his boss the events published in newspapers that caused a 'bank robber' named 'Max Vogt' to fall 'to his death while trying to escape from a' police raid led by Brandenburg.  While the conversation' is 'going on, Brandenburg was called to' the 'Garching festival murder scene.  

Once 'there, Brandenburg interrogates Fritz's partner, the guilty-looking Xaver Heindl, who claims to have visited Fritz, whose trailer was locked,' where 'inside Heindl says 'found the body of his partner.  Bandenburg learns that Fritz had gone into the trailer hours earlier' 'with the daily' earnings.  'A detective named Santini working with Brandenburg mentions to Heindl: 'His shooting would have been two hours ago'.

Meanwhile Rudi, who has family and a lot of money worries, shows Rita a lady he is with  some of the stolen money and' tells her not to care 'when asked if he' earned the money legally or not.

After evaluating the traces, Brandenburg informs Heindl that he suspects the perpetrator, who must have known Heindl very well' must also be 'among his employees.  

Brandenburg then seeks out Edith Wagner' where she lives 'and informs her of the death of her partner.  Without any facial expression, Edith reacts,' and goes hides from him in the bathroom for awhile but then tells him 'nothing about the argument and separation she had with Fritz the day before.  Brandenburg speaks to her about Fritz's missing weapon, which he' kept in a drawer in the trailer.  'Allegedly she knows nothing of its whereabouts. 

The' cleaning 'lady from Fritz Schweikert and Xaver Heindl's tent tells detective Luginger' another investigator working with Brandenburg 'that she saw a young man in front of Fritz's trailer on the evening of the crime who had "lounged around" there.  She said something about 'the man had delivered a piano' thereabouts, somewhere.

Later, Someone kills Rudi in the shed. Ronny goes to the shed afterwards and finds Rudi. He puts the body in the trunk and is caught by the police twice and hauled into the police station, afterwards.

Meanwhile, 'Brandenburg learned of Fritz's arguments with Edith through' more talks with Heindl over beer.  Meanwhile Karl Lanz, a former work colleague of Ronny, learns of Fritz's murder through his wife.  Lanz's wife remembers that Ronny once suggested that he wanted to rob Fritz, because he always won against Ronny at poker. 

The dead body autopsy data show that Fritz was killed with a shot to the heart.'  A 'second shot hit' a 'beer barrel in the trailer.  

The police find out that Rudi Kirchler was the wanted piano player via a delivery receipt.  

Meanwhile, Ronny assures his friend that he did not kill Fritz.  Then, Karl goes to Ronny and tells him that he saw Ronny in Fritz's beer tent on the evening of the crime.

The police are recording conversations of most of the people involved.  Also, 'a note from Rudi that the police found on Ronny indicates that that Rudi knew about the manhunt against' him 'and' he 'wanted to meet Ronny in the shed.  The police, through questioning learn that Rudi was sentenced for robbery before.  Ronny and he had stored robbed money in the shed, before.
The officials now suspect that' Rudi 'and Ronny attacked Fritz. Brandenburg accuses him of having eliminated his accomplice because he knew that he had killed Fritz.  

Ronny admits to the attack and also' admits that Rudi was the lookout, but he' says 'that he is not Fritz's murderer.'  He says that 'the money was stolen from the shed by a stranger.  He' says that he 'took Fritz Schweikert's gun from him in the trailer, but left it there after the attack.  

Brandenburg does not leave the Vogt case in peace either, which is still causing him trouble.  On a photo found near Vogt's body, he recognizes Edith Wagner, who had rented the apartment in which Vogt was hiding. 

Brandenburg later learns from Fritz's lawyer that he held 85% and Heindl only 15% of the company.'  'After Fritz's death, the company now belongs to Heindl.  Heindl is even shown during the movie running the beer tent with a frustrated look on his face.  In addition, Fritz had life insurance in the amount of DM 55,000' Deutschmarks with Edith Wagner as the recipient  
Detective 'Santini finds the broken lock in Ronny's shed' and later shows it to high commissioner Brandenburg.  'This proves that there was a third person in the shed and that Ronny's version is probably correct. Ronny finally remembers that Karl Lanz had spoken to him about the attack, he also knew from previous break-ins that Ronny had hidden his stolen money in the shed at that time.  

Luginger who is undercover, goes off on his ownat the Garchinger festival with Brandenburg and chases after Karl Lanz as Lanz has a Garchinger security guard whisper something to Lanz before Lanz runs off. Heindl is being questioned more and more by Brandenburg.
Brandenburg arrests 'Lanz,' 'The detectives find the money in his apartment.'  

After having beer with his co-workers and looking through photos of the case, 'Brandenburg remembers that the second shot had grazed the beer barrel in Fritz Schweikert's trailer.  Did 'the perpetrator' seal 'the barrel with chewing gum?  Who did?  Only about two hours after the crime, the amount of beer that had leaked proved this in a laboratory test.  

The police' find 'the murder weapon,'  Brandenburg also' finds 'out that Fritz had anonymously betrayed Max Vogt to the police.  Brandenburg seeks out Edith, who admits that she was Vogt's helper and that' she says 'she hid the money from his bank robbery; she hands over that money to Brandenburg.  

Fritz knew about it and wanted to blackmail Vogt and Edith into' handing him the money.  Fritz had betrayed she and Vogt' and told the police about the robbery 'because they would not allow themselves to be blackmailed and wanted to disappear with the' stolen money. 
'Edith, however, denies the murder.  

The investigators' go ' back to questioning 'Heindl, only he could have sealed the barrel hit by the bullet after the amount of beer that had leaked out of it.'  "You shot Schweikert" Brandenburg says to Heindl.  Nervous, Heindl nods in agreement and 'is arrested.'

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