Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'No Trucks, Mr. Bülow'- english) Keine Tricks, Herr Bülow. 219th episode, 20x6 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):
Four armed' robberss' try to attack 'a bank in downtown West Berlin.  When a police officer happens to come into the bank' 'to withdraw money, the gangsters open fire on him and seriously injure him.  With the last of his strength, he' is able to 'drag himself outside and alert the other policeman waiting' in the car, 'who calls for reinforcements' and tries to fight the, himself.

When they arrive, 'the gangsters take' 'bank employees and' others 'hostage.  The injured policeman is' now, 'however, out of danger.  West Berlin police high commissioner Hans Georg Bülow' is on the scene and is later able to stop 'the robbers by approaching them begging them to stop, informing them that they have not killed anyone and' pleading with them 'them to give up. Two of the gangsters' still 'want to shoot Bülow.

However, they are overwhelmed by' the other 'two accomplices, who are willing to give up, so that' they all then do give in and 'the robbery' attempt 'ends.

Back in the office, Bülow discusses a series of rape cases with' a 'new police assistant Karen Jellineck,' who 'he wants to use' 'as a decoy to' help 'investigate.

Later, 'while Bülow' was 'having dinner with another policeman', 'he is approached by his friend Franziska Gellert, who' says that 'she's felt' observed by someone and even 'persecuted for weeks.

The commissioners find out later, that 'another young woman has been attacked and murdered the same evening, who was 22 years old.  The other police immediately speak to someone named Otto Patschke at a bar.

As with the previous,' 'the scene of the crime is a' 'garden.  Bülow' thinks 'it's suspicious that the perpetrator did not attack the decoy, Ms. police assistant Jellineck, but struck the' next victim' with an attack' right 'away.  Bülow 'and the others suspect that the perpetrator could be' 'in their own ranks, and Bülow   orders an' internal 'review.

Meanwhile, an officer' on a motorcycle 'finds Franziska Gellert's abandoned convertible in the middle of Berlin' with the door open'.

Then, 'high commissioner Bülow visits Franziska Gellert's sister Nicole Mathern.'  While crying, Nicole 'looks paralyzed and tells Bülow that her sister Franziska has been kidnapped.'  Nicole 'claims to have received a call from the kidnapper asking for a ransom of two million Deutschmarks.

Mr. Walter Gellert Franziska's husband, who is currently trying to sell one of his nightclubs,' is there also talking to Bülow and he says that the kidnapper said: "no police involvement".  Walter blames his sister-in-law for informing Bülow and Walter wants to strictly follow the kidnapper's instructions not to' involve 'the police.'  'Bülow already knows about some of this.  Mr. Gellert agrees to cooperate.  

Police assistant Jellineck' again goes in as 'a decoy near a garden; the other police are' not far behind. 'Again the operation is aborted without result. 

The next morning, Bülow and the police assistants go to the' Gellert house 'to monitor the handover of the money to the kidnapper, as Mr. Gellert' says that he 'has decided to pay. Bülow regularly refuses to knock before opening their doors to speak to them, there.

The kidnapper sent a tape with a message from Franziska explaining the terms of the handover of the hostage.'  

They play the tape together. 

'Mr. Gellert pleads with Bülow not to use any tricks', saying "keine tricks, keine tricks".  

Shortly afterwards, Gellert receives a letter regarding the delivery location. 
While walking, Bülow and the assistants discover that the sandbox' near a service area 'in which the money is to be deposited has a hole.  

So, the sandbox was placed over a manhole cover, as the kidnapper is obviously planning to take the money out of the sandpit via manhole cover to the sewer system.' 

'Bülow and his men succeed in setting a trap for the the bagman coming through the sewer.  It turns out to be someone named Kussow, one of Gellert's domestic workers.  At the police station, Bülow tells him that if he cooperates, it can help him during his trial proceedings.  

Kussow says that: ''says he didn't have anything to do with the kidnapping"'.  
'When looking through the money in the suitcase he was carrying, it turns out that Gellert actually only provided the first note of the bundle of money with real money and the rest with paper, although Walter himself, had asked Bülow not to' play 'any tricks.'

'Mr. Gellert and Bülow play another tape together of Franziska explaining more terms by the kidnapper.  She says she could be free within an hour after the terms of another money handover at a telephone booth are complete.  Bülow says that: "... at the moment, nothing can be done".

Later, Bülow is talking to a plain clothed co-worker at the police station, named Ms. Heinemann.  Then, Bülow meets an intimate friend of Ms, Heinemann named Otto Patschke.  

Then, Jellineck visits the location of the telephone booth and finds that its been out of service and locked out for almost three days. 
So, its impossible that the kidnapper would have switched a handover point to that out-of-service telephone booth that can't be accessed.  
Jellineck goes and visits the location of that telephone booth and finds that its been out of service and locked to outsiders for almost three days. 

Bülow is informed and tells the police assistants and they suspect Patschke as the beneficiary of the inside source of information at the police station and so they organize a trap for him and catch him as he is lured in by Ms. Jellineck.  

Later, Franziska Gellert is found shot dead.  Bülow finds a tape recording.  Knowing about the inconsistancy from the telephone booth discovery, he and the police assistants go to Gellert's house to arrest Walter Gellert for the Franziska murder. 

Bülow finds Nicole Mathern there and is told by an assistant that her suitcase is packed and is there. Further questioning shows Nicole is wearing her sister's ring, which she lies about.  Is she possibly is in on her sister's killing?

Meanwhile, Walter Gellert asks to go upstairs with a police detective to pack for going to jail and overwhelms this detective guarding against his escape.  Walter then sneaks and leaves the house.  The wounded detective stumbles to Bülow down stairs where a manhunt is then sent out for Walter, who has since escaped.

An apartment somewhere else is where Walter is traced to.  Outside the apartment building,  Walter Gellert is hiding on the ledge outside the window with the money.  Bülow finds him there and tries to get him back inside and off the ledge, but he slips and falls.  With the money flying everywhere.

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

Book by Harald Vock
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