Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Programmed for Murder'- english) Programmiert auf Mord. 213th episode 19x13 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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Dec 25, 2021, 3:59:07 PM12/25/21
STORY LINE (in english):
Police senior commissioner Otto Brandenburg, who has just been transferred to Munich, and his new assistant Santini are called to the' residence 'of' a 'high-tech entrepreneur Alfred Küpper, who with his wife have' apparently 'been murdered, both were surprised in bed and shot. 

An anonymous caller called two hours ago because she heard gunshots, but the couple were murdered the night before. 

Helmut Küpper, the dead man's brother, identified the victims as his brother and sister-in-law. At the time of the crime, Helmut was in Nice. Helmut Küpper' then 'says goodbye,' but 'Alfred Küpper's housekeeper, Mrs. Stoschak claims shortly afterwards that that lady of the house is not at her at all, she is in her house' in the country near 'the shore of Lake Tegernsee.  When Brandenburg shows her the corpses she identifies them as Alfred and Sylvia Küpper, although' she denies that Sylvia 'is his wife, but that of his brother Helmut.  There is the claim that Sylvia always tried to get her brother-in-law to bed.  

The police drive to Helmut Küpper, but do not meet him.  
Brandenburg and Santini go to' the' Lake 'Tegernsee house 'to speak to Hella Küpper.

He talks about himself a little bit.

They don't find Hella there, though.'  So, they talk to a 'neighbor says that Hella Küpper said goodbye to her around noon because she wanted to go back to Munich, she was with her the evening before and could not leave because' of the way 'her son had parked' near 'the Küppers' garage.
Then, suddenly 'they' notice 'a man who was trying to break into the Küppers' holiday home, it was Helmut Küpper.'  

At the police station, Helmut 'states that he wanted to talk to his sister-in-law because he believes his' sister 'caught and killed his brother and wife.'  He said that Hella was his secretary, he had looked after her, but she had married his brother Alfred.'  Helmut says that: "he really loved Hella".  He also says that his wife Sylvia cheated on him many times.  Since' the rest of 'Helmut Küpper's alibi seems to be' alright so far, 'Brandenburg lets him go', again.  

'The next morning, the Munich police robbery division gave Brandenburg and' other police pictures and 'information about' a 'recent robbery of a driver from the Küpper company, during which microprocessors worth 1.2 million D-Marks were stolen.  Apparently, the perpetrator had a duplicate key to the car.'  They report to Brandenburg that the 'driver' named 'Bernd Struwe was checked by the police, but' was still 'considered reliable.  

When asked about it by the officials at work, Helmut Küpper explains that he saw no reason to talk about the attack, that the insurance company replaced the damage and that the case was settled for him.  The police determine that' someone made a call from 'Alfred and Hella Küpper's phone' to the 'phone number of 'a Steffi Neuhaus, Helmut Küpper says that she was a former apprentice at the company and that his sister-in-law got on very well with Steffi.  Helmust says he didn't know who made the call, but they ask him to find out who there did it. Helmut then does and says that Steffi now works for the company that bought the microprocessors.  The cops leave and Helmut looks out of the window.  

The two cops go directly to Bernd Struwe outside of the building. He doesn't say fully who he is. They ask him about the stolen microprocessors and how the robbers looked and he says that he saw that they were unshaven in the mirror.

Santini and Luginger go to see Steffi Neuhaus, but do not meet her.'  There, they notice a young man who' arrives at her door just a little later and 'rings Steffi's doorbell, they pretend to talk another language right there with him.' Outside, they 'write down the license plate of his motorcyle as he drives away on his motorcycle.  

High commissioner Brandenburg, who suspects that Steffi will lead him to Hella' gets Santini to 'shadow Steffi, while Struwe meets with his friend Knuth Kramper' at a car shop.  

Knuth was 'the young man' they saw at 'Steffi's apartment.  They fight, but then apparently, 'the two young men also want to get to Hella through' Steffi.  

Amid 80's english-speaking songs, 'Santini follows Steffi around town and finally 'to a hotel, when Brandenburg and Santini knock on the door.  
The commissioner finally meet Hella Küpper as well as Steffi who was trying to hide her.'  Here,  'Brandenburg accuses her of having found the bodies after their return from Tegernsee, of having called the police anonymously and then' gone 'into hiding.  When asked by Brandenburg, she finally admits having sensed that the murder attack was aimed at her husband as well as her, apparently the perpetrator did not know her and thought her sister-in-law was her.  

When Steffi is' brought home by high commissioner 'Brandenburg, Steffi reveals to him that her company, which was urgently dependent on the stolen microprocessors, received a “replacement delivery” shortly after the attack, from whom she does not know' and that Hella had asked her where from, too. 'Usually the delivery time is months, she told her friend Hella about it, who in turn informed her husband Alfred. 

Brandenburg now sees Hella and Steffi in danger,  
Steffi rejects police protection', apparently believing that 'nobody knows that she has the information.  

Shortly afterwards, Steffi is attacked in her apartment by' Struwe wearing a mask 'and Kramper, and she is forced to reveal Hella’s whereabouts to both of the' attackers.  'Steffi recognizes the voice of her ex-co-worker Struwe and speaks to him' and he takes off the mask, then the two 'gangsters' 'strangle her.  Shortly afterwards, the two appear at Hella's hotel, but' Hella 'has already fled.  A hotel employee is attacked as she sees the gangsters fleeing.

Meanwhile, Hella goes to Steffi's apartment and finds her body. Hella flees in a panic. Meanwhile, Brandenburg and his team learn that the gangsters have fled with a dirt bike.  Kramper is now wanted by the police. 

Hella calls Brandenburg and informs him about the murder of Steffi. Brandenburg asks her where she is, but Hella is too scared, and in her fear she doesn't want to talk about the background to the attack either. The next day, Hella returns to her house to fetch things and go into hiding in a camper.  A police officer secretly follows her. 

Brandenburg seeks' out Steffi's boss, 'who says to have bought the microprocessors from a company in Monte Carlo, the delivery was paid for with a cashier's check. 

Brandenburg seeks' out Helmut at work.  During questioning,' Alfred Küpper says he had called his brother 'angrily the day before his death, since he suspected that it was the processors that had been stolen from him. Brandenburg seeks out Helmut Küpper, who claims to have been in Nice to find out the background of the company that suddenly had the processors on offer. He suspects his dead brother to have been the mastermind himself.  Helmut now claims that his brother was addicted to gambling. His accomplices might have got cold feet and murdered him as a result.

Shortly afterwards' Helmut gets up and walks out during questioning and talks on the phone with 'Hella, who trusts her brother-in-law, calls him and asks him for financial help so that she can escape. Helmut makes an appointment with her. 

Afterwards, Kramper, who knows nothing about the manhunt' out against him, 'calls the police.  He' says he 'found his friend Bernd Struwe dead in' a rally 'car, who died of carbon monoxide from the' car's 'exhaust.  Kramper tells Brandenburg that this was no suicide. As for the gun lying next to the corpse, its the murder weapon with which Alfred and Sylvia Küpper were shot. Kramper rules out a suicide of his friend Struwe.. 

Helmut and Hella Küpper meet and Helmut' sneaks and tries to see and 'to shake off the police officer,' following him. 

'Kramper confesses to Brandenburg.  Kramper says that he and Struwe 'felt 'jealous of Helmut Küppers' Porsche' and so while Helmut 'was' away 'on a business trip' to 'Nice, they stole it using a duplicate key and went' joy riding 'where they accidentally' hit and killed a kid.  'Küpper had returned home from the trip earlier and noticed the theft of his Porsche and the accident, after which he had it in hand. 

Helmut Küpper' eventually 'forced Kramper and Struwe to fake the' microprocessor theft.  Küpper collected the sum insured and sold the goods a second time to the buyer.  

When Helmut's brother Alfred suspected him, Helmut forced Struwe and Kramper to kill Alfred and his wife. That night,' Kramper and Struwe had killed Alfred and Sylvie, the “wrong” Ms. Küpper.  Next, Helmut Küpper ordered them to also get rid of his sister-in-law Steffi, thus Kramper admits that he and Struwe killed Steffi. Then he says that Küpper lured Struwe into the fatal trap.  Because Kramper did not show up for the meeting with Helmut Küpper, he survived. 

Helmut and his sister-in-law drove their' camper 'into a wooded area.  Just as Hella discovers her brother-in-law, Brandenburg and his officials reach the vehicle and arrest Helmut Küppers.  Brandenburg had not only shadowed Hella but also Helmut.

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   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes') 
Book by Peter Hemmer
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