Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Bankrupt'- english) Pleitegeier 208th episode 19x8 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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bruce bowser

Nov 22, 2021, 4:38:41 PM11/22/21
STORY LINE (in english):  
'The master electrician Roland Krause is on the verge of bankruptcy. He carried out an order for 93,000 Deutschmarks, but has not seen a penny. The money is owed to him by' a night club 'operator' named 'Manfred Kaiser, whose business principles' seem to 'include not paying suppliers at all or only partially.  Kaiser's house is being cased by someone. 

When Roland and his wife visit Manfred Kaiser and Maria Moll's property in Rissen in the far western part of Hamburg, he is met by Kaiser's lawyer, Dr. Martin Berger 'and dismissed.  In his desperation, Roland chooses suicide, but arranges it so that it looks like murder so that his wife can get the 'life insurance' payments. 

'However, Roland makes several mistakes in the process, which the experienced Hamburg policeman senior commissioner Peter Brockmöller immediately notices.

For Harry who is Roland's irascible son, there is only one culprit: the bankruptcy scammer Manfred Kaiser.  Hamburg police senior commissioners Paul Stoever and Brockmöller are on the case.  At a Navy base, Stoever finds Krause's son Harry and tells him about what happened as they drive away from the Navy base where he works; where Harry also has had trouble.

Kaiser continues to live in' and enjoy 'provocative luxury' and booze, accompanied always on the premises by the docile woman, his partner Maria, by his lawyer and a body guard who possibly seems to be bothered by being somewhat less appreciated.  Another visitor there is a man he apparently owes money to, but seems unusually forgiving: is a liquor dealer named Anton Marek.

'Harry Krause and his mother Johanna go back over the fence to Kaiser's residence.  Harry wants to collect the debt, but is threatened with criminal charges by his lawyer after a fight there with the Kaiser body guard.  Kaiser's partner Maria Moll nurses the bodyguard's wounds.

Kaiser indicates that he wants to flee to South America, as he now' thinks that he 'has enough money in foreign accounts.

Later, Kaiser's lawyer Dr. Martin Berger advises him to pay a small part of the debt to the two most pressing creditors, Krause and Marek, in order to gain time before the final escape. "How much do you advise?" asks Kaiser. "DM 38,000" recommends the lawyer Dr. Berger.  

Kaiser invites Harry and Marek to his villa for the evening.  Harry tells his mother Johanna that it is to settle the outstanding account with him.
Johanna is constantly worried about the fighting going on.

There, Harry also meets the liquor dealer Anton Marek, who is also owed money for deliveries to Kaiser, but seems much less interested in collecting and more interested in Kaisers relationship with the Krauses. They talk and then Anton goes back to his car.

A person who also looks like Anton, but has a hat and is wearing circular-rimmed glasses is always waiting in a car there, observing people going in and out of the Kaiser property for some reason.  Anton looks at the man's car like he almost expects it to be there.

As the show's music plays, Anton walks up to Kaiser and Maria's house and sees that Harry is lying down on the floor motionless with Maria shown floating motionless in the swimming pool.  Anton walks in. 

Harry is then shown back at home with his mother, calling the police about what happened. 

The senior commissioners Paul Stoever and Peter Brockmöller return to the case.  They arrive and Kaiser's and talk with Maria who is laughing and crying at the same time and the talk with the lawyer Dr. Martin Berger who just seems to drive up.

The bodyguard at first says he heard voices and then went over there and saw his boss lying on the ground.  "Was the body already dead before this?" asks Stoever to the body guard.  No answer.  Stoever repeats himself, then the body guard answers "Yes".  

High commissioner Stoever asks Maria Moll then, has she heard all of what he (the body guard) just said?  Crying, Maria then says that she can't put up with this and she walks off from the questioning.  

Then, at the Krauses' apartment, the police high commissioners Stoever and Brockmöller arrive and question Johanna about what Harry was wearing and where he is while Brockmöller searches the apartment on his own, going to the washing machine first.  He finds what Harry might have been wearing.

Meanwhile, Harry and a friend named Gabby are looking in through the window at the questioning of his mother.  He sees this and runs. The police later find him at Gabby's where he tries to run but after alot of drama is caught.  During questioning,  Harry mentions that Marek was there too that night of the Kaiser murder.

Brockmöller and Stoever go to the coroner's to speak with the medical examiner about Kaiser who is now dead.  The examiner mentions a karate chop that could have caused Kaiser's death.

Instead, the high commissioners Stoever and Brockmöller target the trio at Kaiser and Moll's house in Rissen, questioning them all together. Maria says to Stoever that she has said everything that she could possibly think of to say to them.  Later, Maria says her man was found dead in the water.  Maria also said during this questioning that the attacker disappeared.  "Did someone fight off the attacker? ... Who faught off the attacker, if so?" asks Stoever to Maria. She quickly answers: "In that way, whoever found them/us". As Brockmöller starts questioning Maria about whether Harry Krause was there to which she says she may have been in bed at the time, Dr. Berger strangely starts to interrupt the questioning from the police toward Maria by saying things that don't relate to the questioning.  Maria starts looking very nervous.

The police seem to be 'focusing primarily on the bodyguard as they 'might somehow think that he intellectually is the' weakest of the three.  

After several talks with the police, Harry succeeds in making the police high commissioners Stoever and Brockmöller doubt his guilt.  The high commissioners speak with Marek, but he also denies being at the the murder scene, but Harry recognized the car from that night as a very old Volvo.  He also saw the license plate.  And probably the man in the car who tried to hide from his sight.

Brockmöller and Stoever find that someone named Willi who was there in that car when Marek was meeting Harry that night at Kaiser and Maria Moll's.  The same man probably who was casing the Kaiser house at the start and who is apparently working with Anton Marek.

Kaiser's bodyguard has apparently made a confession (secretly guided by the lawyer and Maria) and says he apparently 'put Harry next to the corpse of Kaiser.  Kaiser was shortly afterward slain by his own bodyguard.  Behind the perfidious plan are Maria Moll and the lawyer Dr. Berger, who want to dump their relationship with Kaiser who seems like the imperious and sullen emperor and get his fortune. 

Maria Moll and Dr. Berger are now 'very intimate'; They are already planning to move to South America, they want the bodyguard to take any falls.  

'Stoever and Brockmöller question the body guard if something is amiss or odd is happening while transporting him in custody.  Suddenly, the bodyguard adamantly refuses to speak.  The police wonder: why the confession from him then apparently, without providing any more details?  Did Maria Moll and Dr. Berger want the bodyguard as a pawn or a shield for their own plans to be intimate, seize Kaiser's money, move to South America and leave the body guard to pick up the charges from the law?

Probably wondering this, Stoever and Brockmöller turn around and drive the body guard back to Kaiser and Moll's property.  As Maria and the lawyer kiss and hug, 'Dr. Martin Berger 'recognizes the changed situation as the police again barge into the house and so the lawyer Dr. Berger 'serves himself to the commissioners by saying that he has just learned of the murder plot behind which' is 'Maria', he says. 

Angry, Maria stabs Martin' to death. 

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes') 
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