Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Kopflos'- english) Headless 215th episode, 20x1 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):
'Christa Rako meets with her ex named Dr. Fred Bergner' after Fred gets up from dinner with his current wife who's name is Ines, and walks to another location.  Christa 'informs Fred that their son Bertie, for whom they both had too little time when he really needed her, is involved in a drug offense and has disappeared from boarding school.  Fred Bergner promises to get in touch with a lawyer' about their son Bertie.  'First', Fred says that he has to go back to the company.  

Fred heads the research department at the Tronc works in Frankfurt.  A delegation from an American company is interested in a newly developed laser process for hardening metal surfaces.

Later' Ines Bergner, who wants to pick her husband Fred up at the company that evening, finds him sitting lifeless at his desk.  She rushes to get help.  However, when the police arrive, Fred has disappeared' from his office.  

'Frankfurt police commissioner Brinkmann takes over the case and questions Fred Bergner's office mate, named Dr. Warnke.  From him the investigator learns that there are rumors that Fred intended to leave the company.  

While Ines is convinced that her husband was shot because she claims to have seen a small blood stain in' his chest area, 'there are indications that her husband' or someone else 'has turned up in his office again to look for something.  But, since Ines sees someone sneaking out of her house one day later, she too thinks it is possible that her husband is still alive.  She calls the police and confesses to Brinkmann, that for some time she had hired a private investigator named Mr. Franke, to shadow Fred because she feared he had been unfaithful to her. 

When Brinkmann and his police assistant Wegner want to see the' private investigator' named Mr. Franke, they find him dead in his office.  He was shot and his desk ransacked.  

Fortunately, Ines had the last photos of the observation given in advance from Franke.  A photo shows that someone who could be Fred had left the factory with his car and a passenger on the evening of his disappearance.  However, both are not clearly recognizable.  Brinkmann asks if Ines knows the woman in the photo.  Oh no!  Well, maybe" Ines replies.  

Brinkmann also asks Christa who the woman in the photo was.  But, Christa then answers that Fred had numerous affairs.  Christa basically says: "Mr commissioner, there is nothing I can do to help you" as she shows him the door.

In the meantime, Fred's body has been found on Christa Rako's residential property.'  Fred and Christa's son Bertie calls Christa and they arrange to meet.  The police catch them and take Bertie in.  'Since her son Bertie was caught hiding from his pursuers there, he comes under suspicion.  Christa Rako thinks this is very unlikely because, in her opinion, Bertie had admired his father. The forensic investigation confirms the time of death of Ines's first report' to security about him. 'He was also shot with the same gun as' that private investigator 'was.  

Brinkmann shows Ines the phone number of the now dead detective and asks her: "Is the hand writing familiar to you?" She answers: "My husband wrote that out".

Brinkmann then has the alibis of those already questioned about Dr. Fred Bergner at his office and home checked. 

Brinkmann is later unexpectedly visited by representatives of federal police forces named the BND.  At the same time, copies of the files were sent to them for review and they were puzzled by the photo of Fred's driver,' named 'Werner Uschkureit.  They are looking for this man,in an espionage matter and now they want to observe him.'  They say 'they only have 'a photo of the man' taken in Sweden 'and no name.'

Brinkmann and the police immediately head for Fred's driver Uschkureit.  Uschkureit notices something like an increased police presence outside of his apartment and gets up, runs and after a cat and mouse, eventually settles somewhere else, leaving by train.  

Brinkmann finds out that Fred's secretary Gerda Buthe wanted to copy documents for Uschkureit, where she was caught by her boss' who was then killed by Uschkureit. 

At her office, Ms. Buthe confesses this and 'that an American company offered Uschkureit five hundred thousand dollars for the research results of the new laser process.  He wanted to go to America with her and when Fred found out about the copies, Uschkureit' shot him before he could call security.  'Together, Uschkureit and Buthe would have brought the body to the car.  She is taken into custody.  

Brinkmann and 'the BND continue to monitor Uschkureit in order to get to his client.  So, evidently there are higher-ranking security interests of the country and Brinkmann says that he has to stand by and watch as a two-time murderer gets on a train and leaves Frankfurt.'

SOURCE (updated) from:

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
-- https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Tatort_(Fernsehreihe)#Liste_der_Tatort-Folgen

   (see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes') 
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