Berman: No News Yet On Star Trek XI

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Sep 18, 2005, 8:33:37 AM9/18/05

Rick Berman admitted to an interviewer that he really has nothing to say
about the state of Star Trek at present, though he remains frustrated that
Enterprise was cancelled just when it was getting really good.

"There's nothing new to tell you right now," Berman told Star Trek Magazine
(via Sci Fi Pulse). "We're done with ST: ENT, and the film is still in the
infant stages. The only things I've contributed to are the Star Trek DVDs. I
did a commentary for the Star Trek Nemesis DVD. I've done commentaries for
the ST: ENT DVDs. But that's really it."

Berman said that he was sorry Enterprise left the airwaves before Manny Coto
had the opportunity to shape another season. "He came up with numerous ideas
that, in addition to the stories we actually did execute in Season Four,
would have continued to have touched on more of the things that would
eventually be raised in The Original Series," he explained. "We would have
had no problem coming up with an exciting fifth season that incorporated and
celebrated Star Trek's past or, actually, its future...there were a lot of
threads that could have been created."

The franchise executive said that he could not share any new details about
the screenplay drafted by Erik Jendresen, though he promised to let
interviewer Ian Spelling in on any news when he was able to pass it on.

The full interview is in issue 123 of the UK Star Trek Magazine, on
newsstands now. These excerpts are from Sci Fi Pulse.

John H

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