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Douglas A. McLeod

Jun 3, 1997, 3:00:00 AM6/3/97

There you have it. I've just posted episode 054, so you're as up-to-date
on DRG as anyone. If you look at the date on the last episode you'll
notice that I haven't written an episode in over six months. That isn't
to say that DRG is finished, but if the series is to continue it's going
to have to share my attention with another (non-Trek) thing I'm working
on. Ideally I'd like to take the series up to episode 079, and after that
Door Repair Guy: The Motion Picture. Be patient. Episode 055 is half
written, and 056 would be the end of Season Four (for no really good
reason, DRG runs in seasons of 14 episodes) so you can at least be sure of
those. The series is obviously ready to begin its Voyager phase. I just
have to figure out how to make DRG forget all he knows about
interdimensionality and the wormhole superhighway and I'll be able to get
it started.


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