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Stephen Ratliff

Feb 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM2/1/97

Maintainer's Notes, Febuary 1st, 1997
Changes to the FAQs

Status of Stories:
No changes This week

Introduction FAQ: Now in version 2.14
No changes This week

Location of Archive:

Location of Index:

Current Contact List
Archive: al...@aviary.share.net Alara Rogers
FAQs: srat...@runet.edu Stephen Ratliff
Index: srat...@runet.edu Stephen Ratliff
ASCE FAQ eres...@cyberg8t.com Ruth Gifford
ASC Awards: comment counters:
srat...@runet.edu Stephen Ratliff
shan...@pnx.com Laurie Haynes
kevh...@aol.com Kevin Henderson

Message from the Maintainer:

The Alt.StarTrek.Creative Awards are starting this week. Your comment
counters will be:
Stephen Ratliff (srat...@runet.edu)
Laurie D Haynes (shan...@pnx.com)
Kevin Henderson (KevH...@aol.com

The first set of posts has been posted. I also will be periodicly
posting "Eligible this year" posts. THESE ARE NOT THE AWARD POSTS.
The Award posts will be headed "ASC Awards: Award Name" Please
correct any errors I have on either post. Instructions on
commenting will be included in the post.

Next Week is the TNG stories. Authors, reposts might be a good idea.
I'll post a Eligible list on Wednesday

I was going to quit the Status of Stories FAQ, but no one offered to
take it over. Instead I will be changing it and not posting it as
often. Expect lots of change and I will be requesting a couple of lines
to be included in the posts so I can automate the FAQ as much as

On further note, this is my Second Year on the Job as ASC's FAQ
Maintainer. I started the SoS FAQ in Feb of 1995. At that time Joe
Young was still our Archivist and primary FAQ Maintainer. Neale
Davidson was wowing us with his "Romulan Dawn" series and tales of
Captain Riley and the Enterprise-B. Alara was just finishing up Chapter
One of "Only Human". Joe's posts from the Archive that week were
"Enterprized" one of my own and "Field Of Dreams".

Boy have things changed. Even from that time till when I took over as
primary FAQ Maintainer that October. Joe Young left his position as our
archivest that April, Alara took over in July. In October I began
posting "Introduction To Alt.StarTrek.Creative FAQ" as a replacement for
Young's Welcome To alt.startrek.creative. In November the Index Project
began under Matt Steenberg. By the time my first year on the job
ended we had gone through 3 archives and posted over 153 TNG stories alone.

This past year on ASC has been one of change as well. Last year I
thought we had finally settled down when I wrote my year on the job
post. Well ... I was wrong. First, the archive was renamed, and moved,
and moved again. Demand for the archive has increase to the point that
people are having a hard time getting in. Then our Index Maintainer,
Matt Steenberg disappeared on his way back from Belguim. (Yes, he has
contacted me ... busy guy, Matt) I took over the job last November,
having caught a case of insufficient reluctance via e-mail from the new
ASCE FAQ Maintianer, Ruth Gifford.

I hope things will settle down this year ... but if past exprience is
any judge, it won't. Hopefully I'll graduate in May of 98. Until then
expect me to continue to give you "just the FAQs" and the Index too.

Live Long and Prosper,

Stephen Ratliff
Stephen Ratliff CS Major, Radford University.
srat...@runet.edu Marrissa Stories Author
homepage: http://www.cs.runet.edu/~sratliff/
FAQ Maintainer for alt.startrek.creative FAQs/
Index Maintainer as well index/

ASC Awards run from 2/02/97 to 3/19/97 see alt.startrek.creative for

"If his words hold wisdom, and his philosphy is honorable, then what
does it matter if he returns. Perhaps the words are more important than
the man." -Ka'less II ST:TNG "Rightful Heir"


Feb 1, 1997, 3:00:00 AM2/1/97

To repost, or not to repost...that is the question. <G>

In article <5d0ds3$p...@newslink.runet.edu>, srat...@runet.edu (Stephen Ratliff)

>Next Week is the TNG stories. Authors, reposts might be a good idea.
>I'll post a Eligible list on Wednesday

I'm not sure the reposting is necessary, and may in fact *detract* from
the point of the awards by burying discussion of stories in reposts of
stories. This week is supposed to be discussion of the TOS stories,
right? But at the same time, the TNG stories have been invited to be
reposted. Avalanche! Poor TOS discussion buried alive! <GGG>

I'd feel differently about this if we didn't have an archive. But we
do. The purpose of the archive is to make previously posted stories
available. Now, for those persons who have eligible stories which have
not been archived...those stories would be perfectly appropriate reposts.
Also, folks who may have eligible stories posted elsewhere on homepages,
a note with the homepage address and the story name(s) would also be
appropriate, I think. But I, at least, would like to cast a dissenting
vote to the repost idea. I really don't want to wade through a ton of
reposts looking for the story discussion.


P.S. For next year's awards, if the organizers want reposts to be a
part of them, why not set aside the month prior to the awards for the
reposting of stories. Perhaps also those reposts could be limited to
stories which had not appeared on the group for six months prior to
the awards.

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