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Christine M. Faltz

May 5, 1996, 3:00:00 AM5/5/96


Q1. What is alt.startrek.creative.erotica?
Q2. Why alt.startrek.creative.erotica?
Q3. What kind of stuff is posted here?
Q4. Do I have to be a good writer?
Q5. Can I post sexy pictures here of ST stars?
Q6. Is there an FTP site for this group?
Q7. I don't have FTP access. Is there another way to get stories?
Q8. I have a request for a story. What should I do?
Q9. What is Patrick Stewart's (Brent Spiner's, Michael Dorn's) e-mail
Q10. Are there any related newsgroups?
Q11. What else can I post here?
Q12. Why are there all these garbage posts about Macintoshes and
tasteless jokes on this newsgroup?


I0. This group used to be called That name
still exists on many servers, but we ask that you post only to, although there will be an introductory period of cross-
posting. was newgrouped December 1995, within a few months
of that date we hope to leave a.s.f.s completely.

I1. Before getting to the nitty-gritty, (and Federation titty) recent
events have made it clear that some explanation and commentary
regarding the community is prudent. We ask that you make
an effort to abide by the rules here so that we can keep this space
as friendly, accessible and flame-free as possible.

I2. A WORD ABOUT THE A.St.C.E COMMUNITY: There is a close-knit group of
regulars here. In addition to sharing our fantasies about all
things Trek, we often joke/flirt with one another and share
personal tidbits about ourselves: who's pregnant, who's doing
another resident, etc. While such posts are not the
majority of the fodder here, they are frequent enough and we do not
appreciate angry newbie queries such as: "Why does this group
sometimes read like when it's supposed to have
Trek porn?" is by no means a space for a small handful of individuals,
and we defy anyone who claims that we are a clique of elitists that
wants to keep others out. We merely ask that you *read* and get a
feel for the group before hurling accusations and flames or making
requests that you would not make if you were polite enough to read
the FAQ and/or paid attention to what has already been posted to
the group. Tiresome subjects such as, "Is Brent Spiner gay?" will
receive the answers they deserve: For this example, only Brent
knows his sexual preferences, and unless he makes it our business,
no one can answer the question with certainty, and speculation
either way is pointless -- and besides, it wouldn't change the way
Data is treated by any given person anyway, so who cares?

Should you decide that we're all a bunch of sex addicts or sex-
deprived lunatics in need of help, keep the opinion to yourself.
Don't waste our time -- and yours -- telling us how demented we
are. The Net is a big place full of many people with many
interests; find your own niche somewhere and leave ours to us.
Should you ignore this request, you may find yourself being
buffeted about by those infamous regulars mentioned earlier. We
like our playground to be fun and friendly, and we will go all out
to crush would-be trolls. If you treat us well, you will be
treated accordingly. If not, you will be ignored or flamed to a
crispy flake. Please be nice; it makes the whole experience better
for everyone.

I3. It will be explained below that is *not* a binaries group.
Please do not post binaries here. If you ignore this request, your
postmaster will be notified. Also refrain from cross-posting
irrelevant threads or advertising your services/items here. We're
not interested, and again, your postmaster will be notified. Of
course, if you see something in which you believe we will be
interested -- information about government censorship -- a frequent
topic here -- or something ST and smut-related, do share it.

I4. If you want to write for, we certainly welcome you. Do
remember that Paramount owns first rights to all Star Trek
copyrights and trademarks, but you can copyright your work. Many
authors use disclaimers in addition to their copyright notices:
"This post is not to be archived at any FTP site, archive server,
BBS . . . " or "This story is for electronic distribution only."
If you do not specify in your disclaimer that you do not want your
stories archived, they will be automatically archived at our FTP

I5. Some authors here relinquish all rights to their stories once
posted, and have stated that they write for the audience and don't
care what is done with their stories. However, a vast majority of
authors here make time to write simply because they enjoy writing.
Always remember that in either case, *IT IS ILLEGAL TO SELL ANY OF
PERMISSION.* Both you and the author would be violating
Paramount's rights as first holder to the copyrighted and
trademarked ST characters and the ST universe. If you wish to put
together a not-for-profit fanzine, please ask the author's
permission first. Some authors have had stories published in
fanzines already and have agreed not to have those stories
published in any other fanzines. Some authors simply desire that
any private downloading and printing be used for personal use only,
to be distributed narrowly. Most importantly, while fan fic
copyright with respect to the author lies in one of those funny
gray areas of the law, you would be wise *not* to remove
disclaimers from anyone's work, or alter the material (remove the
author's name and appropriate the story as your own, or change the
content of the story in other ways).

I6. As long as you are a legal adult, you may read or contribute to You may simply wish to lurk and enjoy the fun, or you can
join us in commenting upon stories or writing some stories
yourself. Again, though, please get a feel for the group before
you jump in; you may be avoiding unnecessary embarrassment and/or
annoyance. This is a good rule of thumb when you're making
yourself known for the first few times in nearly all groups. We do
not ask you to follow these suggestions to make you feel
uncomfortable or to scare you away -- we simply wish to keep the
tenor of this group on an easygoing, largely untroubled note.
Skirmishes will arise, of course, and that's fine. When you must
disagree, please try to remain on topic and do not hurl ad hominem
adjectives and invective at your opponent unless s/he clearly
deserves it. (And in that case, you will likely find yourself with
reinforcements from the rest of us).

I7. ON TOPIC? In addition to being a social space, a place for ST smut
and a group where we don't mince words where sex is concerned, often indulges in lively discussions of social
significance: feminism, censorship, human rights, etc. Keep this
in mind before you jump in and demand that we get back on track.
Of course, it is always appreciated -- and a good idea -- if
someone eventually brings the dialogue around to Star Trek or sex -
- better yet, both -- as soon as possible.


Q1. What is alt.startrek.creative.erotica?

A1. is a group specifically dedicated to the lustful devotion
to any and all Star Trek characters, the people who play those characters,
technology, (oh, those forward thrusters!) and ideas (what is the *real*
scoop behind Bajoran nose ridges?) Obviously, we let our imaginations roam
free here -- we can get really graphic here, so if you're a kid who isn't
supposed to be indulging in such stuff, please don't, because we don't want
your parents or legal guardians coming after us with handcuffs -- or maybe we
do. Just tell them to wear a Starfleet uniform -- and it'll be good for us.

Q2. Why alt.startrek.creative.erotica?

A2. Why not? Who needs a reason to have sex, real or imagined? (grin).
Seriously, (sort of) although there is plenty of Star Trek porn out there, we
feel our special fetishes and fantasies deserve a space all their own -- and
why not? Why should you have to hunt through piles of smut when all you
require for your -- pleasure -- is a healthy erotica fantasy involving
Captain Picard, or a hot holodeck story involving Dr. Crusher and Counselor

Q3. What kind of stuff is posted here?

A3. welcomes any erotica you would like to share with us, as
long as it has to do with Star Trek -- The Original Series (TOS); The Next
Generation (TNG); Deep Space 9 (DS9); Voyager -- the movies, the comics, --
whatever. Just be aware that we don't discriminate here. This is not a
group for heterosexual, vanilla ST erotica -- we get downright bizarre and
disgusting here sometimes, so if you're very sensitive or a homo/biphobe and
easily offended, please be prepared to leave us alone or get used to
hitting your "N" key. You can, of course, always resort to the Kill file if
you must -- but we're not interested in what makes you unhappy here, only in
what makes you happy -- among other -- things.

Q4. Do I have to be a good writer?

A4. Well, you don't have to be Shakespeare (though it would be nice if
the Bard would drop by now and again). But please do try to have your posts
formatted properly for easy reading; run your stuff through a spell-checker
and attempt a reasonably well-written article. It's much more enjoyable for
us that way.

Q5. Can I post sexy pictures here of ST stars?

A5. *No*, please do not! This has come up for discussion several times
here, and because of the amount of bandwidth taken up by such pictures, the
consensus was that we did not want to risk being dropped by a
service provider because of the amount of space taken up by such files.
Additionally, we do not want to lose some of our loyal residents who
must pay for the contents of an entire newsgroup to be downloaded before
being able to choose what they want to read. This costs money, and binaries
cost a lot. Please be considerate and request that any binaries you desire
be e-mailed to you, or choose an appropriate binaries group and post ST pics
there, posting a note telling us where to find it. And, of course, you may
mail submissions to the current site housing ST binaries: please check the
site first so that you don't clutter it with copies. (See site info below).

Q6. Is there an FTP site for this group?

A6. There are two separate archives for this site, one for stories and
one for pictures/binaries.

The story archive is located at
It archives Star Trek adult stories found on alt.startrek.creative.erotica,
alt.startrek.creative, and, as well as anyplace else on
Usenet someone happens across a sexual Star Trek story. Unless a posting to
Usenet contains a specific disclaimer that the story is not to be archived,
*all* stories will be archived; if you do not wish your story archived, it is
up to you to say so.

Note that a group of people *have* said so; their stories are
unavailable on the archive, but you can read the document "00OfflineStories"
at the ftp site to find out their names, e-mail addresses, and what they've

The binaries archive is located currently at

We are looking for a new location for it, as daemon is small and easily
overloaded. If anyone has a web site or ftp site where they would like to
archive the collection at daemon, e-mail and Alara (aleph)
will be sure to make sure you get the daemon collection.

Q7. I don't have FTP access. Is there another way to get stories?

A7. Within limits, yes. E-mail the archivist at if you
need a copy of a few specific stories. However, since the archivist has no
bulk mailing program and must send out your requests by hand, try not to
overload her.

If you have web access but not ftp, try pointing your browser to or The stories are all in text format
and are readable via the Web.

Q8. I have a request for a story. What should I do?

A8. Please check the FTP site. If you cannot find it there, post your
request to the group -- at least one of us is likely to have -- or be able to
locate -- the story you are seeking.

Q9. What is Patrick Stewart's (Brent Spiner's, Michael Dorn's) e-mail

A9. We don't know -- and if they've got Net access, they're probably
hiding from us purposefully. (grin).

Q10. Are there any related newsgroups?

A10. There is a newsgroup called alt.startrek.creative, which is devoted
to ST stories and parodies of all kinds. If you post erotica there, however,
please indicate that it is erotica by placing (XXX) or (NC-17) in the subject
line. The reason for this is simple consideration: most material posted to is not erotica, and some simply do not believe such material belongs
there. Although the majority of the readership who discussed this subject on said erotica could be just as creative as anything else, it is a
matter of courtesy which isn't unreasonable under the circumstances,
particularly since does exist specifically for the purpose of ST
erotica and related subjects. It should be noted that the reason erotica is
posted to is not only because erotica is a legitimate genre, but
because many servers do not carry the* groups, so there are ST fans
who want access to ST erotica, but cannot get it unless it is posted to
a non-erotic group.

There is also a group called -- which, (how did
you guess?) frequently contains snippets about Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc
Picard, as well as some other bald captains who aren't worth mentioning here.

Q11. What else can I post here?

A11. Oh, just about anything naughty you can think of -- as long as you
work Star Trek in somehow. Perhaps you want to know which ST faves have
appeared nude or semi-nude in magazines or movies. Perhaps you just want to
share your throbbing need for Captain Picard (I do this often and
vociferously myself). Perhaps you want to indulge in speculation about sex
with Q, Odo or Data. Go right ahead -- that's what we're here for!

Q12. Why are there all these garbage posts about Macintoshes and
tasteless jokes on this newsgroup?

A12. There are immature people on USENET who have nothing better to do
with their lives than harass groups by crossposting off-topic information
between them. If you see a thread that obviously does not belong on,
check the headers. Chances are you'll see "alt.flame" or
"alt.tasteless.jokes" or other unrelated newsgroups in the header. If you
have a killfile, kill these threads; even if you don't have a killfile, don't
respond to them and don't let them discourage you from posting Here! Sooner
or later the idiots will find a new pastime-- people like them have short
attention spans. Meanwhile we should do our best to fill up this group with
Star Trek smut to drown out the stupid crossposts. <grin>

The FAQ is being maintained by Christine Faltz (
Except for questions 6, 7, 8 and 12, this FAQ was written by Christine Faltz
and formatted by Marshall Flax ( Questions 6, 7, 8 and 12
were prepared by Alara Rogers (, Comments,
suggestions, and additions to the FAQ should be sent to
Last revised 96-04-22.
Babies deserve the breast.
A society which advocates spanking children as an instrument of guidance
shouldn't be surprised when those children accept violence as the final
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