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Laura Goodwin

Jul 9, 2000, 3:00:00 AM7/9/00
Laura Goodwin wrote:
> So much of the human feeling of community is based on things we don't
> have to say. One human understands another very easily, on a very low
> level, without even knowing each other or having to touch.
> The same with Vulcans. Vulcans have a natural instinctual kinship, and
> understand each other deeply without having to explain much. Much of the
> seemingly illogical Vulcan "logic" is nothing but what seems to be
> common sense - to Vulcans. What seems logical to us looks illogical to
> them, but that's because what works for us doesn't necessarily work for
> them.
> What about Spock? What reason do we have to believe he's equally at
> home among Vulcans and Terrans? All the evidence we've been offered
> says otherwise. We've been shown many times that he's equally at odds
> and uncomfortable with both. He's not comfortable and natural as a man
> with women, either. Small wonder! How could he be?
> He's never at home anywhere, except in Starfleet - his own mother said
> so. That's canon. I'm no great respecter of TOS canon, or Trek canon,
> but that point I agree with because it makes sense, even if it is rather
> sad for Spock.
> James Kirk is one rare individual that's willing to make extraordinary
> efforts on Spock's behalf. That's good, because Spock needs somebody
> like that. Spock could maybe act normal for a while, but he would
> quickly tire of that. He doesn't want to have to *act* in an intimate
> relationship, he wants to be able to relax, to be himself, and to be
> accepted and loved for who he really is. Who he really is can't help
> but be weird. He's not willfully weird, he just can't help himself. Of
> course he's not ~only~ weird. He's also an outstanding individual with
> many unique, exciting, attractive and valuable qualities.
> Most people see weird and let that stop them. Jim OTOH sees weird,
> shrugs, and keeps on going. Jim likes weird and exotic things. He has
> cultivated a taste for Saurian brandy, and always picks up local lingo
> and customs as fast as he can when among strangers. Not that he has
> turned his back on all things Terran and familiar - he still loves
> drinking coffee, too. Jim is proud of his Terran heritage, and enjoys
> infecting aliens with an enthusiasm for human things as well. He
> encourages aliens who are curious about Terrans and humans and the
> Federation, and loves to indulge his own curiosity about them in
> return. We have no reason to believe he's completely different in bed.
> We have been given evidence that he's even more adventurous in bed than
> he is out of it (when circumstances permit).
> Not that James Kirk is a lothario. Kirk would enjoy being happily
> paired up. Love is something he frequently waxes eloquent about: it's
> something he highly values, and he's not one bit cynical about it. He
> has a strong sex drive and likes sex, but he also can be sappily
> sentimental as well as ardently romantic. He loves women, and he's not
> against monogamy/marriage. He just hasn't found that perfect person
> (whom he assumes would be a woman) who could make him feel ready to
> forsake all others. Meanwhile he believes in keeping busy and taking
> what pleasure he can from life.
> Jim Kirk is an unusual person. He is by no means a typical Terran man.
> He's not even a typical Starfleet Captain. Jim is a super-capable
> leader: a strong and very complex personality. Few people of any sex or
> species can match him, partially because he's pretty obviously a
> nutcase! One kinky guy, Captain Kirk! He's openly, outwardly,
> shamelessly BENT. He's not even subtle, but *in this* at least he *is*
> very typical! I know men like this in real life: I'm married to one.
> Guys like this can have normal-seeming relationships for a night, or a
> week, or a few months, tops. Sooner or later their craving to gratify
> their kinky needs flogs them on to new horizons, ~until~ they find
> someone equally kinky who satisfies them on all levels. Then they
> stop. ~Then~ they are happy, and will settle down as eagerly as
> anybody.
> Along comes Spock, and Spock is also very strong and complex in a very
> interesting and unexpected way. Jim doesn't know how to master this
> amazing, mysterious, enigmatic creature. He doesn't know how to
> understand him. He can't manipulate him like he easily manipulates
> others. He can't easily best him. He's forced to depend on him, and
> discovers to his delight that Spock is an extremely dependable and
> incredibly talented man. Spock is not just utterly respectable as an
> officer and brother-in-arms, but he's also is a very alien guy whose
> cultural differences fascinate Kirk. Kirk finally would become obsessed
> with learning everything he could from Spock about the Vulcan ways with
> the intention of using the knowledge to ingratiate himself with his
> First Officer. This would ultimately fail, since Spock is in no way a
> typical Vulcan.
> Then the real work would begin. Spock wouldn't presume to insist, but
> Kirk would insist on being allowed to try. Kirk would storm Spock's
> heart "with hammer and tongs", and would not be easily discouraged,
> because that's how he is. It begins as a quest for Spock's friendship,
> but a true friendship, not a mere cordiality. Kirk is not going to go
> to all that trouble for something so pallid. We're talking BIG BRASS
> RING here.
> Spock can be diffident and sometimes sits on the fence, but there is
> nothing half-way about him when he makes his mind up. If he agrees to
> allow Jim to get as near as Jim can bear to get, and it turns out Jim
> will go as far as he's allowed to go, then there are no limits to what
> might come of it.
> Laura Goodwin

"Sureshot" Laura

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