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Gary Knerr

Feb 1, 2003, 2:40:08 AM2/1/03
MD: 3.0800
Scene: Bridge(wait for it...)

Ronnie slumped into his science station seat and logged into it. The last
day or so had not been going well for him. There was a rocky intro to
Scores, he would need to fix that somehow. He also had the creeping
sensation that he wanted to be closer to the XO, which weirded him because
he most certainly did not want to be close(r) to her. She scared him when
it came right down to it. To make matters worse, this red-headed officer
was flitting about with her as well and she had this intimidating (in the
emasculating kind of way) sense about her as well. Ronnie never had good
luck with women. In fact truth be told, he did not know women in the
biblical sense.

She must have come aboard last night with the shuttle what ever it was. It
did not matter. I mean afterall people come and go on starships all the
time what difference did it matter to a "science officer" who she... *clears
throat* they are. Come on, all that waving red hair, there must be some
kind of regula...

Ronnie shook himself, why was he dwelling so much on HER? He didn't even
know her. Then he'd steal glances over to the XO. He prayed she did not
notice the stolen leers or worse yet... confront him of it.

WAIT! he screamed in his head. She is a woman who is your commanding
officer. Get a grip focus on your duties. And don't forget you have a
formal party to attend. Ronnie's shoulders visibly slumped at having to don
his dress uniform and go to this type of function. Too much attention to
draw to himself, in such a way. At least everyone else would be in the same

Before he knew it, his shift was up and he got tapped on the shoulder by the
crewman taking the next shift. Upon standing he immediately did an about
face away from the rest of the bridge crew and covertly tried to hide the
hardened bulge in his trousers. Then made his way as quickly as he could to
the turbolift, yet so clumsily. *What's wrong with me?* She is my superior
AND she scares me.*

Scene: 10-forward (wait for it...)

The doors slid open to reveal Ronnie in his dress uniform and (for lack of a
more appropriate term) he was swamp-assed. He must have drank 3 liters of
water to combat his sweating. Stepping into the room he almost dove for a
corner booth and thereupon swilled down a drink. His eyes darted about the
room for whom he was not so sure.

(... NOW)
All these people so easy to mingle with each other. Ronnie knew that soon
when he got comfortable he would be able to do most of the same. That
helped to relax. Surveying the crowd relaxing moment by moment, he did not
even realize he was looking for not one but two women now. Only when they
arrived together that his anxieties exploded all over again. And yes he got
swamp-assed, again. The light-green colored drink that had been placed in
front of him by the bartender had more synthehol in it than Ronnie was
aware. But the affect was beyond measure. What beer-goggles did for the
average women increased exponentially to Veld and Sharpe. Ronnie "swelled"
with excitement so much he had to adjust his dress trousers. His face
became as flush as the crimson on a uniform. God, all he wanted to do was
be so smooth like he had seen the doctor do yesterday. Why couldn't he do

You know what, he could (or so the synthehol told him) and he stood up

MD: 4.0700
Scene: Ronnie's quarters

Ronnie sat bolt upright and he immediately realized that was already the
second thing he should not have done this morning. He was full blown
hanging over. Gripping his head, dress uniform in a tattered disarray on
his small frame, he stumbled over to the head and began the painful ritual
of "The Morning After Work Day."

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Knerr
ENS Ronald Meeks
USS Serapis

"Good. Bad. I'm the one with the gun." - Ash


I'm having to re-re-read posts to try and keep up with what's going on. I
think I have cleverly, yet deftly, done a pretty crappy job of doing that.
What happened after Ronnie had a few too many? What happened when he woke
up in the morning? Did anything else happen when he woke up? God I love

Bruce: I think maybe we can work on Ronnie and Scores. Afterall they are
both pretty much dorks when it comes right down to it. Right? Should be
some kind of simpatico there.

Sean: I'm so glad to hear my humor is appreciated. You maka me very happy
(roll the r's).

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