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Nov 14, 2021, 9:49:46 AM11/14/21
This post may not age well, but I think it's finally time for the
management changes to start.

Francesco Aquilini is apparently along for the trip. The media was quick
to point out that his presence was "pre-planned," but he's got to be
noticing how well his new investments are performing.

I don't think this team should be this bad. They've got skill, but
there's little hustle, and some of the players who seem focused and
energetic (Garland, Hoglander, Podkolzin) don't get much ice time.
Meanwhile, the some of the former leaders of the team seem lost out
there (Pearson, Petterson) but don't seem to lose a shift. Can hockey
really have become so salary-based that there's no meritocracy any

I don't think the team is top tier, but it seemed that the roster was
good enough to fight for playoff contention.

So my guess is a coaching change first and I hope it's soon. A new
coach can change the whole feeling around a team: remember when Pat
Quinn relieved Bob McCammon and took over the coaching duties?

These guys need an experienced, competent coach who can command
the room, raise confidence levels and force a bit of internal
competition. There aren't many options out there with that resume: Bruce
Boudreau's been good with talented teams; Mike Babcock's out there too,
but has a bit of a checkered record with players; ditto for Marc

Any other suggestions?

Gregory Carr

Nov 14, 2021, 3:49:39 PM11/14/21
You. Canucks lost 7-4 to Las Vegas last night.
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