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Historical Boston Bruins broadcasters

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1948-49 Frank Ryan
1949-50 Bump Hadley
1950-63 no tv
1963-67 Fred Cusick
1967-70 Don Earle
1970-71 Don Earle, John Peirson
1971-85 Fred Cusick, John Peirson
1985-95 Fred Cusick, Derek Sanderson, Dave Shea
1995-96 Fred Cusick, Derek Sanderson
1996-97 Fred Cusick, Derek Sanderson ch 38; Dale Arnold, Gord Kluzak NESN
1997-99 Dave Shea, Andy Brickley ch 38; Dale Arnold, Gord Kluzak NESN
1999-00 Dave Shea, Phil Esposito, Gerry Cheevers ch 38; Arnold,Kluzak NESN
2000-04 Dale Arnold, Gord Kluzak home; Dave Shea, Andy Brickley away
2005-07 Dale Arnold, Andy Brickley home; Jack Edwards, Andy Brickley away
2007-09 Jack Edwards, Andy Brickley

Boston tv, as well as NY and Chicago radio and tv are covered elsewhere in this index; here is the Bruins radio history:

1924-25: WBZ home games start dec 1 Frank Ryan
1925-26: WBZ 3d pd home games start dec 15 Frank Ryan
1926-27: WBZ 3d pd sunday-friday home games
1927-28: WNAC home games Gerry Harrison
1928-34: no radio
1934-35: WAAB 3d pd home games start feb 21 Frank Ryan
1935-36,36-37 WAAB 3d pd home games Frank Ryan
1937-38 thru 1940-41 WAAB 3pd home games Frank Ryan, Vin Maloney
1941-42 thru 1946-47 WMEX 3pd home games Frank Ryan
1947-48 WHDH 2nd,3d pd home games Frank Ryan, Leo Egan
1948-49 same as 47-48; Bob DeLaney sub color
1949-50 WHDH home games start at 9pm Frank Ryan pbp, Leo Egan or John Brooks c
1950-51, 51-52 WHDH home games start at 930pm Frank Ryan, John Brooks
1952-53 ,53-54 WHDH all games Fred Cusick, Jack Crawford
1954-55 WHDH all games Fred Cusick alone
1955-56 WHDH all games Fred Cusick; subs Johnny Most, Bob Murphy, Leo Egan
1956-57 and 57-58 WHDH all games Fred Cusick; unknown subs on Saturday games
1958-59 WHDH all games Fred Cusick; subs Johnny Most, John Peirson
1959-60 WHDH all games Fred Cusick; sub John Peirson
1960-61 WHDH all games John Peirson, Bill Harrington
1961-62 WHDH all games John Peirson
1962-63,63-64,64-65 WHDH all games Bill Harrington; Bob Wilson color in 64-65 only
1965-66 WHDH all games Fred Cusick, Bob Wilson
1966-67 WHDH all games Jim Laing, Bob Wilson
1967-68 WHDH all games Bob Wilson
1968-69 WHDH all games Bob Wilson, Vin Maloney
1969-70 WBZ Bob Wilson, John Peirson
1970-71 WBZ Bob Wilson, Cal Gardner; Ed Cain sub pbp 1 game
1971-72 , 72-73 WBZ Bob Wilson, Ron Cantera
1973-74 WBZ Bob Wilson pbp alone, Gene Stuart color start last reg season game
1974-75 WBZ Bob Wilson pbp alone, Earl Anderson color in playoffs
1975-76 WBZ Bob Wilson
1976-77,77-78 WBZ Bob Wilson pbp, Bob Lobel color in playoffs
1977-78,79-80 WITS Bob Wilson pbp, Glenn Ordway color
1980-81 thru 93-94 Bob Wilson, John Bucyk WITS thru 82-83; WPLM 83-84 thru 89-90; WEEI 90-91 thru 93-94; conflicts on WCIB FM 83-85; WMEX 85-93; WBZ and WRKO 93-94; Dale Arnold sub pbp in 93-94
1994-95 WBNW Dale Arnold, John Bucyk; sub Bob Wilson preseason +2nd pd may 1
1995-96 WBZ Bob Neumeier, Barry Pederson; Alan Segal sub pbp 6 games
1996-97 WBZ Bob Neumeier, Andy Brickley,John Bucyk; Alan Segal sub pbp
1997-98,98-99,99-00 WBZ Bob Neumeier, Bob Beers; Alan Segal sub pbp
2000-01 to present WBZ Dave Goucher, Bob Beers
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