Divisional Playoff & NFC Conference Championship games in Dallas?

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Jan 13, 2022, 9:45:50 AM (5 days ago) Jan 13
(corrected re-post as I incorrectly said
the Eagles beat the Chargers; actually,
the Eagles lost to the Chargers, updated

For that to happen, of course, the Cow-
boys have to beat the 49ers.

Also, for that to happen, the Eagles have
to beat the Bucs. Otherwise, the NFC
Divisional Playoffs will be in Green Bay
& Tampa Bay.

If the Eagles beat the Bucs, the Eagles
play the Packers in the Divisional round,
& the Cowboys play the winner of the
Cards @ Rams game in Dallas.

If the Eagles beat the Packers & the Cow-
boys beat the winner of the Cards @ Rams
game, the NFC Conference Championship
game would be in Dallas versus the Eagles.

The good news in that regard is the Eagles
have the best in the league team in rushing
yardage including the top 3 runners in the
NFC playoffs + they're best in the league in
rushing TDs & 4th-best in the league in rush-
ing yards per attempt.

In the 2021 regular season, the Eagles only
beat 1 non-playoff team that had a winning
record (Saints) & lost to the other non-play-
off team with a winning record (Chargers) & ...

... lost all 6 games versus playoff teams (49ers,
Chiefs, Bucs by 6 points, Raiders & 2 to the Cow-

That 6 point loss to the Bucs was their closest
game versus a playoff team.

The Eagles succeeding in the playoffs is unlikely,
but that close game versus the Bucs does pro-
vide a bit of hope they can pull off an upset in
Tampa Bay.

5 of their 7 losses to winning teams transpired
in Philadelphia, including their loss to the Bucs,
so maybe they'll have better luck in Tampa Bay.

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