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Jan 13, 2022, 11:04:31 PMJan 13

I'm watching the 49ers @ Rams game, a game
the Rams dominated at first, holding the 49ers
to 0 until near the end of the 1st half. Prior to
that, the first time the 49ers got anything going
their drive was stopped with a bad pass by Gar-
oppolo, intercepted. With almost no time left ...

... in the first half, the 49ers showed their first
real sign of life, driving down with less than a
minute left to kick a field goal.

1st drive of the 2nd half, a lot of life from the
49ers, driving down for a touchdown in 4 min-
utes 28 seconds & continuing to shut down
the Rams rush game on their 1st drive of the
2nd half, blitzing Stafford on 3rd down & pres-
suring him into an incompletion, Rams still ...

... ahead by 17 to 10. The Rams only got 64
rush yards in the game, making them 1 of the
7 teams with the lowest rushing yards allowed
by the 49ers to be defeated by them in 2021.

Mitchell & Deebo Samuel in rushing including
a 3rd quarter TD run, Deebo Samuel, Brandon
Aiyuk, & a 3rd quarter TD catch by Jauwan
Jennings on a reception of a pass by Deebo
Samuel, led to a tie 17-17 tie in the 3rd quarter.

Each team had a TD in the 4th quarter, the Rams
& Cooper Kupp with 2:29 left in the game. The
49ers, it was looking glum at first, Garoppolo
sacked for a loss on 3rd down, the 2 minute
warning at 1:57, then on 4th & 18, the 49ers
punt it to the Rams 40 yard line with 1:50 left
in the game.

The Rams tried 2 runs, making 3 yards, 49ers
calling a timeout after both runs. With 1:40 left
on 3rd & 7, the Rams ran for 2 yards, 49ers called
their 3rd timeout with 1:34 left in the game.

The 49ers start at their 12 with 1:27 & no time-
outs left. 21 yard pass to Aiyuk, 5 yard pass to
Jennings, 43 yard pass to Samuel, ball spiked
with 35 seconds left, ball at 14 yard line. Pass
overthrown, last pass by the 49ers with 26 sec-
onds left to Jennings for a TD tying the game
at 24-24.

After a 12 yard pass & a timeout, a sack of Staf-
ford, the Rams let the time run out, overtime.

Both Garoppolo with 2 & Stafford with 3 had int-
erception issues during the game. The 49ers
sacked Stafford 5 times, the Rams sacked Gar-
oppolo 3 times. Hard-fought game, won in ...

... overtime after a 49ers 24 yard field goal on
the 1st possession, a 69 yard drive that took
7 minutes 15 seconds. Stafford tried to lead a
comeback, the Rams getting 2 1st downs, the
ball on the Rams 38, but after the 2 minute ...

... warning, Stafford tried a long pass that was
intercepted, ending the game.

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