Cowboys vs 49ers Playoff Facts

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Jan 13, 2022, 1:37:28 PM (5 days ago) Jan 13
January 13 2022


In an article loaded with facts about
the Cowboys & 49ers, -2- facts I was
not familiar with until reading this

1) I knew that the Patriots have 6 Super
Bowl trophies & the Cowboys / Steelers /
49ers have 5 Super Bowl trophies each,
but I hadn't given any thought to the fol-
lowing fact prior to reading this article:

"This is the first-ever playoff matchup
between franchises with at least 5 Super
Bowl wins."

The Cowboys won their 5th Super Bowl
playing the Steelers at the end of the 1995
season, but at that time, the Steelers had
4 Super Bowl wins & the Cowboys had 4
Super Bowl wins prior to defeating the ...

... Steelers for their 5th Super Bowl win, par-
tially atoning for their 2 Super Bowl losses
to the Steelers (in close games, by a mere
4 points each time) at the end of the 1975
& 1978 seasons.

2) I should've known the 49ers & Cowboys
home & away playoff records but hadn't
paid any attention to those 'til reading this
article that says

"The 49ers are 33-22 all time in the playoffs
(5-11 in road playoff games). The Cowboys
are 35-28 all time in playoff games (21-9 in
home playoff games).

o 70% (21-9) record in home playoffs
o 36% (9-16) record in away playoffs
o 62.5% (5-3) record in Super Bowls

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