Dallas position coaches the latest overrated chumps.

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Jan 11, 2022, 3:04:26 PM (7 days ago) Jan 11
As per the norm, a good year can lead to HC jobs even if you have a history of sucking!!

Why do GMs automatically feel that some of these Hot for a minute guys will make a great HC??

See Josh McDaniels.


Jan 11, 2022, 9:28:54 PM (6 days ago) Jan 11
Your title is incorrect as that word has
nothing to do with GMs & owners seeking
to interview Dan Quinn & Kellen Moore for
their head coach openings.

Per the following, regarding a GM & owner
making a poor choice of a head coach,

the GM & owner making that poor choice
are the only ones who might fit that defin-

The coaches you're referring to, Josh McDan-
iels, Dan Quinn, & Kellen Moore, Josh had
great success with the Patriots as OC but
didn't as a head coach, so that definition
might apply to whomever hired him to be
head coach at Denver, maybe.

Dan Quinn & Kellen Moore, the final verdict
for the 2021 season isn't in yet, but thus far,
Dan has gotten credit for fixing the Cowboys
weak 2020 defense & Kellen got credit for
the Cowboys offensive success in the first
7 games.

After that, there are questions regarding if
Kellen is intentionally holding the Cowboys
offense back in an effort to use what was
working in the first 7 games in the playoffs
(some have suggested that) or if the adjust-
ments defenses have made are what has ...

... slowed down the offense & Kellen has
not figured out how to overcome those. So,
it remains to be seen what the final verdict
will be regarding Kellen as this year's OC.

As for teams wanting to interview Dan &
Kellen, you'll notice that the teams hiring
head coaches are interviewing many po-
tential candidates & as always, whom-
ever they hire, it's the GM & owners who
may fit the definition above if their hire
doesn't have success.

As with Trevor Lawrence, Peyton Manning,
John Elway, & Troy Aikman, & Tom Landry
& Jimmy Johnson, most of the time you
just don't know if a player or head coach
will have success after one season, so
patience is required.
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