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Jul 16, 2014, 1:25:15 AM7/16/14
On Tue, 15 Jul 2014 10:19:46 -0400, "mr. gone"
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>> On Tue, 15 Jul 2014 00:07:59 -0400, "mr. gone"
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>> >In article <>, NONONOmisc07
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>> >>
>> >> I found a basketball hoop, and instead of the sqUiggly things one can
>> >> hook the net to, this one has what look like small carpet tacks pointed
>> >> up. Little nails with heads, firmly attached to the main ring.
>> >>
>> >> I want to advertise and give the thing away, but I don't know what these
>> >> things are called or what kind of net is to be used???
>> >>
>> >> What say ye?
>> >
>> >i dunno - "net fasteners"?
>> Thanks for the suggestion.
>> I googled net fasteners and got a couple hits and an English language
>> reference to net clips. I googled net clips, and got a bunch of hits.
>> But all the hits for fasteners or clips led to nets or other pages that
>> didn't mention clip or fastener.
>> > and i believe any kind of net is useable.
>> >they might need to fully loop a top loop around it to keep it on
>> >(instead of just hanging it like you would on an eyelet), but any
>> >typical net should work.
>> I did find someone asking how to put a net on a rim without hooks or
>> pegs, so either that was the poster's own term, or maybe that's the
>> standard term, pegs. But I googled for hoops with pegs and got nowhere.
>> I don't want someone to take the hoop, then decide it's too much trouble
>> to put a net on it, and just let it sit in his garage.
>i'd say go to wally world, get a cheap net, and see if you can fasten
>the thing. if it's hard, get a nylon cord that you can wrap around each
>peg (complete circle) and thread the cord thru the top net loops between
>the pegs (just a single loop between the pegs). the net will slide along
>the cord that way, but it should still work.

Thanks again.

Just wanted the readers here (that is, you, I guess) to know I wasn't
the only one with this question.

He clearly has the same kind of hoop I have, and neither of the answers
will help him.

I don't think there is any nylon cord thin enough to wrap around the
pegs, , but yes, I can tie it on with plastic ties, like bunches of
wires are tied together with, or the paper things with wire embedded in
them that are used to tie up the end of a bag of bread. That's what
I'll suggest to anyone who claims it.

Oh, and I put it in my car so if I'm near a sporting goods store or a
college game, I can ask there. I still want to satisfy my curiosity.

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