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Jaycie Augustine

Jun 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/24/99
I'm very much in favor of a trade b/w Rice and Pippen. Both players
weren't up to their expectations and I believe that this trade would
benefit them beautifully as well as their teams.

Note: this is really really long.

Remember Horry? When he won 2 championship rings? Not only would he
prosper under Rudy again, but he would be happy to be closer to home to
be by his very ill little daughter. Horry doesn't just bring his
defense, but brings his rebound tenacity, high slashing dunks and deadly
3pt shooting. Have you seen Olajuwon throw an alleyoup this season?
Noooo, co'z Horry wasn't around.

Rice; yes he stunk as a Laker, but as a Rocket would be the primary
offensive player he was when he still played in Charlotte. The Rockets
need a primary offensive player; Pippen can't be that kind of a player
as he tried to prove during the '94 and '95 season w/o MJ. (It's
vice-versa; Lakers need a so-so player, while Houston needs a primary
offensive player.) I mean look at the season now with Charles as the
top scorer?!! Look at this: the Laker's big 3: Shaq = 26ppg, Kobe =
20ppg, Rice = 18ppg. the Rocket's big 3: Olajuwon = 16ppg, Barkley =
19ppg, Pippen = 14ppg. The Lakers clearly outnumbers Houston by 15
points! If Glen can manage to score 18 points alongside two 20pt
averaging power-houses, imagine how much he would avg with Olajuwon and
Sir C (24ppg?)! Oljwn can't take the burden anymore and Charles said
that he doesn't need to score, but just HAS too, because no one else is
doing it. He also said that he wouldn't mind just rebounding all day if
he could. Glen Rice can ease off that pressure. Glen is pure offense.
Unlike Shaq & Kobe, Oljw and Charles wouldn't have any problems with him
scoring 25points a night. Noted as a pure shooter who drives the lane
as well. Reason why he stunk this season was obvious: he came back
from elbow surgery and was quickly rushed into the Laker's offense. He
didn't even get at least a day advance to get acquainted with his new
teams type of play. And he didn't get to go to a training camp!!!
Pippen got a whole month of training camp WITH the Rockets and still
played poorly. And finally, having mixed in with a dominant offensive
player like Shaq, and one soon to come in Kobe, Glen being the number
one "go-to" guy in Charlotte, didn't blend in well. It's just like
having Jordan and Kobe on the same team. With Barkley always passing to
the open lanes, Rice would have no problems shooting the 3s. Seen the
Laker game against Portland where Rice had 40 making 10 shots ('6'
3pointers) in a row? Or the '97 all-stars when he went for 26 breaking
Chamberlain's record and winning MVP? Rice is what Houston's style of
play needs. AND who said that the outside/inside play doesn't work?
Look at the Spurs; 80% of the time it's "pass it in to Duncan then pass
it out again to Elliot or Jackson" and it works; the only guy slashing
there is a Avery a PG! Look at the 80 Boston Celtics; lob it in to
Mchale or Parish and out to Bird again; the only true slasher in that
team was Danny Ainge! The Rockets system of play is the same, and I
don't think it would change over time, so given that, Rice fits in
perfectly. Heck, the Lakers still to this day since Chamberlain run the
same in&out play, only problem is they don't have the proper shooters.
Rice is excused. My line up goes like this:

C Olajuwon
PF Barkley
SF Horry
SG Rice
PG Dickerson

I know, I know. Rockets don't need to emphasize the PG spot a lot in
their system, as long as he can bring the ball up court and run the
transition fast-breaks. Dickerson could do both w/ little or no
problems w/ a little practice. And he could do the slashing stuff too.
Rice can play the 2 spot, after all he is a guard-forward, like he did
in LA with Rick Fox playing the 3 spot. Horry, though plays PF in LA
would be back to his old SF ways, and would compliment Barkley's low
post-ups offensively and defensivey. With Barkley and Olj inside, Rice
& Dick (uhhm...) outside, and Horry somewhere in b/w, the Rockets have
an unstoppable offensive game. Barkley would post up, pass it to one of
the 3 EXCELLENT 3pt shooters, back in with a lay up, and Horry or
Olajuwon can hang in there for the offensive rebound. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Better than San Antonio's! And defense wouldn't matter. With Rice on
the two spot, although defense is not his strong point, he would still
create trouble for shorter guards. Besides you have Horry (who I think
can do a WAY better job than Pip on D), Charles, and Olj. With Houston
getting old a championship must be obtained ASAP. Although it's nothing
much, Rice will be 32 while Pip would be 34 as soon as next season
The Rockets w/ Pippen will never win a championship just like when
Drexler was still in town. Heck, Drexler's game was MUCH MORE superior
to Pip's, yet could never win w/ Charles... hmm... maybe it's Charles
that's the problem. There was too much expectations and pressure.
People thought that the 90-91 Lakers would win the championship (lost to
Bulls), or that the top seeded 94 Orlando Magic (lost to Rockets), or
about this year's Lakers w/ Rice and Houston w/ Pippen would take it
all, but who's playing in the Finals right now? The sort-of unexpected
teams win it. The trade may alleviate those high expectations, well
maybe at least for Houston; everything is always big in la la land. As
long as Pip's still around, the Rockets won't be able MATCH and get pass
the Lakers. The only thing missing would be Pip's highlight reels.

Here is Pip's problem:
He is not too happy with Rockets management right now (hmm...just like
the Chicago's last year). When interviewed by Peter Vecsey, he said
that he wouldn't mind being traded at all, it's all upto management.
And an un-happy player is not a good player. His problem was his role
in Houston's offensive system. Pip was used to running the ball in the
tri offense not posting it up. His offense gets him into a lot of mess.
How can a 6'6 guard (Kobe) block a 6'7 forward? He was VERY
inconsistent to say the least. Another problem was his style of play
with Tomjonavich's style of play. One of the reasons why the Rockets
acquired him was because of his defense, yet players like Kobe always
manages to outscore him by 12 points. Not to say that he sucks, he is a
good balance player, except he doesn't blend in with the Rockets. And
what the Rockets need right now is a powerful offensive threat rather
than a balanced player.

I think the trade would benefit them well. They are people too you
know, with feelings outside of basketball.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Thanks

Antony Parsons

Jun 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/25/99
In article <23606-37...@newsd-152.iap.bryant.webtv.net>, Jayc...@webtv.net says...

[big snip]

>My line up goes like this:
>C Olajuwon
>PF Barkley
>SF Horry
>SG Rice
>PG Dickerson

You may argue that the parts fit together better than last year's
team, but I don't necessarily buy that this lineup is better.
Pippen on a bad day is still better than Horry. I also think
think Dickerson could be a big part of the plans next year as
long as you don't throw a curve at him like moving him to PG.

So, compared to last year's team, you're significantly better
at one position and significantly worse at two others. I don't
see how that helps.

>With Houston getting old a championship must be obtained ASAP.
>Although it's nothing much, Rice will be 32 while Pip would be
>34 as soon as next season starts.

Which brings me to my next point: Rice is old and may have
a bum elbow. Who's to say he'll get back to his old form?

Bottom line: the Rockets are not just one player away from
the NBA finals. Glen Rice is not going to put them over
the top. I don't see how it makes them significantly better.
Signing Pippen was a mistake that won't go away this easily.


Roger Rodriguz

Jun 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/25/99
you are right pip needs to go rice horry gives u a body and if we throw
in harrinton for knight can u imagine
sf horry mack pf
barkley knight c
akkem carr roberts sg rice
mobley pg dickerson drew
bullard i can imagine a team and with
enough salary cap room

the hispanic knight

Antony Parsons

Jun 25, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/25/99
On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Roger Rodriguz wrote:

> you are right pip needs to go rice horry gives u a body and if we throw
> in harrinton for knight can u imagine

Imagine what? How bad it would be? Othella can play. Knight
is a high-paid stiff.



Jun 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/26/99
> pg dickerson drew

how are you going to put Bullard at poiunt guard???

Roger Rodriguz

Jun 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/26/99

Rodolfo R. Fabre

Jun 27, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/27/99
harrington for knight???? are you crazy????

Roger Rodriguz wrote:

okay so u dont think knight is good well i would still make the trade
because of his height  also he is decent shooter from the outside also
carr well get his minutes at pf with barkley 

Col. Sphinx Drummond

Jun 27, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/27/99
I don't know if he's crazy, bad judgment certainly, but not necessarily crazy.


Roger Rodriguz

Jun 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/28/99


Jun 28, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/28/99
Mr. Rodriguz,

Do you look at your posts before sending them? Perhaps an extra moment or
two for proofreading would help you appear more intelligent. Although
pushing for Knight is crazy no matter how well you craft your text.
Just break us off some puntuation, "G"

In article <1914-377...@newsd-242.iap.bryant.webtv.net>,
rog...@webtv.net (Roger Rodriguz) wrote:

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> look san antonio is the team to beat and the lakers u must be damm crazy
> that barkley can take duncan or robinson harrington good but we need
> height knights mobile u all must be crazy he can be pressence in the
> middle with any big man harrington cant
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Jaycie Augustine

Jul 3, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/3/99
You're right, the Rockets aren't just one player away from the finals,
but I think that Rice would be an important piece of that puzzle. Yes,
he had elbow surgery, but Pippen just had his second back surgery just a
year ago.

With the acquisition of PF Thomas, SF Washington, and C Hamilton, it
looks like the Rockets would have a very excellent front court in
futures to come, complete with postplays, rebounds, and slashing
offense. Who says that rookies can't have a great impact? It would be
great to incorporate a GREAT shooter like Rice in it, than have another
front court player like Pippen. Yes, Pip is a better complete player
than Horry no doubt about it, but my point is that Horry is a WAY better
defensive player.

(Trading for T. Knight is probably unnecessary now with all these front
court power we got).

And I think Dickerson could be a good PG. During the Jordan era, the
Bulls didn't rely too much on PG, in fact they had former Clipper SG R.
Harper as the starting PG! With Dickerson's talents as it is, he would
be like a versatile Penny Hardaway (SG inside, but PG outside), or maybe
have him as a back-up SG for Rice. The only reason I have him listed as
PG was because with him and Rice together at the court, the Rockets
would be almost impossible to stop with the inside post ups and deadly
outside shooting.

Besides, I think that the trade would happen anyway, with Pippen
constantly whining about his trade rumors to Rockets management, and
Rice being furious with Laker's VP Jerry West last Wednesday night due
to his 7 million option.

Yes, you're right that signing Pippen was a mistake, and I would have
hoped for the Rockets trading Pippen for Laker's Eddie Jones and
Campbell earlier this year.

Oh well, best luck to the Rocketcs


Jul 3, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/3/99
We're gonna have to start using punctuation. The spelling is bad enough but 47 words or so without a period or comma??? Come on...make it readable!
Now...NO FREAKIN WAY do you trade Othella for Knight. Never..ever!! Knight can do nothing. If you just want a body, throw in the rookie or Carr. Knight is 9 feet tall and weighs 87LBS...He is no presence in the middle.
look san antonio is the team to beat and the lakers u must be damm crazy
that barkley can take duncan or robinson harrington good but we need
height knights mobile u all must be crazy he can be pressence in the
middle with any big man harrington cant

Roger Rodriguz

Jul 4, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/4/99
u are right j houston is on its way with he trade


Joe Mendoza

Jul 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM7/5/99

>Bulls didn't rely too much on PG, in fact they had former Clipper SG >R.
Harper as the starting PG!

Well they had Pippen as the playmaker/point forward. They played
Harper at point guard mainly to match up against Penny Hardaway.
(Remember that this Bulls team was built in order to match up against
Orlando which looked to be the premier team in the East
at that time).

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