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Jul 16, 2018, 3:25:19 AM7/16/18
Going totally naked in public is like going without a shirt in public. While it's
not what most people do, most of the time, they do, occasionally; - and they
aren't wrong.

Crotches are like feet. While people wear no shoes, some of the time, they wear
shoes much of the time. Taking off underwear is like taking off socks.

Sex is public is like french kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend in public. While
usually a personal thing, totally legitimate, right, and legal. Sex is just
rubbing genitals, and usually a personal thing.

Harassing people is likely to offend them - Exhibitionists and voyeurs go
together. Men like to be flashed by pretty girls on beaches and at parties -
Nobody likes somebody who is insensitive to other's wishes, or intentionally
trying to offend - but the war on sexuality must stop.

Covering the genitals is like covering the eyes. In terms of porn, if the
opposite sex's eyes were always covered, it would be like a big deal to look at them.
There'd like be eye porn. I bet like in some Muslim countries, where they cover
eyes and legs, there could be like leg porn or eye porn. People would be like
staring at girls eyes, online. Girls in swimsuits are no different from girls who
are naked, so there should not be some deceitful notion, that they have to wear
swimsuits. We shouldn't go our whole lives confused about the privity of the
human body. There is nothing more to wearing a bikini than to covering fat by
wearing a full piece bathing suit.

See: her vagina: it's just like her nostril or her eye:

There's nothing to it.

Genitals are also like mouths. Imagine always having to cover your mouth. If you
wear a band-aid for three days and take it off, you will feel naked under the


Your country will not be the home of the free, and the land of the brave, when you
teach your people to accept subjugation. The tyrants will be able to just roll
right in and get everybody to comply!

People need to be brought up, and not belittled.

You can't say it's a free country, and then violate freedom somewhere. Like, when
would it stop being a free country? How many prohibitions do you have to make?
How many rights do you have to "take?"

Why build a "Freedom Tower," or have a Statue of Liberty at all.

You can not violate sacrosanct principle in one case, and pretend you verify
sacrosanct principle elsewhere. Instead you legitimize error.

So then the United States just becomes a lesser evil than North Korea. But nothing
glorious or right.

"I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted,
every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain,
and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be
revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. "
- Martin Luther King, Jr; August 28, 1963, Isaiah 40:4, John the Baptist, Luke 3:5

So we have to accept bottles on the beach. We could say "please, no bottles,
(bring cans instead)" but it cannot be a crime, for our sacrosanct principles.

Personally I am not a litterbug, if I break a bottle I will clean it up. Some
people may want to drink Don Perignon on the beach sometimes.

Unbelievable, not to be able to drink Don Perignon and make love on the beach all
our lives. Whenever we choose.

It is not acceptable for the United States to commit error and thereby crime. But
we must strive to make it perfect.

We deserve a free country, and we've been promised one all along.

Whatever you may find weird, or something, you don't have to participate in.

But victimization of other's bodies and properties must be stopped, and is
unacceptable. Nor do two wrongs make a right, but leadership and rehabilitation
are in order. Punishment is crime on crime. Imprisonment is capital punishment.
Imprisonment is merely death by incarceration, and obviously capital larceny
during the period of time it lasts. Everyone incarcerated dies younger than they
would have. Thus it is the death penalty.

Doing something against another's will is really the essence of crime, and is
always a crime.

Individuals are Sovereign States, and a Sovereign State is but a person.
Individuals are also Sovereigns. Approach the Sovereign State with caution.

To prohibit use of public property, is to betray the public trust. The truth is
that the land actually belongs to everybody, for it is not the fruits of anybody's
labor. For the land was here long before mankind set foot on this earth. It is
like the sun, the moon, the stars, and the sky. Someone traded the fruits of
their labor for an unrighteous claim. If the government wants to monopolize land,
like homeowners, it should pay rent directly to the people, as should the
homeowners, (and the property tax on the land portion could be raised and paid
cash to you), - cash money. But as for the government, it could just: _not betray
the public trust_, and allow US to use OUR land, and OUR beaches, the way WE want
to. Anytime, Anyway. Day or night. In a rightful fashion. We have human rights.
That means right and wrong exist. They are not arbitrary, and we are not
brainwashed by errors. The bigots, the intolerant, the prejudice, the
unrightfully condemning, will not convince us. We are no longer indoctrinated
into the cult of the United States, or any of the fifty States of the Union. But
logic; reason; intelligence; the truth; and open minded scientific inquiry; convince.
Because logic, reason, intelligence, and the truth, are not blank minded, because
logic, reason, intelligence, and the truth, are not dead minded. Because logic,
reason, intelligence, and the truth, are intelligent, are love, are not nothing,
and *are* meaningful.

What's the problem? I can't be _black_ in your society? Your prohibitions are
nothing more and nothing less. And I'm not wrong, to have more or less pigment in
my skin. I am not defined by my race. And I am not defined by my acts. And I do
have a right, an unalienable right, a human right, a natural right, and a civil
right, of the country I am the foundation of, of the country that begins with me,
_to action_.

I am the True Patriot. Right and wrong do exist. The government is not the
author of right and wrong, or the law, any more than the government is the author
of mathematics. But logic, reason, truth, intelligence, - persistent
ever-renewed, scientific inquiry, if beyond the bounds of materialism death and
atheism; and religious science, spiritual science, and moral science must guide us.

As Abraham Lincoln said: "The world will little note, nor long remember what [I]
say here [today]," without action, without enacted legislative or human change, my
words have little effect beyond saving the free thinking minds of men.

Miracles are acts.

"Miracles are everyone's right" - Jesus Christ - A Course in Miracles.
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