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Aborting in the First Three Months is Likely Not Only 100% Moral, but it is Immoral not to Abort

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Jul 16, 2018, 3:26:37 AM7/16/18
Aborting a fetus in the first three months is not only 100% moral, but it is
immoral not to abort. There is no brain in the fetus for the first three months,
and no ghost either. If you read people's stories of memories of being in the
womb, they have real memories of being babies alive in the womb. These same
people yet have memories of reincarnation - of being a Ghost and then being in the
womb for less than 9 months. Of being in the womb probably no more than five
months at most. Read their stories. _IF_ there is no brain, and no ghost, in the
fetus, then not aborting is making a decision to get pregnant. While obviously
the day before the baby is born, it is just two people attached, but you have a
right to detach your body, vs. an ethical requirement to throw someone a rope.
Carrying a baby who eats your body for 6 months is more onerous than throwing
someone a rope. It is perhaps closer to jumping into an icy cold river to save
someone. Someone you don't want or know. If you were on a 6 month trek through
the wilderness, with only 2,000 calories per day to feed you, and you met a
starving person, would you starve _with_ them, eating 1,000 calories for the rest
of your 6 month trek through the wilderness, to emerge skinny and weak, but alive?
Would it be a crime not to feed them? Carrying a baby is letting a baby eat your
body. What if the woman could just pull the fetus out of her? Would that be a
crime? You weren't born Siamese twins. Your body is not theirs. If you went
through the Star Trek transporter and came out attached to someone, and they were
using your kidney, and their kidney didn't make the transport, and there was 6
months to wait for a kidney, would you stay attached to this stranger for 6 months
to let them live? What if you both had guns, and you were like, we're going to go
get detached, and they were like, no, we're not, and you were like, if you kill
me, you'll die, but if I kill you, I'll live. What if it was more than 6 months
to wait for a kidney, like 9 years? What if you were in excruciating pain that
could only be relieved by separation, but they would die? What if you could just
pull yourself off of them, and they would die, and you would live? Would it be a
crime to do so? What if the woman could just pull the fetus out of her? What if
they could be detached from you, and re-attached to someone else to live? Would
those people be like paid surrogates, and does a fetus thus get free health care,
to bring all babies to life?

What if aliens land and lay eggs, which crawl in our feet, or we ingest
accidentally through fruit, and 3 foot by 8 inch caterpillars gestate in our
stomachs, accidentally for over 3 years, until they finally crawl out our mouths,
and eventually turn into beautiful harmonic, human-sized butterflies who teach the
nations? And these butterflies are more intelligent than humans, and wholly
benevolent and helpful. What if this accidental insemination happens frequently.

What if aliens land, and just generally infect everyone's legs with their young.

You can't abort a rapist's insemination any more than you can kill a 30 year old
product of rape, if you can't kill a normal fetus. A rapist's insemination is as
much a living person as a normal fetus is. And yet you have a right to separate
your body so far as I've suggested.

What if a Siamese twin kills? Do they both go to prison? Has this ever happened?
Is the law not bunk, and is not self defense the solution? Should we not be
letting the chips fall where they may, and doing away with the law, to replace it
with an benevolent and helpful advocate which recognizes and promotes the humanity
in all humankind?

_IF_ there is no brain, and no ghost, in the fetus, then not aborting is making a
decision to get pregnant. There's no person living in you for at least the first
three months. If you don't abort, it's just like you decided to get pregnant. If
a sperm and an egg were sitting next to each other in a petri dish, and then the
sperm impregnated the egg, would you believe, that was a human with a brain and a
ghost? Do you believe that you came out of a zygote? Are you a materialist,
atheist, deathist who believes only in the material world? There is life after
death. There is life before life. The ghost enters the fetus at various times in
its development. This begs the question, could a baby be born without a ghost;
especially in Africa, where there are tons and tons of babies, and no one would
want to be born in Africa. But I imagine it would be born stillborn.

Unplanned childbirth is the scourge of nations. Unplanned childbirth is the cause
of overpopulation. There are too many people for the property. There is not
enough capital for the labor. Rather than a Holocaust as was caused by the Great
Depression, the solution is to stop unplanned pregnancies. The human race is an
animal like any other, that can kill off its habitat and resultingly die en masse.
Like a Kuala Bear group that needs to be culled, but the solution is to stop
unplanned pregnancy. 37% of American society is unplanned. Babies born to
mother's who didn't plan them certainly face a life of likely greater poverty and
hardship. Drug abusers certainly don't practice abstinence if they are reckless
enough to abuse drugs. People using needles, and injecting Heroin, get pregnant
at 19. The last thing they need is a baby. The first thing they need is an
abortion. This is not theoretical. This is solid fact. Only 40% of all
unplanned pregnancies, or nearly 1 million are happily terminated in abortion.
Sadly, 60% of all unplanned pregnancies or 1.5 million, are not. 1.5 million out
of 4 million babies born per year are unplanned. This is 37%. This is
outrageous. This is certainly going to have a negative socio-economic effect on
our so-called civilization. Half the unplanned pregnancies and childbirths,
occurred in people who used 1 type of birth control, but were not responsible
enough to just use 2 or 3 types of birth control concurrently. The other half
occurred in people who used no protection. A sexually active couple will be
pregnant in 10 years on the pill, in 5-6 years using only condoms, and in 1 year
using only the pull-out method. Using two types of birth control is greatly
safer, as the yearly risk x the yearly risk x the double factored 80-100 sex acts
= 1/12 x 1/6 x 1/80 = 1 in 5760 typical use pill and condoms, and 1/300 x 1/50 x
1/100 = 1 in 1,500,000 perfect use pill and condoms. The risk could be worse than
this if there is a consistent factor affecting use of both birth control methods,
but using three different birth control methods concurrently should provide 100%

We need to abort all unplanned pregnancies, and eliminate all unplanned
childbirths by 100%. There should be free Government abortions for everyone in
the first three months. It should never be asserted to be ignominious or shameful
to abort a non-living fetus in the first three months. It should not be seen as
different from being on birth control pills.

The chance of getting pregnant on any given day is nearly 50%. Abstinence is not
a reality. The concurrent use of 2 or 3 different types of birth control methods,
and abortions in the first 3 months, is a reality.

Use condom & pull-out, condom & hormonal-or-rhythm, condom & sponge-or-diaphragm,
condom & pull-out & hormonal-or-rhythm, condoms & pull-out & sponge-or-diaphragm,
or another combination of 2 or 3 or 4 different concurrent birth control methods.
(pull-out & hormonal-or-rhythm, pull-out & sponge-or-diaphragm, hormonal-or-rhythm
& sponge-or-diaphragm; pull-out & hormonal-or-rhythm & sponge-or-diaphragm,
condoms & hormonal-or-rhythm & sponge-or-diaphragm. - 10 possibilities total -
6 possibilities of 2 different concurrent birth control methods, 4 possibilities
of 3 different concurrent birth control methods.)

As a couple, the first question to ask is if the female is using hormonal birth
control, this is up to her and is her decision. Then go from there to determine
which additional or alternative methods of birth control to use.

Use of the rhythm method, always means you have sex only 2 weeks out of the month,
and use the other 1-3 methods during those two weeks, using an extra method, or
being abstinent, or engaging only in oral sex, the other 2 weeks. That is all
that is.

Overpopulation is the scourge of nations. Overpopulation is the whole reason for

Abort in the first three months, and don't be a sin. The world doesn't need
another baby.
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