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Spiritual Seek and Ye Shall find

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Dec 7, 2020, 5:46:38 PM12/7/20

Playing Spiritual Hide and Seek

"Seek And Ye Shall Find"

Matthew 7:7 It is right here that Jesus set the foundation for a wonderful Spiritual children's game of hide and seek.

HIDE AND SEEK One of the very first games a young child learns to play is hide and seek.They all love to play it, and they seem to inherently know HOW to play.

Jesus would like human minds to play the same game with Him.

Jesus would like the human mind to go and seek Him rather than for Him to go and seek the human mind.

Jesus is already AS ONE with the will of the Father, and would like the human mind, with its free will, to MOVE and also become AS ONE with He and the Father.

OK. But how can the mind do that? The mind MAY go and seek Him with the very tools that it already literally has at hand,

What tools? LETTERS. If the human mind is willing to MOVE its own letters as if they belonged to Jesus, the mind will move towards Him because our own letters are really His.

Remember what the Spirit said to John in the Book of Revelation, not once but four times, as John was moving letters. The Spirit said "I am Alpha and Omega". In essence, the Spirit was the Greek letters that John was moving as he wrote. John was on the Greek island of Patmos and was most likely moving Greek Letters.

It makes perfect sense. The Word made Flesh, G O D, was The Spirit of God telling John that the letters John was moving was actually the Spirit of God rising from within the body to the mind of John.

In essence, we all have the dormant Spirit of G O D within our own created bodies, Just as Adam did in the very beginning when he was talking with G O D. Adam severed that connection within his own mind and body, and that was the original sin. That is why when we are born, we all follow that pattern of a severed connection within our own created bodies and minds. We are born in sin and disconnected to the Spirit of God which is dormant within us and without movement within ourselves.

The Revelation that John was given, can be the same for us when we use our OWN letters as HIS amd move within our own words to make the same connection that Adam had, and that Jesus was born with. In the case of anyone reading this, we will see how to move letters AS HIS and not as our own.

Most of us learned to move letters into words that were placed on little wooden blocks. These letters had no Spiritual connection to them, and the letters formed little blocked words and those blocked words literally blocked the mind into itself. This is literally the original sin of Adam. The Spirit of God actually planned this to happen because, like Adam, the created body and mind had to first learn Self consciousness, ie, being born, and then it could learn Christ consciousness, ie being born again from within.

In re-connecting to the ever present dormant Spirit of G O D within us, we can simply unblock the words we learned and look for His Signs within our own learned blocked words. Once we do that, the Spirit of God begins to move within us and we will know it because we can feel the vibrations of Joy when we begin to re-connect. Each person must do it on their own or there will be no movement from within our own bodies and minds.

Allow the mind to remember this..."three measures of meal will raise the whole loaf." G O D are those letters that will raise our entire 26 letter alphabet when our letters are moved as His rather than as our own. Look at the placement of those letters G O D that will never move or never change in that string or cord of letters that we move as our own to develop our own Self Conscious minds.

G is in the 7th position.... O is in the 15th position....D is in the 4th position. They total exactly 26. This is not a coincident. This is a co-incident when the mind and body seek the Movement of G O D within.

Now we can really know how to seek and find our Lord, the Holy Spirit has been dormant within each of us

Game on! Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened onto you!

We are going to open the blocked words that Noah Webster gave us, and look for His signs along the Way!

There He is. There is the Lord hiding right in the middle of the word child.

Not only is He is hiding inside the word child, He is also hiding inside the word hid that is also hiding inside the word child. C H I (L) D Is this a coincidence or a co-incident? The Latter. That is how the game is played. These are simple HIS letter movements that will stir movement of His Spirit within us.

Here is the most common blocked word in the english language....the... According to Webster this is a blocked word not to be opened...Watch this (t)he.....we opened it and there he is one with the cross...This definitely will give rise to His Spirit within us.

When the body and mind starts making more and more of these finds within our own words, His Spirit takes on movement and we can feel it! Here is a couple of more to just get started on your own seek and find.

movement.... (move)(men)(t)... take up your cross and follow me...said the Word made flesh!

Open....(O)Pen... writing using G O D's Pen

These ( ) are used in a way never considered by the Self conscious mind..The really Tools of the Trade when we move our own letters as His. TOT is a very good acronym for them. Jesus stated that one must be converted and become as a little child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Look at this movement. Self. when we open this word like this. (S)elf we can find a little Spiritual one. Again a co-incident from within.

Next article will be on the Spiritual significance of ( )... Very enlightening!
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