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The Spiritual use of ( )

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Dec 7, 2020, 6:30:46 PM12/7/20
These are the tools of the trade.....To the Self conscious mind they are used to separate blocked words from other blocked words.

To the mind seeking Spiritual consciousness within, they are the tools used to open blocked words to find His signs along His Way within.

These tools are called parenthesis used by the Self conscious mind.

These two tools actual look like two swords..and one might find Spiritual significance of this in Luke 22:38.

Just before Jesus was captured he was given two swords by His disciples. and Jesus said... "It is enough"

These two ( ) are enough to allow the mind to enter its own blocked words and find His signs along the Way within that will move and raise the Spirit within. It is that simple, yet that profound.

Next...Even the word parenthesis ( ) has very Spiritual significance when opened.

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