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100% of U.S. Population Growth Is Due to Unplanned Childbirth and Immigration

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Jul 16, 2018, 3:26:11 AM7/16/18

U.S. Planned Babies born per year: 2.5 Million
U.S. Unplanned Babies born per year: 1.5 Million
U.S. Immigration per year: 1 Million
U.S. Deaths per year: 2.5 Million

U.S. Population Increase per year: 2.5 Million (2.5MM + 1.5MM + 1MM - 2.5MM)
U.S. Population Increase per decade: 25 Million

U.S. 2020 Population: 325 Million
U.S. 1980 Population: 225 Million

U.S. Population Increase in 40 years: 100 Million, nearly 50%

IMAGINE, 1 in 3 people, _not here_.

Realize that would be the immigrant, or the unplanned person, who started out
disenfranchised, or poor, and so is more likely a miscreant, making this
population increase worse and solely the lower class.

It's really sad and tragic, or perhaps enraging.

Unless we're giving away land, we shouldn't have immigration.

Or unless we get to have THEIR country, with all human rights, and it's worth it
to us.

Once we're here legally, we're American's first. We should live in harmony. It's
more a question of not letting more new people in.

And it's not just immigration; the Unplanned Babies are 60% of the population growth.

U.S. Planned Babies born in 40 years: 100 Million
U.S. Unplanned Babies born in 40 years: 60 Million
U.S. Immigration in 40 years: 40 Million
U.S. Deaths in 40 years: 100 Million

U.S. Planned Babies born per decade: 25 Million
U.S. Unplanned Babies born per decade: 15 Million
U.S. Immigration per decade: 10 Million
U.S. Deaths per decade: 25 Million

We can have our own hermit kingdom, and make everything holistic and utopian, and
do everything OUR way. We don't need to consider the judgement of the exterior
world, and they're 100% unlikely to care, know or judge us.

We just need to watch out for WWIII, and try to increase stability through correct
application of foreign aid.

Before WWII, in the 1920s-1930s there was an attempt at isolationism too.
Obviously WWII made that fail, and forced globalism.

We _are_ with peace. We _are_ with the point that there should be no problems. We
_can_ have Utopia.

We _we're_ attacked.

We continued to suffer attack for decades, at the hands of the advocation of
Marxism. A socialist ideology which outlawed God and religion, suppressed free
speech, and criticism of all government, mandated dictatorship and a one party
system, had as its stated goal the violent overthrow of all countries to "test
out" its economic system, invaded countries worldwide, and worked to subvert all
non-communist governments, so they would "fall like dominoes." The Marxists never
had a "democratic revolution" like the U.S. and France, instead of overthrowing
Aristocracy for Democracy, they overthrew Aristocracy for Marxism, in Russia, and
in China.

The Marxists criticisms of Capitalism had merit. Socialism has merit. Marxist
solutions are worse than Capitalism. Socialism must be, if we are to be righteous
and human. Economic inequality, and unequal opportunity because of rich or poor
parents, is wrong. Everyone knows people who's parents helped them more, and
everyone knows people who's parents helped them less, or not at all. But what it
comes down to, in the macro, is saving capital, and not consuming everything we
work for, so that the economy grows, and this is more easily done, without a
growing population. As long as there is population growth, we will have to build
more houses, and more factories.

We are all Oreos on the inside!

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where
they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their
character." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 28 August in 1963,

Though people differ in talents, we are all equal in spirit.

Our socialists demands are; in no particular order:
1. Sanitation - Running Water, Sewage, Trash pickup - in all cities and towns
2. Transportation to a degree
3. Education - Community College, Undergrad, Graduate
4. Menial Food - Corn Grits, Wheat, Rice, & +/Milk (possibly chicken) for Children
5. Health Care & Dental
6. Guaranteed Jobs at a minimum wage of 65% per capita GDP, cash paid daily.
7. Perhaps limited personal income to 4x-40x the minimum wage, above which all
must be saved for capital (all above $125,000-$1,250,000) with carry
forwards/carry backs. (This may be a Federal, rather than a State issue.)

100 million people unnecessarily in our country. That's why we don't have
abundance and enrichment. White women living in tents and in cars. And people
insensitive to the homeless, just wanting to "get rid of them," instead of helping
them get off the streets. Bans on living in vehicles. This is the United States.

If we instead can ban immigrants 100% now, we should maybe start letting them back
in in 10 years+ after we've rebuilt capital, so they won't be their own IRS and
seek to invade and tax us. But it all is just population vs. property, and we
could seek closer friendships with Canada, and Australia, and Europe, or Northwest
Europe. There are 8 parts to the world: North America, Australia, Europe, South
America, Middle East, Africa, India, and China, and we could maybe have 3 of them.
(The other 5 are impoverished and overpopulated.)

But in California the Black and White populations have stayed static since 1980 at
2 million Blacks and 15 million Whites. While the Latino and Asian population
have grown from 4 million to 14 million Latinos, and from 2 million to 5 million
Asians. Thus the population in California grew from 24 million to 37 million in
30 years, due solely to minorities, 10 million Latinos and 3 million Asians. These
aren't whites from other parts of the United States moving to "desirable,"
California. These are immigrants or - not sure if these are immigrants or
immigrant births. But the black and white populations haven't gone up by births. - [Scroll
directly up to "Population of California according to racial/ethnic group 1960–2010"]

Los Angeles is now 50% Latino, while in 1990 it was only 33% Latino:

Koreatown is 53% Latino, and 32% Asian:,_Los_Angeles#Demographics

I mean, is the plan, for the U.S. to be 1/6 white, 1/6 Black, 1/6 Asian, 1/6
Latino, 1/6 Arab, and 1/6 Indian? Is that someone's dream?

Just remember, once we're here legally, we're Americans first!

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where
they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their
character." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 28 August in 1963

If 1 million immigrate to the U.S. per year, and 40 million in 40 years, and 14
million immigrants have come to California in 40 years, that's 14MM/40MM = 35% of
the immigrants have come to a State that was only 10% of the population

California - Percent of U.S. Population
1980: 24MM out of 225MM = 10.67%
2020: 40MM out of 325MM = 12.3%

Rest of Nation - Percent of U.S. Population
1980: 201MM out of 225MM = 89.33%
2020: 285M out of 325MM = 87.69%

California population percent increase 1980-2020 = 40MM/24MM = 67%
Rest of Nation population percent increase 1980-2020 = 285MM/201MM = 42%

Unless this population increase is planned or unplanned minority babies.
But the black and white populations in California haven't gone up at all.
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