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NATAL SKY OR NATAL LIE? What is wrong w/ your #horoscope? #QuarterSky #ZodiacShift #AcademicZodiac #Astrology #ZodiacFact #Ophiuchus #Ofiuco

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Oct 18, 2014, 4:52:45 AM10/18/14

NATAL SKY OR NATAL LIE? What is wrong w/ your #horoscope? #QuarterSky
#ZodiacShift #AcademicZodiac #Astrology #ZodiacFact #Ophiuchus #Ofiuco


So what/ is/ wrong with your horoscope? Mostly whatever is with
anyone’s: everything.


Gemini was last time seen at east 5000 years ago; yet some insist on
Gemini ascendant. This folly denies not only precession, but naked
eyesight as well. Anyone can clearly perceive 16 ascendants rising over
the eastern horizon, and yet their brains are frozen in default mind not
only since the first time the zodiac was published online in 1972, but
for more than 5000 years from this date. Nowadays when they conjure
Gemini ascendant legerdemain, Gemini remains unseen at east[1] <#_ftn1>,
also because it is seen at north. That is to you’re your horoscope has
90 degrees of error as concern ascendant. Besides various nonlinear
misconceptions, 90 degrees seems to be a tolerable mistake of no great
importance since one special nincompoop even calculated polar star
ascending in the USA horoscope: one wonders what kind of programs match
adequate lack of brains. What /is/ rising at east instead at the time of
your birth? Cetus.


There has been a 13 Sun signs rumor. In fact the number is 16.


The so-called astrological programs don’t determine Moon sign at all.
The Moon is e.g. presently in Auriga.


Suffice to say that Venus is in Hydra - yet again.


The Sun does not determine the zodiac: it does so only within a flat
naïve mind and therefore unacceptable simplistic model of the solar
system. It is therefore out of the question to assume 13 constellations
only – note that these have nothing to do with some equal divisions at
all – even as provisory zodiac or /God forbid /ascendant set. On
inspection, the zodiac has 22 constellations.


Is my Venus in Hydra compatible with her Mars in Cetus?


We have already seen that “astrologers” besides having no idea of Sun
signs, have even less idea of lunar zodiacs. Now, what is wrong with
/all /house systems? That Neptune is not in the 7^th house, no need to
divorce on faux pseudo-astrological advice. Death, bankruptcy and
divorce happen in many ways. One of them is the house system. The number
of houses of error has no limit as zodiacal or ascendant shift.
Therefore three houses of error go unnoticed as the astrologer recites
from cookbook with clients candidly agreeing in all.


We already stated that astrologers are quite incapable of predicting
full Moon. Now, about zodiacality. When the Moon is seen in Corvus at
Madrid, Spain observatory, it does not necessarily make it corvine for
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those who can not even conceive the position of
the Moon will hardly understand – even harder explore - this point.


In extension, the horoscope hosts 67 constellations, with Pluto and Eris
as host. The qualification of Eris into planetary status would have us a
43 constellation zodiac – the /August 1^st 2005*[2]* <#_ftn2>/ X Zodiac.
The disqualification of Pluto from planetary status reduced the zodiac
to merely 22 constellations. Satellite Moon was included for the occasion.


A small faint constellation has been arbitrarily given immense
importance to the point of tacitly proclaiming perennial Age of Aries,
while the Sun is in Cetus for spring equinox.


There are some zodiacal constellations that are unable to rise at east
for the epoch, namely many constellations vaguely sketched as “zodiac
signs” don’t rise at east. Nobody you know has a “cold Capricorn”
ascendant. Aries does not rise at east and so don’t Libra, Cancer
Scorpius and many others. E.g. Virgo, Pisces and Aquarius do rise at
east – but even so are surely miscalculated as /your/ ascendants.


Sidereal Mars equals tropical Mars. Mars is Mars, the one and only.
Sidereal Mars /is/ tropical Mars – there is no difference to point out
because there is one Mars only. Therefore the asinine division between
an/ alleged/ sidereal or – even worse – tropical astrology exists only
in a wiki mind[3] <#_ftn3>. That tropical astrology is the worst junk
there is goes without saying, but many will not know that alleged
sidereal has absolutely nothing to do with any real sky – it is sidereal
by name only – the fraud is precisely selfsame.


Wiki will persistently refuse to incorporate scientific data until
understood, accepted and thus imposed by “all”. That is to say, Ophra[4]
<#_ftn4> knows better. Only when 6 666 666 666 damned souls accept a
single truth all together now, will it appear as truism on any wiki.
From then on, it will be regarded as matter-of-fact. Until that date
only Barabbas is legal and well-accepted in all shops world wide. That
is to say: it pays to be born in order to conform. Give and take the
orders. Never question authority. Any authority at all. Never.


One can forget about aspects since the astrological program does not
work with any real planets at all. It was not made in order to render
your natal sky. It is here to tell you your natal lie. Natal sky or
natal lie?


[1] <#_ftnref1> For those rare aborigines, cacti and skunks who will
actually look.

[2] <#_ftnref2> 1^st sale. Eris was hosted within terabytes of
publications on the site, including extensive research with long

[3] <#_ftnref3> Default mind: “stupid” in the original.

[4] <#_ftnref4> Default mind. We never saw the show. The idea is that
there is an all-accepted thing like hollow Earth, 12 ascendants or Santa
– something that everyone is capable of believing in because it does not

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