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Paul John Falstad

Dec 15, 1990, 9:34:51 PM12/15/90

I just posted version 1.0 of zsh to alt.sources. zsh is intended
to be a shell with all the programming power of ksh, but with all the
nice interactive features of tcsh. It isn't yet, but this first
release is a good start, IMHO. Features include:

From ksh:
- all control structures, including select
- shell functions
- process substitution (even w/o /dev/fd)
- parameter substitution, including ${foo-bar},${foo?bar},${foo%%bar}, etc.
- $(...) and `...` command substitution
- regexp filename generation (globbing)
- tilde expansion
- coprocesses
- job control
- cd -, cd old new
- fc, fc -e -
- aliases
- let, read

From tcsh:
- repeat (with a more ksh-like syntax)
- ! history substitution and : modifiers
- termcap support
- PROMPT with %x sequences
- login/logout monitoring
- chcwd, precmd, periodic
- pushd/popd
- sched
- = substitution for directory stack entries
- brace expansion
- noclobber, notify, ignoreeof, autolist, correct,
dextract, nobeep, printexitvalue, pushdtohome, pushdsilent, etc.

From bash:
- $[...] arithmetic substitution
- the readline command line editor

Other stuff:
- "echo =ls" is the same as "echo `which ls`"
- recursive directory search in filename generation (for example,
"ls ..../*.c" lists all .c files in the hierarchy)
- aliases can optionally be expanded anywhere on the command line

Paul Falstad, PLink:HYPNOS GEnie:P.FALSTAD
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Paul John Falstad

Dec 17, 1990, 1:03:08 PM12/17/90
In article <47...@idunno.Princeton.EDU> pfal...@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Paul John Falstad) writes:
> I just posted version 1.0 of zsh to alt.sources. zsh is intended

You can now ftp this from, so you don't have to deal with
my stupid shar files. You can get it as pub/zsh1.0.tar.Z.

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