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[SEARCH] SPARCstation 2 Technical Papers - any format

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Jan 17, 2018, 12:10:02 PM1/17/18

does someone own one of the following papers as scanned images, PostScript, PDF or any other readable file format or know how to obtain a copy and could share it with me? I'm also Sun HW/SW hobbyist.

All my efforts to get in touch with a copy of those documents failed, including some known persons of old Sun staff. Maybe I don't know how to use internet search engines.

(1) "SPARCstation 2GS / SPARCstation 2GT Technical White Paper", Sun Microsystems, 1990
This describes the highest performance graphics accelerators available from Sun.
Source: "Sun Performance Tuning Overview—June 1991", Adrian Cockcroft

(2) "SPARCengine 2 User Guide"
This can be ordered from Sun using the product code SE2-HW-DOC. It
provides the full programmers model of the SPARCstation 2 CPU board
including internal registers and address spaces and a full hardware description of the board functions.
Source: Sun Performance Tuning Overview, Part No.: 801-4872-07, Revision B, December 1993, Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation, SMCC Technical Marketing
XRef: SE2-HW-DOC, SPARCengine 2 Hardware Reference Manual

(3) "Sun SPARCstation 2" marketing brochure / flyer (complete)

Cheers, Stephan

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