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Feb 17, 2007, 8:05:08 PM2/17/07
I've been using CorelDRAW for about 7 years now, beginning with version 8.
Love the software. But the one thing that I've never liked is how difficult
it is to trace or vectorize a bitmap. Specifically, I'd like to create a
line drawing, say in pen & ink, scan it to CorelDRAW, trace it and color it
in the software. In previous verisions, the trace function always produced a
layered monstrosity that was difficult to edit.
I've heard that X3 is much better. Does anyone have a handle on how to trace
in X3 for clean, easy to color vector files?

Thanks in advance



Feb 18, 2007, 6:01:57 PM2/18/07
X3 is excellent for tracing illustrations with defined edges and good
contrast. Much better than the previous versions. But although it has
several settings to start your trace (i.e. Quick trace, Line art,
Logo,Detailed logo, Low quality image, High quality image) I found Line art
setting works for most bitmaps subject to above attributes. Once you are in
the trace mode you can adjust the sliders and specify the detail you want to
retain from the original bitmap. For what you have described, I believe X3
would be perfect. If I could give you one tip about scanning, don't scan
directly into corel try to scan to corel photopaint or photoshop any decent
bitmap editor and adjust the levels, brightness contrast to get a clean
image (get rid of the scanned paper texture etc) then import it into corel
and try the tracing. Good luck!


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