Poems: 100622 - June 10th, 2022

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Robert Morpheal

Jun 11, 2022, 12:01:36 PMJun 11

Greyed out
phase of daylight
starved down hues
locked into prisms.

Splits up
and divides apart
all the colours
were imagined life.

Splashes of mud
dirty up the rivulets
floods of sorrowed
countless drops.

Tinctures of miseries
promise their good
proves not but bitter
and nothing sweet.

A passing corpse circus
dancing dead dreams
impaled on candy
coloured poles.

Far too late for any
and will never be
but gas lit
and cloying shadows.

All feared lost
to nothing found
left sole retreat
of gone to ground.



Endless little things
needing to be done
escape the day
chattering disapproving
insistence demands
to inattentive disregard
all comes from wanting.

Looking forward
was a fool's game
turned to nothing
whatever was left
too ugly and mean
to ever think of
scraping from a plate.

As if the most broken
is ever mended
in persistent breaking
little bits away
to shove something in
that some believe
loved and loving.

If you believe
in prize catches
awaiting the gullible
there are fishermen
intent to meet you
netted before gutting
out the “soul”.

That makes pliable
and stops the relentless
thrashing around
hurling of selves
at absolutely anything
seems in reach
but always falls short.

Nothing much more
than unheard shouts
from rooftop forsaken
drowned out in vast
pitch sea echoes
turned social scream
countless suicides.

What caught my eye
were broken wings
but those only play
near enough to wound
and never nearer
cloistering victim hopes
under layers of scar tissue.

Doesn't matter to anyone
whatever we love
being never available
but check market listings
for what might come up
tickling the fancies
within your price range.

What you need
you can never afford
and whatever is left
all diminished down
to latest pop style
hatred mixed
chronic ugliness.

Don't really want
existing that way
dwelling in that
makes wonder
whether dead
at some dead end
of dead end roads.

Amazing loss
but no accounting
stained surfaces
before getting under
whatever passes
as layers of skin
along stretches of time.

The wrong time
to be vomited into
and the wrong sorts
to get to know
having been too early
for the one
too late for another.

Gone missing
either vague ending
an entire spectrum
makes invisible
leaving behind
unseen trails
meant as mementos.

Best forgetting
what none remember
and particularly nothings
all the best people
warned about
as another sharp turn
into doing without.



We did not say much
for multitudes of reasons
always coming up
matter and after fact
including the meanings
attached to beauty.

I would then assume
your expectations
much higher than mine
followed by my retreat
from any forward positions
down to rear echelons.

I am only something
fell behind you
as you advanced your front
lines curving to captured
then some other arms
forcing my surrender.

Countless little wars
ending without fights
in tallied looking
looks for signs
not from any heaven
but not too impolite.

Between the attraction
and the knowledge
stands invitation
guarding any approach
between nuanced
dislikes and indifference.

Ambiguities of losses
mar seasons of forever
pretending as if we believe
there is nothing unique
and we are all generic
bits of Aristotelian ideals.

We can watch spoils
from other conflicts
carried on, out and off
to various conditions
inebriation and display
mapped beneath flags.

This year flags are pink
particularly revealing
along the flanks
and missionaries
on the hunt to dispense
instant conversions.

Anything can be believed
but the worst heresy
is to believe nothing
having once believed
in the ways of love
and that too was nothing.



They never think highly
so you pass the point
of unknowing and uncaring
finding only yourself
knowing no more
than being entertainment
they never pay for.

Repeatedly assured
no one really wants
what you really want
but they always want
what you won't give
in an up, out and around
way of such things.

Hard panned hopes
once dreamt bountiful
harvests never came
from misspent labours
breaking it down
to becoming the dirt
that it always was.

Could roll in it
at the limits of filth
but no way to go
into anything further
doors barred shut
as are the minds
hiding behind them.

Dust cloud laughter
from demented drunks
with no real idea
what they laugh about
in the always on cue
standardized mockery
disparage of difference.

A scraping away
everything there is
no one can face
among repeats at failed
attempts fill holes
never really filled
and rub the wrong way.

Gets under fingernails
now and again swollen
splinters of friendship
become inflamed
bursts of shattered trust
in misspent emotion
festers for a while.

Won't be doing
whatever it was
infected and infested
with fevered ambition
twisting and turning
saturated delirium
diseased anticipations.

If it were fatted
could be a calf
cut throated and bled
out for something
knows nothing about
until empty wrinkle
worn out wine skinned.

Thousands of ways
devised at cancel out
the strayed insistence
might be a perchance
sort of beautiful vision
but won't be any
and make certain of that.



Some few endure
their own dislikes
and some do without
delights of likes
in silence vexed
cruel abnegations
chanced knows being
every sharp terminus
past any recourse
jagged timeline blade
carves ever deeper.

Those cuts away
pleasers to ghouls
caricature masked
stiff of habit
inhabit grotesque
sideshow theatre
dinner engagements
point at freaks
in hushed tones
exclaiming shock
and pretending awe.

Historically confined
the mind caged
in replays of derivatives
long past collections
dead lines made up
crumbs of cruel
accounts gone public
a best forgotten putz
made uglier in contexts
of intrusive future
ruined brainscapes.

Makes bitter rue
a long ruined journey
replayed departures
needs forced seeking
new arrivals to sort
through and aside
looks for momentary
instant recognition
that only strangers know
least expected realms
of contrived exceptions.

Don't have it
and don't know what
the matter might be
watching it come
easily and smoothed
to many another
without common threads
or discernible reasons
but their maker
a different puppet master
than pulls your strings.



Fractured continuum
drops away
edge of abyss scramble
slips and slides downed
past the once over
believed in a heading
meant for better times.

Won't be any
from discontinuance
jerked about
the whatever jives
slag all but dross
to diabolic crucibles
birthing never worlds.

Friends we thought
though never had
chanced to use
discards us useless
feign valued things
proved merely tools
for pry and press at.

Good times
to be imagined
reveal as tragic
knows no salvage
and none saved
past broken up
splits all apart.

A danger sights
safe harbours
where none abide
last chance ports
near set of Sun
sink beneath seas
of coldest earth.

Never a thought
could be again
except monstrous
surfaced waves
drag down
the mind adrift
into horrified dreams.



The only surprise
was you did not
and there was a crowd
as to all the usual.

We go down
into memorabilia
pastimes of loneliness
amid the interruptions.

And who is at fault
forgetting details
in the late afternoons
as if those really matter.

They do matter
to the executioners
creating new rationales
for cutting off.

We are the condemned
condemning each other
with common excuses
for various lies.

When truth be told
it is not a face
we want to see
peering across our wall.

We are the auto-dialed
romantic disappointment
demographic statistics
made to feel indifferent.

Not really the good times
we say that it was
failing to declare
our desires at any border.

We cross over
looking for specials
that we cannot find
on either side.

No one wants to hear
what any of the truth is
and we all know
only the crazy would say.

We hide our madness
greedily keeping everything
horded to ourselves
as intellectual property.

We love everyone
that we do not like
who keeps their distance
and does not say.

We pay for it all
so we are able to claim
we have been observed
out among others.

It is the recluse
that is seen as suspect
always hiding something
from curious crowds.


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