Poems: 241121 - November 24th, 2021

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Robert Morpheal

Nov 24, 2021, 1:55:52 PM11/24/21

That gradual creep
in increments
becomes slow agony
tightening conditions
of dismemberment.

Cut up arrives
at throw away
membership cards
disposing of useless
and broken apparatus.

Final social bits
that were held onto
pulling away
and the mind racked
in a dark state.

Don't know who
is pushing the buttons
calling the shots
and arranging for
all those new disasters.

Bone heap
snaps and cackles
broken off ideas
of things made useless
unwanted products.

No more invites
in a dead letter box
where strays appear
to do their business
leaving their stink.

Everyone wants
to sell something
but now it hurts
like any hot pitch
then feathered.

No longer wanting
to come out
for anything seems
such a high school
cheering section.

Drop out
from impersonal
repeat formalities
of it is always
another boys' club.

Eating alone
with no more
than what eats you
chewing on margins
of disconnections.

Torn social fabric
stitched into cliche
quilt of maybe knots
partying somewhere
in the far out.

Secret dreams
of lovely insurrections
but any hoped for
are being pulled away
at light speed.

Everything is reduced
down to waiting
for never never
and everything
then depends on that.



A maybe world
that quickly belongs
to those endless lies
of the attractive.

Your never having
whatever it is
they really want
keeps changing.

That spike
into the heart
of your DNA
breaking you up.

Your pieces
of brittle making
that you shape
out of loneliness.

The big nucleus
that is nothing
hole in the middle
merely bull's eye.

Breaks you up
before you begin
really understanding
assigned ghettos.

Taking you back
to renewed threats
implying execution
for trying to escape.

A familiar slum
the paradise
compared to choices
you refuse to make.

So you fidget
at waiting for answers
which you never find
in all the slagging.

Haulage heaps
designate the nameless
fat chance moves
gone common drain.

What you try to fill
they always empty
and what you find
only runs away.

That trickle
that is insignificance
sending out
persistent reminders.

Try and try again
and always try harder
if you don't succeed
at a new failure.

You are denied
down to an essence
that is purely personal
but only subjective.

As if you can feel
anything beyond
the crumbling boundaries
of your insignificance.

Keep yourself
always to yourself
knowing no one
wants any more.

They all want something
but it is nothing personal
so don't take anything
too personally.

They want your money
they want your time
they want your things
but they don't want you.

Don't even try
to scrape yourself up
off those floorboards
down under those boots.

You won't get far
and certainly nowhere
past the criticism is
endlessly scrubbing.

Your secret mission
was scrubbed out
a long time ago
if it ever existed.

You used to be
as capable as anyone
at being and soft soaped
into believing.

Nothing will be clean
but only worn away
knowing one is made
and only dirt and water.



Back to a long scroll
from that paper sprawl
spread wide and open
to no specific directions.

The survivors
might be those few
who spend themselves
on total solitude.

No more than stick pin
heads stuck into maps
that paint pretty pictures
over nether worlds.

Mineral veins
surfacing and deep under
accommodate remains
petrified and obsolescent.

Office chair rentals
across a dead end street
verging on the smokestacks
of the new crematoria.

I was never any good
at being a survivor
and thus never favoured
from among contestants.

The competition
is always fierce
and they make a killing
in any instance.

Something in my genes
or perhaps a fluke
abnormality of measures
made by physiognomists.

What you are named
and the shape of your head
can in fact determine
the whole of a lifetime.

I think it all went wrong
around a vague recollection
of Dick and Jane
and how furry foxes fuck.

If not being fucked over
you must be getting lucky
at fucking someone
but don't ever give a fuck.

It was always the same
all about Dick's dick
even when it was Jane
telling her story.

Jane was a pretty girl
and I wanted to know her
but there was always a Dick
well ahead at having her.

The poor house life
and the post modern
versions of debtors' prisons
working it on and off.

Ossification of thoughts
naturally occurring
and repeatedly cut
down past the bone.

Whatever there is
that now remains
as to what were pictures
in alleys of exhibition.

Scrawls of names
heading up the accounts
competing for place
among the infamous.

It all resonates
through any four walls
of the very same
as through tent city.

Situation reports
stuffed into the crevices
that would spill truth
into idled times.

There butt fore
a grace race of go
odd go eye
and no getting even.

Not even a deuce
slim chance gamble
and only the tally men
tallying those bananas.

Green and hard
turns yellow and soft
then grey and wrinkled
squish of banana life.

It spurts out
from under the skin
appearing for all the world
as something rotting.

You go slowly insane
increment by increment
but they never let you
go full measure.

The ones that get
to go all the way
to full measure
always end up lucky.

It is never what
you ever get to choose
but is is assigned
by your superiors.

By arrangement
all you ever got
were the signs
that said Wrong Way.

No going back
and no more idea
which way is forward
than a spring lamb slaughter.

All you really know
is they can cut off a head
at dollars each
in a million new ways.

Same old cabbage
whether it is Kimchi
or Coleslaw
gets fixed by slicing.

Talk to the vegetables
only to find out
they know a lot more
than you will ever know.

Try solving the riddle
by keeping busy
until you find yourself
getting in the way.

A Sphinx is talking
sand storm fist
into a dying face
of roughed up history.

You lap at your own
little drivel
of what seems to be
some sort of meaning.

You lick at it
same as any cat
licks the saucer
in hopes of something.



Buy only organic
natural foods
supplementing them
with plenty of minerals.

Hydrate regularly
eat paleo
and remember Keto
is another salvation.

It may change
sometime next week
but it is all about alfalfa
this time around.

Build muscle
to save money
and always upgrade
to current versions.

Practice sensitive
rough but safe sex
always unattached
and uncommitted.

Read the latest
best seller publications
and name drop
with a few of the details.

Call your self
to leave a message
and remember
you must be a hero.

Good grooming
is about not one hair
ever out of place
in unspeakable regions.

Watch that hair split
argument as to the right
word and tone of voice
so you can get heard.

Your selfie needs
need updating
along with the new
things and skills.

Build a following
the way nations build
their armies
of uniform followers.

It will make you seem
more powerful
as if commanding
of respect.

Use a good firewall
when you browse
the dark net
and porn sites.

Tell those you know
you watched the games
even if it was no more
than names and scores.

Pretend you can afford
bottle service
at your local bar
to impress the drunks.

Shop online
for warehouse deals
so people will see you
as no longer boring.

You must recollect
whatever it was
you never forgot
and then make a list.

Regularly rearrange
those pieces of furniture
in your open wide mind
awaiting new guests.

They might remain
with you a while
if you avoid clutter
and redecorate.

Most of what you have
to keep rearranging
is inherent from anyone
who lived better than you.

You are no one
until you play the markets
and make those
life style changes.

Invest in properties
you never live in
demolishing the quaint
and historical.

Eat in colourful places
where portions are smallest
labelled artisan
or premium quality.

It all proves something
about your character
and it is certain
to attract more people.

Sell yourself
and sell everything
you might not need
when the weather shifts.

Cultivate the void
that you wrap around you
as if emptiness protects
what you value most.

Don't rock the boat
knowing you are the first
who will be pushed off
and pushed under.

Seasonal styles
change every year
and you are defined
by where you lease.

Then pimp yourself
at the wine bar
pretending to afford
being expensive.

You might tell someone
you want to show them
your new home theatre
and the latest release.

You learned a scripted
canned conversation
that someone prepared
for thousands of you.

If you have something
of the right look
promoted in the media
you might find someone.

The oddest fact
about all of that is
it really is likely
to get you somewhere.

You might become someone
if you can keep it up
the way they tell you
that the rich do it.

At least you believe
that it will keep you
far more safe
from getting killed.


Some grim rumblings from my Xmas coal mine.
Those are some lumps, just for you, this year.
You know you deserve them, but you won't admit it.
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