Poems: 230821 - August 23rd, 2021

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Robert Morpheal

Aug 23, 2021, 12:10:42 PM8/23/21

Downside of riding
someone's amusement
guts compress
down into pelvic
intestinal fortitude
pancakes out
a nauseated drop
kicked by something
makes you feel
half alive pain.

The roll of it
propelled downhill
gone over
top of rise
the wind sweep
up to nothing
though it went fast
sounding death rattle
and grind wheel
before the rush.

Every free fall
after expenditure
leaving empty
dream bagged
ant colonies
cart away
bits of cognition
the nibbled corpse
dead sugar lump
losing sweetness.



Drip splat drop
dampened dread
deep saturates
trod decay
impressed window
blind eyed flutter
wing flops across
slow fester
dream fields.

Nothing up
bed covers
pull the skin off
tossed chair
back braced
limb jungle
over growth
tangled clumsy
night drench.

Body electric
short circuit
over load break
lines tingle numb
social premonition
nervous jolts
into wrist jerk
afternoon limp
headed mop rag.

Mind wipe
murky visibility
foggy notions
kept under glass
display cased
articles of desire
grim indications
as evidence
of absence.

Slips away down
into grey muck
dead rooted
tangle stems
jut stiff fingered
pointless accusation
at careless skies
flooded across
horizon chats.

Undulate waves
flesh streaming
dead channelled
personal rifts
scatter puzzle
lost pieces
coagulated spills
embittered milk
without kindness.

Memory rust
stains the plan
blood iron
caked brown
sketches future
hand print
cave walls
claw savaged
with wild pain.

Wash out
carried away
the bridges
and what is meant
for getting over
flood silts
the emptied eyes
turning flesh
paralyzed mud.



and inflation
crossed cat
luckless black
paths gone over
and over bleak
over and over
same over done
tops out at all
usual expectations
turn over time
to over again.

Heard tell
a perfect one
that is a chance
in a million
chances gone
you laughed
at hanging myself
in vain hopes
being around
for invitations
but when I called
you never came.

the soft bits
dropped in
between amusements
match points
and other details
almost pass
as pleasant dreams
changing pace
and tone
to all the usual
sorts of suffering.

She seems perfect
for the last part
but no way
to know her
and no way
to know me
grips endless
number streams
played out high
staking pointless
acts of toss
it all in.

Play at rings
and syndicates
board room polish
gleams foreplay
sex acts
in between
white line
highway markers
beat light streaks
into the dark.

Another time
and safer places
before it ends
looped forever
cat call wars
and factory fates
drummed out
for late delivery
factory dates
break it off
at always more
the same.

Could never play
that game
of post office
feeling the push
to half way
between the dead
and gone lame
pulling too hard
on broken chains
wall flowered
at glee club
corporate parties.

Not the what
which what who
that it seems
but existence
is ultra real
if only on paper
slipped in
under the bird
cage bottoms
hot circulate
headline storied



All the breakers
and the broken
row called
answering names.

Push you down
gets in the way
rip off
trace of remain

been dead
a long time dying
still kicks
thin empty air.

Simulate happiness
make up facsimiles
tasteless horror
nothing really.

What they say
one needs
is never any of
what one wants.

Never equals out
can't ever get
to even it up
no matter what.

Secret answers
to hidden questions
never found
by those looks.

Eyes have it
but missed out
and wait forever
wrong line.

Cannot see
what is happening
don't know
where it is.

Time taken
every which way
between too early
and for too late.



Don't like
short range
target practice
cocky aims.

Bot bud
bedlam beef
one tracked
veins of mind.

Battle bulge
first blood
hints death
mixed tobacco.

Tanned hide
belches up
sports page
figured odds.

Whatever hangs
aged ordinary
bumps meat
locker hooks.

smooth out
hot metal turn

Another shot
fired up
into the dark
makes its hit.

The details
are to no effect
with vague gods.

Over dosed
on the empty
having nothing
for the want.

Pay the rent
for a bar stool
the conversions.

and dummies
binge stagger
toward pissed.

Been up
for the long
gone out
far from it all.

Out of it
and only want
the soft side
pretty things.

Not playing
but she can score
if she wants
to play my girl.

The last card
that came
was government
counting me in.

The others
stopped sending
at getting married
to favourite sins.

Show stoppers
and cancelled
the solo
is over blown.

Out of tune
with the gangsters
is just another
sort of drop out.



Ghost mice
cross eyed
nether stretch
span of floor.

at bootstraps
chews off
the buckles.

one feather
flight planned
at pass over.

Angel death
plays shadow
the light away.

Stuffed up
assaults value
as if it all must
be replaced.

Got nothing
in exchange
but emptied
bored of trade.

It comes
to coming down
not knowing
what up was.

to count
once upon a time
teeth and hair.

that go unheard
against voiding
of all offers.


I have no idea if the mouse in the poem was a real mouse, a digital mouse or a hallucination of a mouse. Your guess is as good as mine on that subject. Though I assume that it was not a church mouse sent in as some type of covert spy.
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