Poems: 041121 - November 4th, 2021

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Robert Morpheal

Nov 4, 2021, 3:10:20 PM11/4/21

It is the table
that you sit at
and the bed
that you sleep in.

It is something
that you use
and the things
that you wear.

It is the glass
that you sip from
and the pavement
that you walk on.

It is these things
that you know
and that remind
that you are.

It is the loneliness
that you feel
and the silence
that it all keeps.



You eventually know
you spilled moisture
for the wrong ones
but they were new
and it seemed immediate.

Sometimes human feelings
are what is pointless
terms of reference
as to emotional and other
alleged blackmail.

Then your dry eyes
found out streaming
rivers of sand
where you once believed
made of stone.

If you ever had wings
they were long broken off
leaving isolate crags
burdened on shoulders
crushed under a load.

Those were the body
comprised of memories
standing statue bared
suffering abrasives
of time and circumstance.

It seems rubbed away
one way and another
from anything was
could ever be intimate
or nearly that close.

Everything worn out
somewhere far away
in some stranger's world
of one's own insignificance
abject and displaced.

Remaining justifications
whatever was turned
made over as nothing
more than stone's throw
heaped ignorance.



Whatever I said
dropped into that abyss
that made pretense
and silent flight
makes no landing.

No plumbing of depths
by means of sound
where the idea strikes
anything solid
echos of understanding.

Nothing but dark
dishevel strands
knotted accounts
turn to sordid tale
beast and labyrinth.

Leaving bread crumbs
on a way out fiction
the way a bird dances
concealing a truth
beneath permanent masks.

Beginning and ending
are impossible bits
where no one really cares
what happens in between
what is squeezed out.

An epidemic came
souring the cream
and infecting the city
with mockingbirds
displacing clay pigeons.

It is always all about
the last to ever know
and for the good it does
when the Sun comes up
violating the forecasts.



Everyone is doing
their job
just a job
they are all doing
but their jobs.

The lunch bunch
hooked up
to juicy share
internet feeds
passing it around
that corner table.

Only the members
get in on it
making others wonder
what “it” really is
that insiders know
what outsiders don't.

What have you
and what you done
tattle tale wags
getting their jump
takes two to laugh
and one to go.

What happened to you
and what did you do
it's all about you
in the had no say
how it goes
but it is always gone.

Hi ho the herd
always listen
as you leap
no one can hold
a candle to it
on a doughnut break.

Ignore the whistle
and stay late
waving white flags
sake of privilege
exclude any fantasies
from the record.

Going up
to never get there
and other acts of faith
pushed incentive
to learn fork tongued
wears a false face.

Take you down
to pavement
wishes the best
while tell you
good work and thanks
for the time.



The pawn off
self of sacrificed
done jiggle bells
in the know knots
of the dark.

Roly poly little
bitten bug
crawls the sideways
chasm loves
making fall in.

Pull threads
grenade launch
gone fragment
turns meaning
felt crowd crush.

Mad entrance
cliff edge ball
stampedes over
the footprints
that are boredom.

We dance
the insane
steps on nothing
crammed images
go sonic minded.

Flick off bit
perpetual dust
runs the crevice
sanctuary gone
a tool too far.

Summoned in
the green fairy
leading lost
nerve tingles
pried loose.

We died again
long passing
some place easily
soon forgot
mid demo reels.



Bread prices
milk and eggs
the oil
and the wine
pressed harder.

We all go for
sake of going
quick connect
little plucky grapes
to the vines.

Squeeze them
until the juice runs
frolicky drip
down the spurt
of skinny seed.

Dazed cats
scream the fur
ball present tensed
done scratch
and lick the dent.

All the words
litter boxed
soak right up
into future label
distribution rights.

Cement crumble
goes fish bone
pin and needle
cornered privacy
feeling distressed.

Gang lands
the newly slain
in window cloud
blank stare peeps
at the look outs.

Cannibal sheep
graze the commons
down the root
vegetable life
at patio ferment.

How they hang
and how they go
latest monkey
pistol trends
the shoot shit.

Bus lets off
a few prisoners
nods the curbside
tangled lives
chasing dust.



That withdrawal
from once was
the might have been
sorted pleasures
made unobtainable.

Never really seen
another fleshed being
years of finger crab
scuttles the keys
opening the nothing.

Said replacement
said always better
than you were
then gutter snipe
with porn follows.

The lost token
left behind as dead
forbidden layers
gone ugly game
pulled back raw.

Mass convention
of faith healers
and salesmen
from a coliseum
on Main Street.

Scurry of rat minds
in restricted zones
past flood waters
rising the violence
soaked deprivations.

A new breed
builds sewers above
ground damped
down with humours
scented alleyways.

Scramble connect
effusive antennas
skitter roof top
drop off heavens
into ear cones.

Repressed rations
and night owls
doing their droogs
on the wind scuffle
shots at tarp bodies.

Hallway graffiti
dim lights enter
the sign postings
grease laden sizzle
of cook stoves.

Smoked social
mixes with stink
weed and chemical
black petrol ooze
that runs things.

Fisted arguments
pit bull dreads
against the honey
tongue slash
always the money.

Silence crams
a dying society
making up vocations
emptied letterbox
and widescreen.

A bicycle wheel
rolls nomad
past a ransack
pieces of domain
where no one plays.



We who failed
to upgrade
and to replace
our obsolescence.

We who have not
kept up with
the changes
gone out of date.

We are not app
to where it is at
and not being woke
or evolving.

We came up short
of buying into
all the right things
everyone must have.

We did not do
what everyone must
and not do
what they must not.

Our wrongs
include old versions
of new release
pay subscriptions.

We are lacking
the new features
to fill in blanked
out expressions.

We get cancelled
from mailing lists
ignored in forums
wasting keystrokes.

We cannot automate
and monitor
healthy routine
regular consumption.

We dial up
past vague borders
of cellular rage
misconstrual of texts.

We do not know
what IT says
and no idea
as to the meaning.

We are not on the map
being counted in
under the influencers'
vast followings.

We cannot score
the latest games
and never bought in
to the new attractive.

We waste our time
in the same old ways
lacking virtual
and air miles points.

Nothing is clear
or definite demographic
in our virtual relating
all subjects to change.


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