Poems: 070722 - July 7th, 2022

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Robert Morpheal

Jul 8, 2022, 10:15:47 AM7/8/22

The light glimmer
heated gaze of leaf
tethered wing flutters
so many desires nag
parched tongue
harbingers of inner
sediments thirsting
but all held back.

Dried up ponds
hungering clay
cracked shells agape
with crazed openness
forever in wanting
pounding of rivers
from cruel sky
blue talk of rain.

Want for visionary
glints in eyes
rather than drab
despairing looks
to be caught up
into conjurer spells
the glassy walled
hollow ice caves.

Perpetual patterned
traverse of veins
branched out traffic
streamers cold billow
stretched feigned purpose
rushes out past
nagging feelings gone
over loose ends.

Leaf rustle
paper crunch
guesses wrapped up
twiggy birds nest
thoughts tumbling
into a carry all
down gurgle streams
along the once was.

Bone rattles dried
snake skin trails
shed of lives
wrinkled thin layer
amid rust stains
the flaked stone
ashen gathered
up dusty clouds.



I don't read minds
so I don't know
what anyone thinks.

Sometimes I hear
what they say
but doubt it is true.

Listening politely
is a soft skill
everyone should learn.

Being attentive
to a crowd
that has nothing to say.

I once dreamt
there were better ways
to spend time.

That was wrong
but then again
I was only dreaming.

We can dream
is what makes us unhappy
about not being able to do.

The real difference
between friends and enemies
is whom you believe.

I don't know anymore
where strangers go
to meet someone.

They have been told
to tell everyone
they are happier alone.

We are told
we must leave them alone
with their happiness.

The people come and go
and there is a speaker today
talking of Michelangelo.

The rhythms of life
have been changed
to approximate incarceration.

You keep trying to escape
the same conditions
that others work in.

Knowing no one
but a work group
sharing mutual paranoia.

It has become impolite
to interrupt anyone
even if they are silent.

We are conditioned
to mind our own business
profits and losses.

We keep to ourselves
trying to find new ways
to push our own buttons.

We can have it
only if we can give it
to ourselves.



If we were there
I would be sitting alone
avoiding those
whom I do not want to know
and those who get in the way.

I would never expect
that you would join them
or that the sea would part
letting us through
to the same side.

All regions of the map
already being occupied
by territorial forces
spilling themselves across
your fragile domain.

They are the big guns
that shoot everything down
making deep impressions
that take always take you
as their willing hostage.

I was always guilty
of conducting reconnaissance
into foreign places
but we never got any further
than exchanging parting shots.

I could never comply
with the rules of engagement
escalating the conflict
to the level of black limousines
and hints of sparkle.

So I never really knew
what became of you
as to your being taken
away from all my defeat
along the many battle lines.

I assume you are a prisoner
with no remaining desires
as to being set free
and I am not the one
to whet your appetites.



Wherever we go
there we are
in the same dilemma
wishing for intrusions
that never happen
and wishing away
the many that do.

Gradual break downs
into cherished illusions
being something vague
referencing freedoms
but knowing we would
be living differently
if only we could.

We lie regularly
about being happy
grateful and tolerant
to most everything
wrecks all our plans
while told none of it
is really meant for us.

History accumulates
collected stories
about those who did
because they could
and it felt right
to the lucky ones
lived in past times.

We inherit walls
to cover with graffiti
evocative of sky father
claims at content
expressing as if freedom
can't burst a bubble
with a worn down idea.

I stand apart
for not wanting
being compartmentalized
uptight categorized
concerning common styles
attitudes and body parts
unpleasantly shoved together.

A made up collection
compiled by whomever
judged and labelled
various pieces bashed
into all same shaped
arrangements according
to an enforced nausea.

I am not that type
and don't go there
but then again it is true
don't go anywhere anymore
not really knowing where
to go or why it would
make any difference.

Refusing to be mounted
someone's trophy
case never know who
shot down in big
white hunter games
at urban safari kicks
around shrunken heads.

No point to meetings
simply to pass time
while in waiting at die off
same any extinct species
lost environments
made unable to become
something one is not.

Never a familiar face
and we don't talk
that way to strangers
knowing crazy people
now the only ones
starting at something
we cannot continue.

What will we do
to satisfy ourselves
perpetually rearranged
bits of natures
topped ignorance
our ice cream chill
brains doing melt aways.

The approach
does not matter anymore
among whatever else
has become indefensible
and there are more clues
but all of them misleading
to more grievous errors.

If I came to you
it was only a mistake
you were meant for
something else
I can't want or use
any more than idled
bits of conversations.

Thought it would be nice
but that much revealed
is already the end of it
always a sure thing
just because it would
actually have been
something nicer.

Once upon a time
should have prepared us
for it used to be
but not anymore
leaves unanswered
all those questions
lost their meanings.

It is too late
to turn anything around
by the time you get the facts
so there it goes
one chance forever
never comes again
and was someone else's.

Modern gods make guilty
what ancient gods blessed
so decide how much guilt
you might want trying
to select a lucky god
for being nothing more
than a deranged animal.

It is only more dirt
you cannot clean up
or scrub away
from a too soiled fabric
remains of reality
as you once thought
you might have known it.



It means nothing now
but we talk about it anyway
as if that makes it
into something we wanted.

The losers and the losses
took up the time
that we don't have anymore
and sometimes the remembering.

The real reasons are never
reasons that were given
arriving at a not ever in never
type of misery space.

They tell us it is a game
until we cash in our chips
getting bumped off
between rolling loaded bones.

Forever a stacked deck
made up of identities
offered its random picks
but all you pull is the joker.

Only help ever found
merely helped out
to where we don't have any
and know less than before.

Fewer and fewer it goes
the way a fever burns up
whatever was on your mind
before the invasion.

Don't know how it is going
but know when it is gone
until anything seems left
is not in any comfort zone.

It goes that way
assaulting imagination
to knock the ideas out
in rapid succession.

A champion is someone
from an alien world
speaking a razor tongue
cutting with each syllable.

They voided every contract
but left you all the blame
and the only love in it all
is mourning your own loss.


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