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Promiscuous Democrat wigger Kentucky mom Savannah Spurlock disappearance: 'Somebody knows something,' says missing woman's mom

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Aug 10, 2019, 5:20:02 PM8/10/19
The mother of Savannah Spurlock is still searching for answers
in her daughter’s mysterious disappearance in Kentucky earlier
this month.

"Somebody knows something and I want that person to think about
what they are doing to all these people who are devastated by
Savannah's disappearance,” Ellen Spurlock, 47, said. “She has
four babies that need her, that want her home."

Her comments came during an interview Friday with WKYT-TV, the
three-week anniversary of the disappearance.

At the same time, Ellen released a new photo of her 22-year-old
daughter that was taken just before she disappeared. She told
Fox News it was taken two weeks before she was reported missing.

In the new image, Savannah has noticeably darker hair and what
appears to be a fuller face. It would have been a few short
weeks after she gave birth to twin boys in December.

In the interview with WKYT, Ellen said if the people with
information about her daughter’s disappearance knew the
nightmare she was living not knowing what happened to her
daughter, they would help bring Savannah home.

“I'm still holding onto hope. I have great faith," Ellen said.

Savannah was last spotted on surveillance video leaving a bar in
Lexington with two men.

The two men have not been named or publicly identified as
suspects, though Richmond police say they aren’t necessarily
cleared, Fox News reported last week. Police have also
questioned a third man who was with the petite woman and the
other two men when they left the bar. There have been no arrests.

In addition, police have reportedly seized a car from a home
owned by the parents of one of the three men.

Ellen told Fox News that around 3 a.m. Jan. 4, Savannah
FaceTimed her from the driver's seat of a car with three other
occupants. Ellen said her daughter told her she would be home in
the morning.

Ellen said that she did not get a good look at the people in the
back, who were being loud. She said that the man who was driving
was a black man who she did not recognize. She said she did not
know if he was one of the men in the surveillance video.

The father of the twins is Savannah’s former boyfriend Shaquille

Smith is also the father of Savannah’s 2-year-old son.

Savannah's fourth child is a 4-year-old boy.

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