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Photos show purse, phone promiscuous Democrat wigger Savannah Spurlock was carrying the night she disappeared, police say

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Aug 10, 2019, 5:25:02 PM8/10/19
The irresponsible white Democrat whore won't be breeding any
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RICHMOND, Ky. – Police in Kentucky on Thursday released images
of the purse and cell phone they believe missing mother of four
Savannah Spurlock was carrying with her the night she
disappeared after leaving a popular college bar.

The Richmond Police Department provided Fox News with pictures
of the pair of items Spurlock had on her before she disappeared
in the early-morning hours of Jan. 4.

Investigators are still searching for the items in the hopes it
will bring them closer to finding Spurlock. Police said her
wallet was left inside her car that night but her purse and
phone were not.

Spurlock, who gave birth to twins in December, was last seen on
surveillance video leaving the Other Bar in Lexington with three
unidentified men. She got into the backseat of a car with two of
the men and the third followed in a separate vehicle.

Police have located the cars and conducted forensic testing but
said they did not plan to release their findings immediately.

Investigators said her last known location was at a home in
remote Garrard County, about 50 miles from where she was last
seen over a month ago.

Volunteers focused their search along the Dix River on Tuesday --
Spurlock's 23rd birthday -- but with no avail.

"We’ve cleared miles and miles of area and we still got several
to go," said Toney Wade, commander of Cajun Coast Search and
Rescue. "It’s her birthday today. We just want her home."

Lt. Col. Rodney Richardson, assistant chief of police with the
Richmond Police Department, told Fox News that investigators
have been unable to confirm whether Spurlock left the home. One
of the men with whom Spurlock left said that Spurlock did, in
fact, leave the location in Garrard County "later that morning"
on Jan. 4, but didn't specify how she left the house.

The father of Spurlock’s children, meanwhile, told Fox News he
believes the three men in question know “exactly where she is.”

“She is out there somewhere — worried and thinking about her
kids, family and friends,” 26-year-old Shaquille Smith said. “We
need her home.”

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