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Police Claim Progress In Search For Promiscuous Democrat Wigger Savannah Spurlock

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Aug 10, 2019, 5:45:02 PM8/10/19
(LEX 18) — The search for missing mother Savannah Spurlock has
hit the five-month mark, and Richmond police say that
investigators believe they’re moving in the right direction.

The search keeps leading police back to Garrard County,
Spurlock’s last known whereabouts. They say that they’re making
major progress in the case.

“Just to say that the case is very active is an understatement,”
said Assistant Police Chief Rodney Richardson with the Richmond
Police Department.

The surveillance footage captured the mother of four leaving a
Lexington bar with two men in the early morning hours of Jan. 4.
Another man was with them but not seen on camera.

Investigators say she left the bar and went to a Garrard County
residence with the men. In the days and weeks after her
disappearance, police searched in and around two homes in the
area and seized a white vehicle from the property.

Police still haven’t said what evidence, if any, was found
inside the car.

Five months later, detectives continue to speak with all three
men who have never been named suspects. They say one of them
told police Spurlock left a Garrard County residence on her own,
but so far, no one has found Spurlock, her purse or her

“The investigators have a pretty good idea what’s going on. It’s
just a matter of proving what you know. picking up all the
pieces to the puzzle and putting it back together,” said

For now, Richmond Police say they are continuing their daily
work behind the scenes, collecting what they believe will
ultimately lead them to the truth.

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