Re: Texas Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Georgia Election Officials

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Klaus Schadenfreude

Jan 21, 2022, 4:26:10 PMJan 21
On Fri, 21 Jan 2022 13:21:17 -0800, Rudy Canoza <j...@phendrie.con>

>This is par for the course for Republiscums/QAnon. They *fundamentally* believe
>in violence in order to get their way.

Didn't realize you joined QAnon, Rudy! I guess they have no height
requirement, eh?


The Impotent Canoza Violence File™

"You know I would demolish you in a fistfight."
-Rudy, in a final, desperate attempt to salvage his pride
after being pummeled senseless.
-Message-ID: <EfFpB.31818$xN2....@fx44.iad>

"I'm a few years beyond retirement age"
-Rudy, 4/19/2020

> What's next- a fist fight challenge"
Sure, why not? Meet me at the Jolly Kone hamburger shack in
Bakersfield. I've dispatched a couple of other Usenet loudmouth fat
fucks in the parking lot there. I know the proprietor. If it appears
you've already suffered your stroke, I'll only use one hand to flatten
-Rudy, explaining his fantasy "fist-fight" victories.
-Message-ID: <U3SuB.25861$TD2....@fx18.iad>

"You still haven't recovered from the ass-kicking I gave you at the
Jolly Kone, have you? <chuckle>"
-Rudy Canoza to doctor postalman, 11/18/2017, referring to
another imaginary "fist fight"
-Message-ID: <hr%PB.10409$Fz6....@fx41.iad>

"I tell you what. I'm about eight inches shorter than Shitbag [6' 2"]
Trump, and at least 80 pounds lighter, and I would *love* to take the
fat fuck on in a fistfight. He gets to pick the *public* venue and
the referee."
-5' 6" Rudy, declaring his wish to fist-fight the President
of the United States, by posting on Usenet.
-Message-ID: <Xq8DB.451$Q03...@fx44.iad>

>> Trumpchev is such a vile bit of filth.
> Why don't you challenge him to a fist fight?
I already have. It's legal, too. I even said he gets to pick the
referee and judges - not that they'll really have anything to do.
-A desperate Rudy, trying to claim his previous message was
where he "challenged President Trump to a fist fight."
-Message-ID: <bIc1C.305646$oE2.1...@fx33.iad>

You are fit for someone to slam a fist into your florid fat face.
-Rudy, losing another argument.
-Message-ID: <kB73D.209647$4M6.1...@fx27.iad>

I would gladly pay $2,000 for the privilege of beating your fucking
face to a pulp in person.
-Rudy, losing again
-Message-ID: <ire3D.198667$bJ2....@fx15.iad>

...kleine klauschen, a cunt whom I *have* beat up with my bare
- Rudy, dreaming
-Message-ID: <fewfF.255710$Yo.1...@fx08.iad>

"Rudy Canoza beat the living fuck out of me in the parking lot at
Jolly Kone burgers."
-Rudy, with another pathetic, impotent forgery
-Message-ID: <Rr5nF.88475$Sj1....@fx33.iad>

"On 10/23/2019 3:02 PM, kleine klausche, a runt punk whom I have
flattened, ineptly forged"
- Another desperate fantasy from Rudy.:

"I'd like to see some political violence aimed at *you*, you rancid
-Rudy losing another argument.
-Message-ID: <KJC2F.238959$i84.2...@fx34.iad>

"I can kick your ass, and you know it. You're old, small, infirm and
weak - a fucking speck of dust."
-Another impotent boast from Usenet's Favorite Dwarf, Rudy
-Message-ID: <lXqlG.35799$Us2....@fx07.iad>

"I'm bigger than you and I can kick your ass."
-Fire hydrant-sized Rudy, puffing his chest out as far as it
will go.
-Message-ID: <KhFlG.47294$2U3....@fx04.iad>

Fuck off and die, and give me your fucking address so I can come help
you do it.
-Our favorite dwarf, Rudy Canoza, coming out from under the
couch to bark.
-Message-ID: <oIGlG.2165$uE....@fx24.iad>

No, you fucking lying midget whom I could flatten with *both* hands
tied behind my back
-Rudy Canoza, attempting to destroy everyone's irony meter by
calling someone else a "midget."
-Message-ID: <AcjoG.152881$Xk.1...@fx46.iad>

Fuck you and fuck every Hartung, and I hope you're all beaten to
-Rudy losing another discussion
-Message-ID: <rf7116$16bu$>

Read it and *weep*, Schild, you squat-to-piss fairy whom I can - and
*will* - strangle with my bare hands:
-Rudy, displaying his impotent rage and gynaphobia in one
Message-ID: <rgngn8$1fa3$>

Your kind need to be marginalized, preferably exterminated.
-Rudy, wishing he wasn't impotent
-Message-ID: <vz%fH.342246$I15....@fx36.iad>

...if you're [sic] post your real name and address here, I'll gladly
come down and scatter your 73 brain cells in front of your nursing
-Rudy,fantasizing about having the upper body strength to
beat a senior citizen.
-Message-ID: <kMTvH.5377$ev6....@fx14.iad>

"I'd have hauled you out back and shot you dead."
-Brave, brave Rudy, telling us what he would do to the
President if his White House Press Credentials were revoked.
-Message-ID: <s0v8v0$1v4e$>

"You need to be shot dead."
-Rudy's usual response when someone out-argues him.
-Message-ID: <s0v8v0$1v4e$>

I wish I knew where that shitbag cocksucker [Alan] Bond lives.
-Rudy wanting to suck off one of his Usenet opponents, apparently.
Message-ID: <s2ir4v$2ujc$>

I'd have gotten a little longer sentence if I had ever got that close
to Trump,
because in addition to slapping him in the face, I would have kneed
him in the
groin as well. The fat fuck is still too chickenshit to get into a
fistfight with me.
-Rudy, wishing President Trump was aware of his existence, and that
he could
bring his knee up that high.
Message-ID: <Nu7xI.46923$431....@fx39.iad>

Why can't we have a mass annihilation of Trumpswabs?
-Little Rudy, confessing his wish to commit suicide.
Message-ID: <AQKyI.98089$5%7.3...@fx13.iad>

The next time that neighbor attacks [Rand] Paul, I'm going to help
-Rudy, threatening a U.S. Senator
-Message-ID: <%nfKI.326861$nc1.2...@fx12.ams1>

"I would really like to pump bullets into your head."
---Rudy as "Bill Flett" 1/22/18

"I can still kick your high-cholesterol hypertensive morbidly obese
-Rudy, still dreaming
-Message-ID: <WpjMI.981641$Uq8a....@fx02.ams1>

"If I came around you and yours, Jack-Off Skeeter Shit-4-Braincell
Lamey Pig-Fucker, you'd be begging through tears for me to spare your
-Rudy, puffing out his sunken chest again
-Message-ID: <I7t2J.41909$2B4....@fx04.iad>

"You need to be depopulated."
- Gruppenführer Canoza
Message-ID: <Okl3J.120840$rl3....@fx45.iad>

"I can't wait until you're strung up from a lamp post with barbed
-Rudy, waiting
Message-ID: <VF75J.44954$gc3....@fx12.iad>

"I'm striking a blow for decency and Christian love. You need to be
-Father Rudy
-Message-ID: <Rts6J.138409$lC6....@fx41.iad>

"Speaking for myself I'd dick slap you silly before I bent you over
and did a Deliverance dance in your
-Rudy, reliving his high school initiation
-Message-Id: <>

"If you don't start to show that you understand that black lives
you will be corrected up with a baseball bat."
-Rudy, bring a bat to a gun fight.
-Message-ID: <TDSjJ.47486$VS2....@fx44.iad>

"I'll send right-wingnuts to hell. I'm more than ready for you
-Brave, brave Rudy, gearing up
-Message-ID: <RV%lJ.28968$L_2....@fx04.iad>

You know I could kill you easily if we ever met.
-Rudy Canoza, dreaming again
-Message-ID: <QHCqJ.97446$Ql5....@fx39.iad>

Rightards always prate about "the melting pot," a lousy synonym for
assimilation, and consider it not merely a good thing, but a moral
imperative. So why don't Jews assimilate? Why is it you can watch an
episode of "Seinfeld" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and you simply know
you're watching Jews pushing their Jewness into your face? And why do
rightards excuse Jews' refusal to assimilate? If minorities are
supposed to assimilate, why does this not apply to Jews?
-Our little dwarf goose-stepper Rudy posting as "David Elsan"
Message-ID: <3oywJ.88435$JZ3....@fx05.iad>

I swear to fuck, someone needs to sneak into your nursing home and
strangle you in the middle of the night.
-Rudy Canoza, waiting for his testicles to drop.
Message-ID: <qFJBJ.197370$SW5...@fx45.iad>

Klaus Schadenfreude

Jan 22, 2022, 8:11:36 AMJan 22
On Fri, 21 Jan 2022 13:26:04 -0800, Klaus Schadenfreude
<> wrote:

Well, Rudy? Are you too much of a dwarf punk coward to comment?

"If I don't respond directly to you, it's because I'm displaying my
cowardice and my fear of you. I'm in terror of you. That's why I won't
respond to you directly. I'm a fucking punk coward!
- "Rudy Canoza"
Message-ID: <GcV3D.419335$DS3.2...@fx42.iad>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2018 22:20:39 -0700
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