31 fully vaccinated people have died in Tennessee, health department says

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Harris Slut

Sep 22, 2021, 5:10:03 AMSep 22
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — The Tennessee Department of Health
reports 31 fully vaccinated people have died from COVID-19.

These are among the state's more than 1,000 "breakthrough"
cases. These are cases in which fully vaccinated people have
contracted the virus.

Data is sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC). TDH Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey said Friday more than
two dozen deaths since May 1 and 218 hospitalizations are among
breakthrough cases. Including dates before May 1, there have
been more than 1,000 breakthrough COVID-19 cases, the state



Sep 22, 2021, 9:42:04 AMSep 22
Remember those are the dead... still more are in ICU and even more in
the Hospital who were ALL VACCINATED with the FAKE FAUCI "VACCINE" and
still having life threatening symptoms from the Chinese/CCP VIRUS that

That means the only way to survive is through treatments of some kind
and Biden has grabbed the remaining Monoclonal doses so that he can
ration them out to the Democrat elites when they get the Chinese/CCP virus.

There's always a corrupt reason for everything DEMOCRATS do and
OBSTRUCTING the monoclonal doses being used by States was being hidden
by the Democrats vaccine mandate that was done only to consumed the NEWS
CYCLE. Democrats know it's a failed vaccine that offers NO real immunity
to the Chinese/CCP virus. The reason the virus is unstoppable is the
Democrats own corruption.

You know that Biden could have ordered more monoclonal doses... but
what he did was OBSTRUCT the use of the monoclonal doses that we the
people have already purchased... and it's NOT to make the distribution
equal since the virus isn't EQUALLY DISTRIBUTED, why would Democrats try
to suggest that EQUALLY DISTRIBUTING the ONLY treatment that works
according to all people.... would be a way to fight the virus. It would
make more sense to target the areas with the most people hospitalized
and filling hospitals, so those hospitals are never over run with the

And that since their lie is so transparent , the Democrats Obstruction
of the monoclonal dose is no doubt due to corruption and they're hiding
something. Either they want people sick and for this to last until the
election or they're doing it for money... either way the Democrats are
the problem NOT the cure.

That's karma

You know there is a point when you're adding water to the soup, that you
no longer have soup you just have water...

Malte Runz

Sep 22, 2021, 3:30:53 PMSep 22
"TDH says right now, 96% of all new cases in Tennessee are among
unvaccinated individuals and 96.9% of all COVID-19 deaths were among
unvaccinated individuals."

"Metro Health confirms the Delta variant is present in Nashville and
is urging residents to get vaccinated."

Malte Runz
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