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Evening smoke

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Casey Tuggle

Jul 22, 2022, 7:36:03 PM7/22/22
This evening I am enjoying a little black cavendish out of a Peterson Clontarf XL22, which I picked out in their impressive shop in Dublin. I thought of you all and miss the daily updates on what everyone is smoking. I know many of us are still here, if enjoying our pipes more silently these days. Smoke up, friends.

90 degrees and exceptionally humid
Chattanooga, TN


Jul 23, 2022, 9:57:28 AM7/23/22
Annandale Virginia is a little hotter but Chattanooga has
the higher humidity. The general pattern of rain the
Weather Bureau forecasts for the next few days seems to be
about the same.

I continue to smoke mostly Gawith-Hoggarth traditional strong
British flakes, cut plugs and sliced twists. I polished off
the last of a 500 g bag of sliced brown twist and the last
of a 500 g bag of sliced black twist not long ago.

I have a few more bags of each, which is good, as most GH
strong flakes, cut plugs, and sliced twists are out of
stock at retailers in the U.S.

The shortages will persist I am sure, so I will have to watch
for when a shipment comes in to a retailer and buy perhaps half
a dozen bags when possible. I do have enough tobacco on hand
to last me for the rest of my life I would expect, but my
favorites might not last that long.


jim b.

UNIX is not user-unfriendly, it merely
expects users to be computer friendly.

Tim Daneliuk

Jul 23, 2022, 7:10:04 PM7/23/22
Hello Jim (and everyone still in residence) -

I colleague of mine is an amateur carver and gifted me with an amazing pipe
in the style of a Danish freehand. If you didn't know better, you'd swear it
was a Nording.

Last night was it's first full bowl and I initiated it with some Cumberland
from June of 2003. It's interesting to see what 19 years did to this leaf.
The flavors have all come together into a beautiful, sweet blend that has
almost a honey finish to it. But ... the perique that gives this blend its
character has faded into obscurity after all these years. Even at the bottom
of the bowl, very little was in evidence - and I missed it.

I have a bunch of other old tins in storage I am gonna start opening to
see how the years have treated them.


Jul 23, 2022, 9:18:18 PM7/23/22
Bear in mind you can mix the aged tobaccos with ones more recently
acquired. I have some smallish jars of Perique alone. Perhaps I
should try opening one and see how it smokes, and how it might
flavor some of my other "well-aged" tobaccos that no longer have
the intensity of flavor they once had.
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