Sunday smokes and good times

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Feb 8, 2021, 3:30:40 AMFeb 8
Went to the local bar around 3pm local time. Brought three casillas
cuban rounds, a cutter, and a full lighter. My buddy Rick was there and
told me to bring a bag. He is a hunter and just had a butt ton of meat
delivered from the season's trip. Needing to make space, he filled me
with ducks, pheasant, back strap | tenderloin | rump from a deer, some
elk meat. I talked to the bar owner and he took it into his walk-in. It
must be over thirty pounds of meat he gave me.

Sat down and lit up my cigar with a sniffter of lagavulin 16 and enjoyed
the super bowl. The only football game I watch.

It was sunny and warm, partly cloudy with a mild breeze. It was a good

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