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Mr. Ed Duncan???

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Todd Krause

Oct 6, 2022, 5:47:00 AM10/6/22
I have not posted to this group for many moons but there used to be a usual poster, Mr. Ed Duncan. Is he ok still doing good, or did he go by the way he always stated, brain addled. I really miss his morning, afternoon, and evening pipe posts, IE the lakakia bombs his wife hated but had them in his own smoking room. Any one know of him?


Oct 6, 2022, 10:05:13 AM10/6/22
A bit of searching for Ed Duncan Bativia NY rochester.rr turned up
Briar Patch Forum, which if I remember right is the new forum he
choose when his access to went snarly for some technical
reason involving his ISP.

This is the url.

On the home page, on the left and a little way down there is a
search box. Enter Ed Duncan there, go through their little
routine, and you should find recent posts from him.


jim b.

UNIX is not user-unfriendly, it merely
expects users to be computer friendly.
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