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Wayne NMI Aiken

Sep 21, 1993, 11:09:06 AM9/21/93
The following is the latest communications from the command bunker:

----------cut here-------------------

Dear Friend and Prayer Partner,

No, we haven't folded. No, the Conspiracy hasn't shut us
down. No, we didn't even give up, despite the persecution,
poverty and torture. We admit we're clinging by a bare
thread, dangling by a ribbon of skin from our very teeth --
but for The SubGenius Foundation, that's "normal."
So don't feel bad -- yours wasn't the only (letter, article,
tape, hate-mail, inane questions, artwork, magazine, book,
videotape, request to make you famous, _____) that I've
had to "set aside" for the last 6 months. Since June this
stack, this mountain has grown, all these brown envelopes
full of confessions, magazines, research on Dobbs, rants, etc...
but I haven't had time even to write a lousy FORM THANK-
YOU LETTER. I don't really have any business doing it now.
As you know, we are engaged in an effort to CONQUER THE
and all of us exist only to be USED by DOBBS howeven he
sees fit. If we waste time RESPONDING IN KIND to everything
that's sent, we'll never have time to USE it. At least, with
these form letters, I buy time to APPRECIATE and properly
FILE your contributions, rather than just throw up my
hands and trash-can them entirely in desperation.
The problem this time is that our 4th SubGenius book,
supposed to be finished last year... but we're still editing
the damned thing! ! It's taking a lot longer than expected
partly because of outside pressures, bul mainly because
trying to weave together the disparate styles and statements
of DOZENS of SubGenius prophets, not to mention Dobbs'
illegible memos, is REALLY TOUGH!! The book should be
done by November or so, but only if we STEADFASTLY KEEP
though. Now that most of it's at the tenth draft stage, I can
state unequivocally that IT IS THE BEST BOOK IN THE
UNIVERSE. We HAVE done the impossible. It is nor only
(At least, the WORDS are. We haven't really started putting
the PICTURES together yet.)(1) When it comes out, many of
you may come across a line buried in the book and say,
"Hey! I wrote that! Where's my credit?" Then you'll turn to
the front and find that indeed, you are listed as one of the
100 co-authors. (Then, you'll probably start wondering
when you'll get your .00001% royalty.)
The last year has been very, uh, "challenging" for The
SubGenius Foundation, Inc. Our mail order sales are a third
what they were two years ago -- we're making barely
enough to keep the P.O. box open and the old explanatory
material in stock. We haven't made enough to print a new
Stark Fist yet, or even fully pay off the old one! If I had
been able to finish the book on time, and then move on to
other jobs, I might not be in this fix, caught with my pants
down between a rock and a hard place, but... thaf's just the
kind of book it is. There'll be another Stark Fist when the
book's done, at the end of the year... if, that is, more
SubGenii order some of our new videos and tapes... or just

There have been a whole string of spirit-filled devivals
all year, with the more steamy and stimulating aspects of
our faith being expressed WHOLEHEARTEDLY, in REAL LIFE
-- especially in the NorthEast, the stomping ground of new
SubGenius superstar preacher and Sacred Strumpet, Sister
Mary2 Au Contraire. Mark my words, Sister Mary2 will
ride you slouching to Bethlehem! Most of these shows were
well covered on videotape, and pretty spectacularly edited
versions of some of them are now available (see below).
(Some of you may not be aware of the recent influx of
feminine "bitch goddess" energies into the Church, and ARE
YOU IN FOR A TREAT!!) You know, Sister Mary2 and I are
EASY and CHEAP to book for your local club, campus or
commune, and SubGenius Devivals are practically the only
will be given not only PERMISSION, but OCCASION, to SIN
LIKE CRAZY and meet new friends-for-life. Just the random
conversations alone will be well worth any slight
inconvenience the Luck Plane backfires might cause in the
Conspiracy side of your life. We're assembling a new P.R.
brochure loaded with sexy pics to make bookings easier.

Praise "Bob," the radio ministry continues to expand. The
Hour of Slack can be heard in or near these cities: KNON
Dallas/Ft.Worth, KZSU Stanford, WFMU East Orange, NY &
NYC, WITR Rochester, WZRD Chicago & WARC Summit &
WEFT Champaign (IL), WCSB Cleveland, WREK Atlanta,
WORT Madison, CJAM & WORB Detroit/Windsor, KPFT
Houston, WUOG Athens, WBMB NYC. Exact times and station
names for some were listed in the FIST... call the stations for
airtimes. Book Hour of Slack on your local oddball
independent or student radio station! It's only $5 an
episode! And the Puzzling Evidence/Dr. Howl show is still
heard over most of Northern California. (KPFA, 94.1 FM, 4:30
am Saturdays.) Don't hesitate to send us your own weird
tapes for airplay! (But please put the GOOD STUFF at the

The mystery of the disappearing SubGenius packages
continues. Neither we nor the local P.O. can figure out
what's happening to our mail. Roughly one out of ten
orders still aren't getting to our customers once they go out,
and the worst part is, we only know about the disappointed
customers who go to the trouble to complain. Mail theft
bad! It's causing us SERIOUS CREDIBILITY problems, but it's
not our fault! It's happening to all mail-order companies.
We DO mail these packages out (after the checks clear), but
for some reason they are frequently getting to people
MONTHS later, if they get there at all. One reason we're
hurting for money is having to send out all these books and
tapes TWICE but only getting paid for them ONCE. We may
end up having to raise or prices to allow for UPS shipping.
If you don't get something you ordered from us within 6
weeks, LET US KNOW!!! Just tell us what and especially
WHEN you ordered, so we can check our records. Just DON'T

Speaking of radio shows and blatant rip-offs, the CD
called BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY is totally unauthorized and is
as sleazy and dishonorable a rip-off of the Church as ANY
Conspiracy assholes have ever tried to pull. It's a collection
of excerpts from a Canadian counterfeit SubGenius radio
show done by a jerk named Bob Dean, who calls himself Bob
Dobbs (sic) and uses our jargon, but blabbers in a Pink
manner nothing at all like real SubGenius style. They never
asked permission, they've refused to put disclaimer stickers
on it, credit us, or pay us-- not even the slightest
acknowledgement, much less royalties, to we of the Church
whose sweat and blood made "Bob's" name mean
something. In fact, Dean tells the press that he's the original
"Bob" Dobbs and that we "stole the idea from him."
(Needless to say, there are many indeed who can testify
otherwise -- esp. Dobbs himself!)
You don't need to go out of your way to terrorize these
folks, although indignant letters would be fine... About all
we can do right now is blacken their names in the media
world forever simply by telling the plain, ungarnished
truth. We would try to fight them in Canadian court, but
we're very broke and Nelson Thall, Dean's producer/sugar
daddy, is the son of the biggest newspaper magnate in
Canada. Therefore we would really appreciate your helping
to spread the word as far and wide as possible about just
what these Pinks -- RICH Pinks, I might add -- have done to

Our "slick" video, ARISE (as opposed to our self-
released videos), is being distributed by Polygram Video
now, and any video store can order it. (NOTE: ANY store,
anywhere in the world, that says they can't order our Simon
& Schuster books or our Polygram video, is LYING.) The bad
news is, the big video rental chains won't touch it, and
Polygram keeps saying it's sold so few copies that they don't
owe us any money.
I guess ARISE is just too... too anti-Conspiracy, is exactly
what it is. That's why we still can't seem to make a buck. WE
sell out, we're too weird for 'em!
PLEASE help us to prove that one doesn't HAVE to "sell
out" to the trendoids and mass-marketers to AT LEAST
SURVIVE (which is all we ask at this point) -- help the
Why doesn't "BOB" help us out, you ask. Surely the fact
that his own p.r. outreach is reduced to PITEOUS BEGGING
means that he's a FRAUD, you say. Come on, let's not kid
ourselves. Dobbs knows the Church as such will live on
whether or not there's still a SubGenius Foundation, and
new Stark Fists. We are PAINFULLY AWARE that we laid the
groundwork ALL TOO WELL --once somebody's read the
BOOK, or even just Pamphlet #1, and *finds Dobbs*, that's all
they really need. The rest is just window-dressing. BUT
DRESSED?? Don't you want to hear this audio work we've
been busting our butts on? BELEVE ME, YOU DO!! You want
to get HOOKED on it and buy every damn tape you can get
your hands on!
THE HAIRS IN BOB'S EARS (60 min. of latest Church music
by many "bands")
BOB'S MEDIA POLLUTION (60 min. of even more recent
Church music, all flavors)
Medley), 321 (George Bush on Acid), 330 (Ye~i Lust &
Hendrix), 335 (London Devival & Ayn Rand) 337 (Marriage
of l'Bob" & Connie play, Mary2), 345 (Christianity Vs. Sex),
347 (Racism), 348 (X-Day), 350 (Bad Acid Party), 358
(Chicago SubCon), 359 (Bob Larson Vs. SubCon), 368
(Phenomicon Devival), 371 (Rants from Book-2), 372 (Xmas),
374 (generic), 377 (Yetis of Mutantis), 383 (Branch
BobDobbsians), 386 (Drugs), 389 (Morton Downey int. Stang),
392 (Francis Dec & kooks), 393 (Anti-Con), 394 (Anti-God),
395 (Poebuckers), 396 (Generic), 404 (GG Allin eulogy)
$10 SPECIAL: HOUR OF SLACK 400 & 401: Lonesome
Cowboy Dave in Hell -- special improv with Stang, Mary2,
Brain Rot Radio Theater (Cleveland) -- $10 for 2 tapes

Bulldada special effects master St. Joe Riley barrage-
edited (ARlSE-style, with billions of weird clips) the footage
from this spectacular multi-media show starring Sister
Mary2, Rev. Ivan Stang, Sister Suzy the Floozy, St. Janor
Hypercleats, Sternodox Keckhaver, the Heavenly Morphodite
and Band of One. This is much livelier even than the Rant
& Rave devival video. With weird ' behind-the-scenes"
footage and Riley-ized intros and outros. You'll
MASTURBATE WILDLY when you see these HOT NEW

Only $16 postpaid!
Actually, it's got the classic Dobbshead on the front and
the most HIDEOUS ANTI-"BOB" EVER DRAWN on the back,
both in livid full color and surrounded by Hal Robins's
intricale alchemical borders, which you'll stare at for HOURS!
You'll have to see the Anti-"Bob" to believe him. There have
been many types of Dobbswear, but FINALLY here's one TOO
GOOD FOR US NOT TO STOCK! Everyone who has ever seen
this new shirt has HAD to own it, and you'll be NO
EXCEPTION! In Large or Extra-Large only. Order 'em from us
or from CRUX Productions, 109 Minna St. #115, San
Francisco, CA 94105 (alright alright, it's only $15 from Crux.)

Biz note: we cannot take checks from Canadian, or any
other foreign, banks. They cost us $40 when they bounce.
Must be International Money Order or in U.S. DOLLARS!!

Here's the way it is. I'm gonna finish this book no matter
what, and Paul Mavrides will put it together with all the
amazing art we have, and it will be a classic that will last
(or halt forever) the ages. That's going to happen no matter
what. And after that, there will be an album, and after an
album or ten there will be a movie that WE WILL PRODUCE.
BUT! WILL there continue to be any of the funky, rude,
freely-done, just-for-the-Slack-of-it independent productions
like The Stark Fist? Will you still be able to buy oddball
SubGenius stuff from the source, and communicate directly
with the source, or is it all (what little there'll be) going to
have to come through Conspiracy distribution channels? Do
we keep the Sacred PO Box open, and straggle along until X-
Day, or do we admit we can't whup it, and go down? YOU
must decide that with your checks and money orders. Of
course, if you REALLY wanted to be a holy person and a
saint, you could just send us a love offering/donation and
say, "HERE! It's for your EFFORT! I don't want ANYTHING! I
just want you to know the Word of "Bob" LIVES ON!!" That
would be REAL DAMN NICE but we hate to STOOP to
Christian tactics like that. We really want you to HEAR these

And don't forget these COOL NEW TEMPTATIONS
available through our ASSOCIATE CLENCHES! --
(not seen in previous catalogs)

The Hotline to "Bob" 1-900 phone rants have
in charge, and updating it each week with a new Mistress
Connie's Confidential Confession and Rant of the Week.
And at lower rates, too -- only $2 a minute or something, 5
minute maximum. The new number for HOTLINE TO "BOB"
IS: 1-900-990-5085... extension 325 for Connie Dobbs' Sizzling
SectsTM, extension 324 for Rant of the Week. Under 18 need
parent's permission. Touch-tone phone r'q'd. Maximum call,
5 min. Mystery Playhouse, Bradenton FL

"BOB" Bumper Stickers -- vinyl ones -- $2 each or
3/$5 from Scott Harbaugh, PO Box 779-153, Barefoot Bay, FL
32976. It reads: "SUBGENIUS ON BOARD" and shows Dobbs
and Wings o' Slack emblem.

Miller, Box 221, Boston MA 02123.... or CALL (617) LICK OBE.
Ask for catalog of his many "Kings of Feedback" and "Out of
Band Experience" albums and EPs; they are really juicy
Negativland-like mixes on all the subjects near and dear to
our heards. Only $3 (!!) for cassette, KINGS OF FEEDBACK
(heaviest of SG material)... you'll FLIP & TRIP.

Sverre H. Kristensen, Godthabsvej 18A, DK-7400 Herning,
DENMARK, has so damn much SubGenius and Sub-like art,
tapes, and video available, you'll have to hit him up for his
list. He's just finished a video about the Church, which is
probably wonderful but is available only in the European
PAL format-- so all U.K. and etc. Subs should write him for
info on all his mad collection of "nutter" material. (HUGE
Charles Manson collection, too!)

Holy Temple of Mass Consumption newsletter, PO Box
30904, Raleigh, NC 27622 --price not listed. A rather
fannish small publication offering the occasional SubGenius
news, computer network out-takes and a pretty complete list
of sci fi conventions in the U.S. At least they publish
regularly .

CONGRATS to Dr. Philo and "Cookie" Drummond on the
birth (on Feb. 18, '93) of their daughter Natalie Elyse!

Rev. Chris Bridges is authoring a SUBGENIUS ROLE-
PLAYING GAME (to be published by Pagan Publishing),
and is going to need lots of artwork. Interested SubGenius
artists might contact him at 1525 13th St., Orange City, FL

The original Rev. Buck Naked of the First Naked Church
of the SubGenius and the band "Buck Naked and the
Jaybirds," is, contrary to popular rumor, alive and well; the
singer who was shot and killed in San Francisco was one of
the 'false Buck Nakeds' who copped Buck's name and got
more famous than he did. There's still another false 'Buck
Naked' alive, however.

I feel so bad about not being able to publish a new FIST
yet, and having to beg for MORE MONEY, that I'm gonna
spend some extra time and xeroxing money on this new
MINI-OTHER MUTANTS list of the absolute, greatest. can't-
live-without it PRODUCTS FOR WEIRDOS that we have
recently enjoyed. Most of this is NOT SubGenius-specific, but
will almost certainly be treasured by anybody sick, weird, or
Yeti enough to appreciate Dobbs. I can't go into much detail
due to space limitations; you'll have to take my word for it,
this is all ground-breakingly GREAT stuff.

SCHWA -- the most perceptive book on UFOs ever done, yet
it's almost ALL GRAPHICS (to express the inexpressible). Bill
Barker's book SCHWA ($6) is an absolute must-have for
anyone interested in the UFO/abduction scene. Riveting
artwork... best new archetype-juggler I've seen in years.
Schwa, Box 6064, Reno, NV 89513-6064.

VIEW FROM THE LEDGE -- hilarious collection of very
bizarre "true news" also seen in the magazine column, News
of The Weird... $13/year from Chuck Shepherd, Box 8306, St.
Petersburg, FL 33738 (new address)

WETBONES by John Shirley -- the most devastating horror
novel I've read in years, too scary and drug-drenched for
mainstream. The nature of addiction is squeezed and
wrung into a not-so metaphorical 'extract.' $25 in hardcover
from Mark V. Ziesing Books, Box 76, Shingletown CA 96088.
Stephen King is to John Shirley what Troma Productions is
to David Cronenberg.

FUNNY PAGES --monthly magazine of SICK JOKES & office
humor. Very current, very very very sick. Specializes in the
rawest, funniest racist, sexist, non-P.C. jokes. The arrival of
Funny Pages is a cause for celebration around here.
$15/year, $5 for 5 back issues, $2 sample. PO Box 317025,
Dayton, OH 45437.

tape -- $6 from Janor Hypercleats, 8701 Evergreen, Little
Rock, AR 72207. For those who "know" Janor, no explanation
required; for those who don't, none possible.

address, just go see this guy's magic shows if you EVER get
the chance! Once you've witnessed his psychedelic, occult-
infested, eyeball-peeling "act," you'll say, "Gee... and I
thought all those other prestidigitators were MAGICIANS!
This is the REAL THING!" Lemme put it this way, I've
videotaped his show 5 times just for my own pleasure. The
"Jimi Hendrix" of magicians.

ANSWER ME -- my very favorite magazine in the whole
wide world. Honest. Grab this quick before it's gone... never
to be repeated. The best writing in the universe -- makes
Hunter Thompson sound like Erma Bombeck. Definitively
unflinching, hateful, and FAR BEYOND COOL. Jim and Debbie
Goad will be your new anti-heroes. #3 has interviews with
Dr. Kevorkian, Al Sharpton, other maniacs, but mainly
features the most hilarious encyclopedia of STARTLING
SUICIDES that you'll ever have the great fortune to read. $5
for #3 from Goad to Hell, 1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd., #666,
Hollywood, CA 90028. First 2 issues are sold out, you poor
bastards. Double-plus-good.

cassette tape album by The New Improved Jook Savages.
The most straightforward, no-bullshit anti-establishment
hate band in existence. You haven't heard 'em even on
college radio because there's so much cussing in the Iyrics,
but once you get this tape you'll illegally dupe copies of i!
for ALL your friends. NOT what you're expecting. Blows ALL
those "angry rappers" out of the water. $5 for the tape from
Holy Funk, Box 2329, San Anselmo, CA 94979. Very well-
recorded ranting/music... not for the wimp-hearted.

ARG catalog -- these folks distribute and LIST (a la
Factsheet Five) a huge line of alternative and underground
(authentic, that is) zines, books, etc. Excellent way to
approach all non-Con weirdness, with categories like Green,
Gender, Neo-Queer, Reefer, Anarchism. A companion to the
Amok and Loompanics catalogs. A mere $3 from Soapbox
Junc, PO Box 597996, Chicago, IL 60659.

GRAY AREAS -- another new magazine that is partially
like Factsheet Five (reviews of all oddball stuff), but full of
VERY in-depth articles and interviews on damn near
anything out of "normal" bounds. "An invaluable resource,"
you might say. There's also a lot on the Grateful Dead
world, tape bootlegging, hacking, etc. Kind of like Mondo
2000, but without the too-trendy ambience... much more
alternative. Write for subscription info or die: Gray Areas, PO
Box 808, Broomall, PA 19008-0808. $5 should get you a
sample. There's a 40-page interview with me in an
upcoming issue, but I'd recommend this anyway.

BRUTARIAN --magazine "That Dares to Be Lame," but it's
anything but. The perfect toilet reading for beer-guzzlin'
intellectual afficionados of sick modern culture -- bulldada
in the form of comics, videos, records, you name it, plus
deep-biting articles and interviews, not to mention some
disgusting artwork. Celebrates the brute in us. $6/issue,
$12/year from Odium Ent., Box 25222, Arlington VA 22202-

THE NOSE -- magazine printed on "slick" paper so you
might find it in a few stores. You know how SPY is so
smarmy and New-Yawk? Well, this is the opposite. A real
variety of bad-attitude writings & graphics on the latest
perverse news, product and even fashion. Indispensable &
upliftingly nasty. $15/year (a steal), from The Nose, Box
31353, San Francisco, CA 94131.

REAL STUFF comics -- an "underground comic book" with
a unique twist -- author Dennis Eichhorn writes of all the
strangeness that's happened to him in his life -- and what
a life!!-- and it's illustrated by great cartoonists. After
reading a couple of issues you'll feel you know Dennis, and
that's a LOT to KNOW. Also ask about companion pub, REAL
SMUT (his sexual experiences). Available in some few
comics stores as it's published by (ask for catalog)
Fantagraphics, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

ILLUMINET PRESS -- publishers and reprinters of a
growing line of true underground and "conspiracy-nut"
classics, such as George Andrews' Extraterreslrial Friends
and Foes, The Gemstone Files, Saucers of the Illuminati,
Principia Discordia and the works of Kerry Thornley & even
Aleister Crowley. Send $1 for catalog from PO Box 2808,
Liburn, GA 30226. Any given book they publish belongs on
every SubGenius's shelves.

CRUEL WORLD #1 -- finally, an all-Jim-Blanchard
comic/mag! ! Blanchard's intense neo-psychepunk-FX-adelic-
pornogamy has been popping up in various places,
Fantagraphics pubs and the like, but now you can get the
uncut horror direct from the source: Blanchard, Box 20321,
Seattle, WA 98102, for $4.50 each. Demoniacally inspired
artwork and "gags" to make you gag. Psychedelic poster
book Retina Damage $5, BAD MEAT comix (really ill) $3.50
each. Not to be missed. Makes excellent coloring books for
the kids, if the kids are over 21 and of sound mind.

WEIRD SHIT -- self-published comic by modest, self-
effacing SubGenius prodigy Joe Riley. #l features a tale of
Bruce Lee's rotting corpse battling the 3-Stooge-headed
Beast of the Apocalypse, plus a priceless drawing of Ren
fucking Stimpy ("Go get that stinky, Ren!" "Shut up... I'm
trying to concentrate!" ). I dunno, $2.50(?) from Riley, 9732
Jo-Pierce Dr., Dallas TX 75217. Incidentally, apparently some
of you didn't realize that the fancy $50 rubber masks of
"Bob" and "NHGH" that Joe offers are REAL... and real worth

STEAMSHOVEL PRESS -- $20 for four issues of this
conspiracy-theory mag that features writers like R.A. Wilson
and John Keel. 5927 Kingsbury, St. Louis, MO 63112. This
fills the niche left when the editor of CRITIQUE became a
Branch Davidian or whatever. We forgive Steamshovel for
saying the SubGenius contingent at the Atlanta Phenomicon
seemed to be infiltrated by high-priced hookers. Those
"high-priced hookers" were actually Sister Mary2, Sister
Suzy the Floozy, Princess Wei R. Doe, and other SubGenius
Uberfemmes. I guess some people expect all "counter-
culture" women to look like female versions of them
(bespectacled, beer-gutted doofusses).

You can learn the truth about TIME AND SEX PAINSTAINING
from the SELF-RELIANT MEN NEWSLETTER. $3/isssue from
S.R. Pohaski, Capt. USMCR(ret.), Box 2239, Uniontown, PA

VIOLENT HUMOR BLASPHEMY comics available for $1 a
sample from BABY SUE, Box 1111, Decatur, GA 30031-1111.

I hope the 200 other creators who are left out of this list
can forgive me. It took me all day to do just this, and that's
a lot more time and space than I'm supposed to spend right
now doing free advertising for others. (We REALLY ARE
under the gun!) When you see/hear these items I've
advertised, you'll understand why they stood out.


Rev. Ivan Stang


(1) The actual "editors," by the way, are turning out to be me, Paul
Mavrides, Hal Robins, G. Gordon Gordon, Sterno Keckhaver and Philo
Drummond. It contains bits and pieces from EVERYBODY with large
chunks taken from the Spoutings of the above plus O Nenslo, Father Joe
Mama, St. Janor Hypercleats, Dr. Onan Canobite and others.


Holy Temple of Mass $ >>> <<< $ "My used underwear
Consumption! $ $ is legal tender in
PO Box 30904 $ BBS: (919) 954-5028 $ 28 countries!"
Raleigh, NC 27622 $ Warning: I hoard pennies. $ --"Bob"

Paul Monty Ashley

Sep 22, 1993, 5:02:51 AM9/22/93
to (Wayne NMI Aiken) writes:

>The following is the latest communications from the command bunker:

> The problem this time is that our 4th SubGenius book,

> supposed to be finished last year... but we're still editing
> the damned thing! ! It's taking a lot longer than expected

Hands up, everyone who's not a bit surprised.

-Paul "Monty" Ashley
(Hey! Actual SubG-Foundation-related stuff on alt.slack? Wierd. Take
an extra week in Paradise out of petty cash.)

Peter Dudey, Order of the Golden Parentheses

Sep 22, 1993, 8:23:14 AM9/22/93
Ivan writes:
> The problem this time is that our 4th SubGenius book,

Huh? I only knew about The Book and Three-Fisted Tales. What's the
3rd book?

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This space reserved for fnord

Sep 22, 1993, 2:12:24 PM9/22/93
\In article <>, (Peter Dudey, Order of the Golden Parentheses) writes:
>Ivan writes:
> > The problem this time is that our 4th SubGenius book,
>Huh? I only knew about The Book and Three-Fisted Tales. What's the
>3rd book?

High Wierdness by Mail
"Working in the coal mine, going down down down,
Working in the coal mine, whoops, about to slip down,
Oh Lord, I'm so tired! How long can this go on?"

Paul Monty Ashley

Sep 22, 1993, 6:40:19 PM9/22/93
to (Peter Dudey, Order of the Golden Parentheses) writes:

>Ivan writes:
> > The problem this time is that our 4th SubGenius book,

>Huh? I only knew about The Book and Three-Fisted Tales. What's the
>3rd book?

High Weirdness by Mail.

-Paul "Monty" Ashley

Moses Moore

Sep 24, 1993, 11:58:27 AM9/24/93

Waaaaaaait a minute. What about 'Bob's Favourite Comics', published by Rip-Off Press? Usually a good place for artificial slack (tides me over while I have to inside work against the Con), this comic book was great! Made me want to write up little pamphlets to force on people handing out little pamphlets.

The opinions I express aren't those of The University of Waterloo or
necessarily any of it's members except for fnord me.
I have no idea what the next line is going to be:
To mangle a window manager, you must have enema permission in its

Paul Monty Ashley

Sep 25, 1993, 7:26:22 AM9/25/93
to (Moses Moore) writes:

>Waaaaaaait a minute. What about 'Bob's Favourite Comics', published by Rip-Off Press? Usually a good place for artificial slack (tides me over while I have to inside work against the Con), this comic book was great! Made me want to write up little pamphlets to force on people handing out little pamphlets.

Too short. Although everyone should be aware that BFC is in print
again. Buy it. Now.

-Paul "Monty" Ashley
(Okay, so the "Bob"apocryphon will be number 4.5?)

Lou Duchez

Sep 23, 1993, 7:10:00 AM9/23/93
DW>Ivan writes:
DW> > The problem this time is that our 4th SubGenius book,

DW>Huh? I only knew about The Book and Three-Fisted Tales. What's the
DW>3rd book?

Three-Fisted Tales. The first book is "The Book", the second was "High
Weirdness by Mail".
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