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Apr 21, 2001, 3:31:07 PM4/21/01
Is this the citizen who thinks he actually is "BOB"? Could some sub-gee's
provide some info that would help. I'm doing a report for my outerzone class in
the brain dump universe thanks.

-Rev. Mad Neuman


Apr 21, 2001, 4:05:19 PM4/21/01



Apr 21, 2001, 4:06:03 PM4/21/01


Bob Dobbs

Rabbi Jacklyn Hyde

Apr 21, 2001, 4:16:35 PM4/21/01
Judge for yourself, Mr. BRICKNMOTAR.

"purple" <pur...@ingress.com> wrote in message


Apr 21, 2001, 4:23:07 PM4/21/01


> Is this the citizen who thinks he actually is "BOB"? Could some sub-gee's
> provide some info that would help. I'm doing a report for my outerzone
class in the brain dump universe thanks.

He's an idiot that thinks he's a genius and can spew shit that makes no
sense to prove it. He denies being himself but answers questions adressed to
him. He quotes bullshit philosophers to make himself look less stupid but
only drives the point home further. He has stalked Stang many times and even
disguises himself so he can try and give him the reacharound. Dean's only
use is for kicking in the nuts on a repeated basis. He's also VERY paranoid
and acts extremely self concious while you are filming him.

here's the whole story, again.

(bob dean = "purple", in case anybody doesn't know)

IS: Then there's Bob Dean. He's another one who says he IS "Bob" Dobbs.
Unfortunately, whereas most of his competitors are street people, he's got a
sugar daddy... and with this rich kid's help, he's actually released two CDs
under the name Bob Dobbs. ("Bob" without the quotes; he knew he'd get sued
if he used the quotes.)

In 1987 this young Toronto man, Bob Dean, and his wife showed up at my house
to tell me he was "Bob" and that he was going to be doing radio talk shows
on CKLN, Toronto, under that name. He was a lot craftier than the street
psychos in tha t he made me think he was really just putting me on, that he
wasn't actually crazy. He seemed fixated on a small number of personalities
that I consider to be kooks - the anonymous "Cosmic Awareness" teacher,
Lyndon LaRouche, and a few other fri nge philosophers. So I basically told
him I would be happy to see him play SubGenius tapes on the radio, but that
I didn't think it was a good idea to claim he WAS "Bob" - for one thing, he
wasn't "Bob," and for another, he didn't LOOK like "Bob," and mainly, he
didn't sound anything like "Bob" at all. He went away babbling about how
happy he was to be "Bob."

Nothing much happened until early 1992. Over the intervening years I'd
gotten a few letters from Toronto-area SubGenius fans who thought I should
shut this fake "Bob" down. At some point he was mixing SubGenius stuff with
readings from The Protocol of the Elders of Zion, which is an infamous
anti-semitic tract/hoax. The anti-semitic aspect really ticked me off and I
complained to CKLN, with no response. I have since heard that Dean was fired
from CKLN.

I soon received a package of publicity materials from DovEntertainment of
Toronto, announcing this BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY album by Nelson Thall and Bob
Dobbs (actually Bob Dean). All of their publicity descriptions of the album
were worded in such a wa y that the blurbs could just as easily describe my
projects and other authorized SubGenius projects. I.e., "The album is a
transmutation of pop-culture sounds and the almighty spoken word, as
assembled from media guru Bob Dobbs' radio broadcasts betw een 1988 and
1991." To most people with any passing familiarity with anything
"SubGenius," that describes The Hour Of Slack or the Berkeley SubGenius

At no time was I asked permission that our names and concepts be used, and
no offer of royalties was ever made. They had sent me the album because they
thought I might REVIEW it or something!

I simultaneously received letters from friends who had seen full-color,
full-page, expensive ads for the album in magazines and assumed we'd "sold
out" because they used such trendy, unSubGenius-like jargon. But, because it
was by "Bo b Dobbs," they assumed it had our blessings. I got pretty upset
at this point.

I called up Gerald Belanger, head of DovEntertainment, and told him I was
quite unhappy and I couldn't believe they were so obviously trying to rip us
off. Belanger, to my surprise, agreed that we should indeed get compensation
and credit, and he ag reed with my suggestion that they put stickers on the
album stating that it was NOT the "SubGenius" "Bob" Dobbs and that we did
not authorize it. I actually thought the album was okay - my only objection
was that it was being sold with the implication that it was our stuff! (In
the end, Belanger continued to distribute the rip-off album despite his
assurances to me to the contrary.)

((( comment from Belanger: Truth be told these albums were VANITY RELEASES,
Thall paid me THOUSANDS of dollars to release only the first album on my
reputable label. I discontinued distribution of the album within the first
few months of release and the task was taken over by Thall and Time Again
Productions partially due to MY DISPUTES regarding Dean and Thall's attitude
toward the Dallas Church. I had been lied to by Dean as well and was under
the impression everything was cool between him and Stang. After all, on my
label's very first release, a compilation called DEATH OF VINYL, there is a
track on there written by former Stang chum PASTOR BUCK NAKED (The Xists
Have Landed) produced by Newfeld, and I had received permission from Stang
in 1990 to use the Bobhead and even the Dallas PO Box on the album art. As
far as I knew, Dean was sanctioned or at the very least tolerated by the
Dallas Church. In the end my feeling is that Dean provided Stang's Church a
much-needed Anti-Bob (as prophecied in the Prescriptures) and gave cause for
rally and the gathering of forces. It was more publicity in a few months for
the Church than they had had IN YEARS. Let's face it, the whole SubG credo
is for plundering prerecorded media and archetypes, Bob Dean was merely
pushing that envelope, sampling the samplers, robbing the pirates. It was
truly an art piece of a magnitude that might not be realised yet for a few
hundred years. :)))

I called David Newfeld, the musician and technician who had done the
production aspects of the album, an d he also agreed that we had been
treated unfairly. He and Belanger had both been told by Dean that everything
Dean had done was with my approval.

Bob Dean never returned my calls.

I wrote a letter detailing my objections, suggestions and demands. I let
about a month go by, and got no response. I called up Belanger. He said that
he and Newfeld had presented my letter to Dean and Thall and they "just
laughed" and said that we were broke nobodies in another country, you can't
trademark a name and there was nothing to worry about.

I called Thall. He acted surprised at my complaint, said Bob Dean had told
him he had permission to use the name... and, in fact, that Dean had told
Thall (and a number of other people, such as David Lynch and Frank Zappa)
that Dean had originated t he name and character of "Bob" and that we were
copying HIM. Thall acted like he wanted to get everything straightened out,
and that he was sure we could turn this into a "win-win" situation. He also
mentioned to me that his family own ed a bunch of newspapers in Canada, and
that he was very close to the Marshall McLuhan estate. He suggested that we
meet in Cleveland on Oct.9, as I was to be there to perform, and he would be
on his way south to act as a consultant for the George Bush ca mpaign, and
could stop in, meet me, and offer me "a deal."

In the meantime, Thall continued to have his hired p.r. firm send out the
same misleading crap I'd complained about. Even when quizzed about the
rip-off situation, this publicist was telling people that there was no
problem, that Bob Dean was good f riends with Stang and had complete
permission. Apparently Thall hadn't taken my efforts seriously enough to
tell his publicist the truth.

Thall then canceled our meeting but said he was sure we would reach an
understanding. What understanding, I asked. Your office is still telling
people this is an authorized SubGenius album. Oh, well, he hedged, and began
repeating over and over, as if I hadn't heard him the first time, "well, you
can't copyright a name, I never heard of SubGenius before Dean, but hey,
controversy makes money;" he'd cut us in for royalties, "why don't we market
each others' materials and turn this into a money-maker?" (I paraphrase.) I
got pretty stern with him and told him I didn't like his idea a bit, and
that I did not want Bob Dean "playing" Bob Dobbs, because the worst-case
scenario was that Dean would show up on David Letterman or someplace
spouting crappy imitation SubGenius stuff and... what next? The Bob Dobbs
Comedy Hour on Fox Network starring Bob Dean? Well, says Thall, I only
produced this album, I can't control Dean, and my album doesn't use your
trademarks, so there.

I then received three ad/interview pieces from different publications, all
tying the fake Bob album to our Church.

I called Thall up and informed him of these ads and interviews, and that I
did not want his album being sold anymore, period, until all connection with
us had been removed. He got pretty upset and must have said ten times, "I
have news for you, you can't copyright a name." He said he'd never heard of
Church of the SubGenius before Bob Dean and I could try all I wanted, no way
could we say he couldn't use the name Bob Dobbs. I could not get him to
acknowledge that it was being used within a context that did indeed mislead
people into thinking this was bona fide SubGenius product. That didn't "sink
in" at all, or at least he acted like it didn't. Least of all did he seem to
comprehend that there was anything UNETHICAL or even sligh tly RUDE about
copping someone else's character - whether or not they got away with it. I
really think the very concept was over his head.

Then followed the Battle of the Press Releases. I had sent a form letter to
a few select SubGenius collaborators explaining what was going on, and Thall
got the idea that I was sending this letter everywhere. So, to retaliate, he
sent a press releas e to most of the radio stations, album distributors,
newspapers and music magazines in North America saying that I was this crazy
nobody who was harassing him and the great Bob Dobbs, and that his Bob was
the real Bob because he was a student of McLuhan a nd had interviewed Henry
Kissinger once, and so everyone should buy or review their wonderful album.
Included was an unfunny "bio" of their so-called Bob Dobbs (by "Connie
Dobbs!") implying that Bob Dean was channeling "Bob " Dobbs.

GA: How can there be two "Bob" Dobbs?

IS: There aren't. There's J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and then there's this jerk in
Toronto named Bob Dean who calls himself Bob Dobbs because nobody will
listen to him otherwise. It may be that he really does think he's "Bob."
Unlike the street people we encounter with Messiah complexes, Dean had the
Thall family fortune to fund him. Basically, this rich kid, Nelson Thall,
wanted to be an Art Boy, so he bought himself a Pet Artist - only the pet
artist turned out to be a shameless pla giarist (not talentless - Dean's one
of the smoothest liars in the world). But by then it was too late - Thall
had already committed money to distributing this album. So he has since
tried to pretend that they were the great original thinkers, and that we are
some kind of pretenders. Call him up, like friends of ours have done; that's
what he or his paid publicist will tell you. It's like they live in their
own little insulated world where truth and history don't exist... it's all
the McLuhanesque "e lectric environment," or some such crap, to them.

GA: How has this problem hurt you?

IS: 1. Embarrassment 2. Their lies and slander 3. Financially.

As to embarrassment, imagine if somebody was using your name were on the
air, badmouthing Jews and spreading racist propaganda! Wouldn't you be a
little ticked off? And that's only part of it. Dean is just plain SILLY.
People who don't know a ny better think, "Well, if this is the Church of the
SubGenius, I can do without it!" I get letters from people angry that "we"
would say such mealy-mouthed crap as emits from Dean.

You should hear the interviews that Dean gives. (I've heard several because
half of the ones he's given have been to disguised SubGeniuses, who just
wanted to see how stupid he'd get.) He insists he's "Bob" Dobbs - he refuses
to "step out of character," EVER - and he claims that back in 1979 he lived
in Dallas, and that Philo and I used to "attend his meetings" and then
ripped HIM off! He says this sort of thing just as straight-faced as if he
actually believed it - eve n though there are hundreds who can testify
otherwise. Maybe he really does believe it! Thall's even funnier, in that he
's nervous around reporters and can never seem to get all his eggs in one
basket. He started off telling one reporter that it was all a big
coincidence - that they'd never heard of our Church or Dobbs. Then the
reporter asked, "But then why does the album and p.r. contain all these
other SubGenius phrases and concepts, like Slack, "Pinks," "the Conspiracy,"
Conni e Dobbs, the Xists, the word SubGenius, etc..? Suddenly Thall changed
his story and said, yes, there was a connection, but it was that we stole
our ideas from THEM.

Also, as Dobbs, Dean claims to have helped assassinate JFK and Martin Luther
King. Ha ha, that's real funny - if you're a fascist at heart, I suppose.
Somehow I can't see the real "Bob" conspiring in quite that direction.
Coming from Dean, with his attachment to things like The Protocol of the
Elders of Zion, it's probably wishful thinking.

Their sleaziness and hypocrisy is incredible! Their press release brags
about how they interviewed "America's number one political prisoner in his
jail cell." But they wisely don't say WHO that political prisoner might be.
One might conclu de they meant Leonard Peltier. No. If you ask, it turns out
they're talking about Lyndon LaRouche!

Then there's slander. Their slander hurts us. There are probably a few
recipients of their press releases who had no prior exposure to the Church
and believe them when they say I'm this death-threat-making nut case, and
that they with their lame bla therings represent the true "Bob." (Can you
imagine how ridiculous this all begins to seem to me??)

Financially: people will buy this album of theirs, listen to it, and
conclude, "Now I know what SubGenius is about - egomaniacal nonsense. So
much for "Bob"!" And they'll thenceforth avoid any of our new books and
albums and vide os.

Lately, however, they've become such transparent self-caricatures, and have
put their own feet so deeply down their throats, that my attitude has
switched to a sort of detached amusement, watching them dig their own graves
in the pop culture/art/phi losophy world. "How deep will they dig that pit?"

They're using us as their publicity stunt. That would be almost admirable,
but for the particularly mean, reactionary and dishonest way they've gone
about it. One problem is, they're just not funny. Another is that they're
entirely ignorant o f underground and alternative protocol, and instead do
everything the 'cut-throat' big business style... and they wonder why they'
re getting hate mail!

GA: What are some of the legal issues involved here?

IS: Copyright infringement, obviously. There's really no question that we
could win that, in court... the problem is, we'd have to send a lawyer to
Canada or hire one there just to get started, and we're dead broke, and they
know it. And would it be worth it? That's a MASSIVE headache, and I have a
book to finish. If they were in the U.S. it'd be a simple cease-and-desist
letter. But they know we're financially hamstrung while they have literally
limitless funds. Thall's dad owns a bunch of Ca nadian newspapers, and I
guess he must give Nelson all he needs.

All I have to do is bide my time and they'll blow it. They've publicly
accused me of sending them all this hate mail and harassing them by phone.
Actually, I've never given their number or address out to any SubGenii, and
I certainly never harassed them. They're the ones who sent all these idiotic
press releases out, giving their number - and they wonder why they're
getting angry calls, and why their sample CDs to radio stations are returned
to them, all smashed to pieces with a hammer! PLENTY of pe ople can see
through their scheme and are angry without any inciting on our part. Thall
and Dean literally don't seem to comprehend why anybody besides me might be
angry at them. It's almost hilariously typical of the stupid rich, and
yuppie business prac tices - like a cartoon of the "heartless silver spoons"
vs. the "lovable tin cups."

GA: Why hasn't your "Bob" Dobbs spoken up?

IS: The real "Bob" has spoken up. He is quoted extensively in our
publications regarding the problems of Bobbies and misrepresentations of the
Church. But he's way too busy and lucky to have to deal with a couple of
pathetic, jealous nobodies like Dean and Thall. He probably doesn't even
know about them. Besides, we don't negotiate with terrorists.

GA: How do the two Bobs differ in style and content?

IS: Bob Dean embodies a lot of what "Bob" Dobbs stands against... uncreative
dishonesty being number one. The true "Bob" is funny, yet angry, yet
compassionate. Dean is none of those; instead, he's a glib egomaniac wh o
talks mainly about what a wise and insightful guy he himself is. He's a
gross elitist, with kind of a fascist, right-wing edge to his rap - but
without the satire!! His big heroes include LaRouche and Kissinger. Also,
whereas Dobbs' teachings may sound downright absurd to disbelievers, there
actually is a very coherent, if psychedelicised, logic to his Word. He makes
sense in a weird sort of way. Dean, on the other hand, showers his listeners
with trendy jargon that doesn't actually make a lick o f sense. It's
confusing in an annoying way... because it's not deliberately confusing.
Dean has a tendency to sound like a coke-head with a big vocabulary, but
none of what he says really 'connects' on any emotional level, except maybe
with die-har d McLuhan cultists.

He's fixated on a small number of select crackpots and visionaries, and he
takes them altogether too seriously (Mae Brussell, LaRouche, Cosmic
Awareness, etc.). We synthesize ALL kooks.... but we tell our audience to
distrust them, and be selective as they look into what they have to say -
not worship them.

These two guys worship Marshall McLuhan the way I worship Jimi Hendrix. It's
SICK. They take McLuhan's basic rap, and put our name on it. I suspect that
one reason they've been so nasty is that I didn't show proper respect for
their 'god' in conversations with them. The fact they they've memorized
McLuhan's essays and kissed the butt-shoes of the great man himself simply
doesn't impress me in the least. Any intellectual nerd could do that.

GA: Could you comment on the second CD, and how Negativland was duped?

IS: This is one of the saddest aspects of the whole deal. Negativland and
the Church have, of course, been mutually exploiting each other since 1984,
when they opened at our infamous Night of Slack Devival in San Francisco. We
have a lot in common. Anyway, even after I had started complaining to Thall,
he and Dean decided to do a second BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY album. Only this
time, they would hire the hippest of the hip to remix the material from
their first album. They paid Steve St ein and Negativland, both of whom
surely needed the cash, to do short, 5-minute bits. When Mark Hosler and the
other Negativland guys got the tape, they asked, "Hey - this doesn't sound
very SubGenius-like; did you get permission to do this from the guys in
Dallas?" At which point Thall said, "YES." So they did these remixes.

Now, Negativland isn't just angry that they got rooked into contributing to
a rip-off. It was even worse than that. The packaging of BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY
2 is done in such a way that it appears to be a Negativland album - their
name is the main thing you see, even though they did only 5 minutes of the
whole thing. Ironic, that's for sure, considering the U-2 disaster... but
one good thing came out of it. Dean and Thall are now hated not only by me,
and all SubGeniuses, but also by Negat ivland and all Negativland fans who
know about this debacle. You can call up Mark Hosler or Chris Grigg or Don
Joyce if you have any question about this.

GA: A 1987 pamphlet of yours says that "the official High Priest/Priestess
I.D. card that comes with membership encourages the new SubGenius to twist
the Church for his own ends." How do you feel about the Canadian Bob Dobbs
in lig ht of that?

IS: Twist it, sure.... not that it could be much more twisted. We didn't
expect anybody to claim to be the whole thing, lock stock and barrel. We
never said that property was theft. That's for Commies. We've always
encouraged people to & quot;take the ball and run with it," but we certainly
never thought anybody would be greedy enough to claim they WERE the ball,
and that everybody was supposed to run with them.

Hundreds of people - no, thousands - have managed to collaborate with us, to
indeed twist the Church their own ways. We've never had any trouble with a
single one of those thousands of people, because it was a mutual
exploitation. This is the first time anybody has CHEATED us, tried to cut us
out entirely. Thall will argue that he offered us "a deal." Sure he did, but
only after we threatened to sue. And some deal - he'd allow us to buy his
albums from him and resell them. Grrrrr!!!

GA: What's pissed you off most in this hassle, and what have you learned
from it?

IS: Number one: rich people can do any damn thing they want. And they think
it's funny if somebody who's poor suffers because of it.

I know how that sounds... how "bleeding heart liberal, have-not" that
sounds. But it's the horrible damn truth. The hideous, nightmarish truth.

Unconnected to the Dean/Thall thing, one disturbing revelation I got from
doing SubGenius, in general, was how many people are so prejudiced against
perceived "success" on the part of their own friends. There are those
so-called SubGenii, who see our video in a store and instantly assume it
means 1) we're now rich, 2) therefore we must have 'sold out' and 3) that we
're now inaccessible assholes who think they're "above" everyone else (as if
there was anything WRONG with any of th at!). Actually, my phone number is
in the Stark Fist and anybody who wants to can call me up. Our address is
printed on everything we do, and it's not like some fulfillment company
handles the mail. I take the mail out of the P.O. box myself. When we do l
ive shows we don't hide out backstage - we're at the sales table, hawking
our goods, gabbing with our fellow Subs, etc. Unfortunately, since I've
achieved some minor notoriety, all these naive kids think that means I'm in
some ivory tower somewhere. Actua lly I'm in a backyard outhouse in Dallas
and, considering the kinds of fruitcakes I have to deal with on a daily
basis, I'm pretty damned available. That's my "job."


Apr 21, 2001, 4:35:41 PM4/21/01
I don't see what the fuss is about. If he makes
himself legally obnoxious, Stang et al will just
sue him back to the stone age.

All he seems to do here is try to put the words
'Bob Dobbs' at the end of every one or two word
post he makes; or, conversely, he posts a few
paragraphs of some seemingly random nonsense from
some dead minor philosopher-poet nobody cares about.

Occasionally he brags that he did or does something
worthwhile or important; which nobody believes *and*
wouldn't matter one way or the other if they did,
because it was petty bullshit anyway.

Now I'm sure that others see a great affront in his
existence; but for my part, I don't even think he is
worth killfiling. The bottom line is that he never
says anything worth mention. Ignore him. Leave him
to his meds. He'll do the pillbug thing soon enough.

"There is no nu-monet. There is only Zuul."


Apr 21, 2001, 5:37:21 PM4/21/01


Bob Dobbs


Apr 21, 2001, 5:39:38 PM4/21/01


Bob Dobbs

Boddhisatva Troutwaxer

Apr 21, 2001, 1:47:51 PM4/21/01
In article <20010421153107...@ng-mk1.aol.com>,

Dean is a sad, crazy, fucked up little man. Please ignore him.

If for some fucked up reason, you simply must know more, go to:



Boddhisatva Troutwaxer

Apr 21, 2001, 1:53:29 PM4/21/01
In article <3AE1EF...@succeeds.com>, nu-monet <not...@succeeds.com>


> Now I'm sure that others see a great affront in his existence; but for
> my part, I don't even think he is worth killfiling. The bottom line is
> that he never says anything worth mention. Ignore him. Leave him to
> his meds. He'll do the pillbug thing soon enough.

Yeah, I've come to that conclusion too. He was fun to torment at first,
then I decided that the thing to do was just pretend that he doesn't exist.
Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to killfile him yet (Linux still
has some rough edges) so I erase all his drivel, change the name of his
posts, and write something new.



Apr 21, 2001, 7:31:54 PM4/21/01

"Boddhisatva Troutwaxer" wrote

> so I erase all his drivel, change the name of his
> posts, and write something new.

I wish I'd thought of that,,,,,,,,

Boddhisatva Troutwaxer

Apr 21, 2001, 3:23:53 PM4/21/01
In article <te475ej...@corp.supernews.com>, "whyaskwhyaskwhy"

Actually, I think you were the first person to use that technique.




Apr 21, 2001, 9:37:54 PM4/21/01

No, I was.

Bob Dobbs


Apr 21, 2001, 11:04:33 PM4/21/01

"Boddhisatva Troutwaxer" wrote

> Kudos.



man, it sure was fun kicking dean in the nuts, wasn't it BT? the times we
had, all gathered around the campfire taking turns kicking him in the nuts
as hard as we could. if he wasn't so BORING I'd probably kick him in the
nuts some more, but he just LAID THERE like a dead chick and I simply got
tired of kicking his lifeless body off the ground. He didn't put up much of
a defense and made it way to easy to trip him up on a regular basis, but I
guess that figures seeing as how his whole premise is based on lies and

Has dean even posted anything for the last week or so? I haven't seen it if
he has, he's probably curled up in the fetal posistion with a couple big
pink buttplugs stowed fore and aft chanting "GENIUSGENIUSGENIUS" to himself.
Oh well, some other DUMBASS will come along shortly and fill up the DUMBASS
slot. It won't be long, that's for sure.

Boddhisatva Troutwaxer

Apr 21, 2001, 9:43:22 PM4/21/01
In article <te4imbo...@corp.supernews.com>, "whyaskwhyaskwhy"

<blackout@coldcockin'houserockin'inthehouseBOYEEEinfomagic.com> wrote:
> "Boddhisatva Troutwaxer" wrote
>> Kudos.
> man, it sure was fun kicking dean in the nuts, wasn't it BT? the times
> we had, all gathered around the campfire taking turns kicking him in
> the nuts as hard as we could. if he wasn't so BORING I'd probably kick
> him in the nuts some more, but he just LAID THERE like a dead chick and
> I simply got tired of kicking his lifeless body off the ground. He
> didn't put up much of a defense and made it way to easy to trip him up
> on a regular basis, but I guess that figures seeing as how his whole
> premise is based on lies and horseshit.
> Has dean even posted anything for the last week or so?

I dunno. I change the Subject heading then edit the memory.


HellPope Huey

Apr 23, 2001, 1:32:15 AM4/23/01
In article <iHvE6.492$Uc7.2...@news.pacbell.net>, "Boddhisatva
Troutwaxer" <tung...@pacbell.net> wrote:

> In article <te4imbo...@corp.supernews.com>,
wrote: > > "Boddhisatva Troutwaxer" wrote> >> Kudos. > > MKUDO MKUDO
man, it sure was fun kicking dean in the nuts, wasn't it BT? the times>
we had, all gathered around the campfire taking turns kicking him in> the
nuts as hard as we could. if he wasn't so BORING I'd probably kick> him in
the nuts some more

Yeah, but his skin makes one HELL of a lampshade, don't it? Just wish it
wouldn't SQUIRM like that.

HellPope Huey, hellpo...@subgenius.com
The sales sticker doesn't promise
that I'll be easy on the eyes.
It only says that I can read
a John Shirley novel during a blackout
by the radiance of my Nental Ife glow.

"Sometimes I would rather have a gun than a banana."
- Rep. Steve Gunn,
during a debate in the Louisiana state legislature

"I wanna kick you in the balls so hard,
you'll have to part your hair differently
just to find 'em."
- "The Job"

"BACK to your fold, you demon fuck!"
-Bill Hicks, "Arizona Bay"

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