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List of shock sites
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A shock site is a website which aims to offend as many people as possible,
generally by showing offensive images. It is used often as a form of attack
during message board invasions.

a.. 1 Major shock sites
a.. 1.1
b.. 1.2
c.. 1.3
d.. 1.4
e.. 1.5 Last Measure
f.. 1.6
g.. 1.7
h.. 1.8
b.. 2 Other shock sites
c.. 3 Former shock sites

Major shock sites
Main article: is one of the most well-known shock sites, and perhaps the most
infamous. The image which appears on the site's index, hello.jpg, depicts a
man stretching his anus with his hands.

The site was taken down by the NIC .cx authority in January 2004, but there
are several mirrors of the original site.

[edit] contains a picture, lemonparty.jpg, of three elderly men
lying on a bed naked, engaged in kissing and oral sex. The site was defunct
for a number of years, then restored. It once had a link that stated "click
here to wash your eyeballs", which led to a picture of a kitten. In
addition, the background has turned gray and there is another link below
that leads to Bottleguy. If you take a close look to the picture, you can
notice that the old man recieving oral sex has no scrotum.

External link:

[edit] was a redirect to a picture, tubgirl.jpg, containing a masked,
naked woman lying in a bathtub, buttocks raised with her legs over her head,
projecting a fountain of liquid from her anus. This liquid was originally
thought to have been feces, but after it was revealed that this photo is
part of a series, it is now known to have been simply orange juice.

Before the launch of, this image was featured in a
story "Fecal Japan" claiming that the subject matter is allegedly popular in
Japan. The image displayed on is marked as having been
previously posted on The url address now redirects to Consumption Junction, and displays the
image with a "rate me" box, where viewers can rate the image from 1 to 10.

External link:

[edit] features an image of a woman vomiting while performing fellatio on
a man sitting in a lawn chair, taken from a photo shoot by Max Hardcore. The
actress uses the stage name Catalina and is featured in several of
Hardcore's films. The site has the text "HAI2U!!!1 :)" in bold at the top of
the page. The page is written in w3c validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup
for officialness, and contains a link visible only in the Internet Explorer
browser to make it your homepage. It was at one point highly ranked on a
Google image search for "blowjob".

External link:

Last Measure
Main article: Last Measure
Last Measure is a shock site that utilizes flash to spawn endless pop-ups
featuring many well-known shock pictures as well as NSFW audio. It also
attempts to forward the site's address through your mail application.
Previous versions utilized javascript.

External link:

[edit] features a picture of a black man having sex with an inflatable
purple penguin, with a mysteriously serene expression on his face. This page
formerly consisted of single different images in the past such as circuses,
bold texts, etc.

External link:

[edit] features a picture of a sweaty, fat man having
doggy-style sex with a noticeably unhappy looking young woman, who is
leaning on a filthy sofa. The man is eating a can of creamed corn, with
another can on the girl's back. The title of the page is "canned corn lol".
The picture also contains a link to a flash application that plays music and
flashes bright colors in an attempt to trigger an epileptic seizure.

External link:

[edit], which has a banner title of "Jessica Alba Naked" to perhaps
lure unsuspecting victims, shows an animation of a person inserting a
telephone receiver into her well-groomed anus. The song "Hanging on the
Telephone" by Blondie plays in the background. The title above says
", where all your dreams come true".

External link:

Other shock sites
a.. is a picture of man covered in feces telling people
that using sub7 made him that way.
b.. is another picture of a man distending his
rectum, seemingly almost to the point of prolapse.
c.. is a picture of a man with a large glass bottle in
his anus.
d.. contains many pictures of two naked
obese women skinny-dipping. At the bottom of the page there is the text
"Good thing I don't have a .mov of this".
e.. displays an old (or digitally altered to create the
impression of) greyscale picture of five men, one of whom is lying on his
back being fellated by another, who is in turn being penetrated by another,
who is in turn being penetrated by another, who is in turn being penetrated
by the fifth. The keywords used to help categorize the page with search
engines contains various non-related terms such as: "white power, gilligan's
island, radio free berkeley and iambic pentameter" among others.
f.. is a single image of a woman drinking a large glass of
semen. This picture is a screen shot from a video.
g.. contains a Macromedia Flash
movie called youare.swf, which chants "You are an idiot,
hahahahahahahahahahaha" repeatedly, and flashes black and white smiley
faces. When the user closes the browser window, the page abuses JavaScript
so that a flurry of moving popups with the flash are made. Attempting to
close these windows, which is difficult because they are flying around on
the screen, results in even more pop-ups, sometimes causing the computer to
crash or stop responding. A browser with a pop-up blocker prevents this.
h.. contains an image of a Scarlet Macaw perched on
a man's erect penis. The page contains a note from a Slashdot reader asking
that the image be relocated (if not removed) because Slashdot trolls are
using hyperlinks to send unsuspecting users there. The page also mentions a
crude ASCII art version of the penisbird, which appears from time to time on
i.. is a picture of somebody with their head
split in two.
j.. is a website that
initially appears to be a tribute to George W. Bush, but after eight
seconds, turns into a fugue of images from various other shock sites.
k.. is a site containing a man and a transsexual engaging
in anal sex. The transsexual is sitting on top of the man, and while the sex
act is occurring, the penis of the transsexual is rotating in a circle. It
plays the song, "You spin me right round" by Dead or Alive. The website also
counts how many "spins" a person sits through, and after 45 "spins", words
appear declaring you "officially gay." The domain name was recently sold on
eBay for $2,100 [1], and has since been commercialised.
l.. is an extremely graphic image of a large woman
holding open her legs. Her legs, face and vagina are smeared with feces, and
slimy, diarrhea like feces is on the sheet in front of her, whilst also
dribbling out of her anus. She has a dildo or vibrator in her mouth. Below
there is a text that says "Hi Mom" in between two smilies.
m.. is an video of a man engaging in anal sex with another
man with a loop of a clip from a song saying "feels like heaven" playing in
the background. Other links on the page lead to animated pictures of other
pornographic imagery set to other songs.
n.. is an imitation of, which is described
o.. contains a presumably faked picture of an
aborted fetus in a toilet. Also, there is a coat hanger on the toilet,
insinuating a home abortion.
p.. contains a picture of one man's hand immersed in
a second man's anus. Large text below the picture reads "Surprise,
asshole!". The domain of the site is purposely misleading, indicating that
it contains BitTorrent files.
Former shock sites
a.., a clone of the popular page, featuring a
televised Japanese comedian (Rakkyo Ide) being anally penetrated by what the
site claims is a kangaroo, but according to the on-screen graphic is a dog
of Tosa breed. The website appears to have been shut down by the Christmas
Islands authorities.
b.. contained a picture of a man eating feces from
another man's anus. At the top it says "zomg, zizek~!" and at the bottom
contains the text "DISCLAIMER: This picture does not depict anyone's
genitals, and is therefore not pornographic in nature. I don't care if
you're under 18. Go cry me a river." The color of the background was
formerly white.
c.. contained a picture, highballer.jpg, of a man standing
on top of a concrete platform with his trousers down, projecting a fountain
of liquid feces.
d.. was a site containing a photograph of a two
men, one being anally penetrated by the other with what appeared to be a
bicylce pump. In addition to that, both were covered in faeces. The name of
the site was taken from the Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology, which
used to be known by the acronym SCAT. The website has now been replaced by
the actual Shrewsbury College website.
e.. and were based upon GNAA's Last Measure
shock site engine. They feature classic Last Measure images with crudely
photoshopped faces of Denise Paolucci, a LiveJournal employee that heads up
the Abuse team.
f.. featured a montage of various anal fisting and scat fetish
pictures. Origins are unknown. The site existed in this form until around
May 2003, when the content was taken down and a .tk placeholder put in its
place. In early 2004 the placeholder was removed and different non-shock
content added.
g.. consisted of a picture of a man licking feces off
another man's penis while the other man was vomitting, and another picture
underneath of a man eating feces from another man's anus.
h.. was a website that had several images. The former webmaster
of the site, Klerck, was found dead in the bathroom of his boyfriend's
apartment on the morning of 8 March 2005. He posted a suicide note on his
LiveJournal, which has since been suspended. A mirror of the suicide note
can be found here.
i.. was a rate me site of goatse related material in the
style of Hot or Not. This site contained several grotesque images of people
attempting different styles of "goatses". Once again this site was shut down
by Christmas Island.
j.. was a site containing violently anti-semitic and homophobic
posts, along with images, animated .gifs and short .avi movies on the same
theme. The site went offline in 2004, apparently due to lack of funds.
k.. Lime Rave was a picture of a man with a large penis. The image did not
show obvious signs of being Photoshopped (unlike giver.jpg of A
programming script also "shook" the browser window upon entering the site,
perhaps in an attempt to scare unsuspecting users.
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