Lol! "tranny" 'wasn't able to have sex due to his/her "surgically constructed vagina"'

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Rgays Mentally Ill?

Jun 27, 2015, 3:03:26 PM6/27/15
What the fuck good is that? A modified 'woman' who can't fuck
with her/his new vagina?


A 38-year-old New York transgender resident sued NFL cornerback
Eric Green in Fort Myers today, seeking $10 million and alleging
he forcibly sodomized him/her in his Arizona condo.

Mavilia, who weighed 145 pounds, said the 195-pound NFL star
wasn't able to have sex due to her/his "surgically constructed
vagina" and he asked if there was "anything he/she wanted to
tell him."

That was when, the lawsuit says, he sodomized her/him against
his/her will as she/he repeatedly told him to stop. But he
continued and then became "extremely agitated" and "threatened"

"This never happened," the lawsuit says he told him/her. "You
better not tell anyone about this."

The Daily News usually doesn't identify victims of alleged sex
crimes, but Mavilia filed the lawsuit under his, er...her..its
own name.

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