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My theory for the inspiration of the Klingons

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Jun 4, 2006, 11:13:04 PM6/4/06
In the book "Triumphs of Turlough" I've found quit a few of the names
of the Klingon characters. Also the way of life and war portraid in
the book is very close to the Klingon ideal. THis book is about the
various wars of the Dal Cassian tribe of Ireland around 1300 and was
written about 1450.
IN one memorable passage a group of tribemen are trapped across a
stream and under attack by their enemies. THeir fellow tribesmen are
ssafe acroos the stream but unable to come to their aid and can only
watch as they battle to the death. As each warrior is about to die from
his wounds he raises the severed heads of his defeated enemies to the
chears of his tribesmen. Then he falls dead to the ground. Don't this
sound like a Klingon?

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