Strap On Mistress Synn Milks Your Prostate!

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Apr 7, 2016, 12:39:34 AM4/7/16
Synn: 1-877-201-0135

My first love, when it came to sex, was strap on sex. There's just something
about putting my big (removable) dick into a man's mouth and watching him suck
it, or sliding it into his tight ass and fucking him with it, that just did
something for me.I still love strap on play, of course, and I still do it
often. But my love for strap ons also ended up leading me to some other
fetishes as well. Anal training was a natural thing to come out of it,
especially since I ended up doing so many virgins. I'm not a *complete*
sadist, so I learned how to make the whole process as quick (or as drawn-out)
as I wanted, with the least amount of discomfort...unless I wanted it to hurt,
of course.

Anal training led to other things, like prostate milking and fisting. Both of
them can be absolutely mind-blowing for you guys. They make me feel pretty
good--and powerful--too! I can give you orgasm after orgasm by doing nothing
but finding that spot inside you and giving it my undivided attention. And if
you think just prostate massage with a couple of fingers is good, just wait
'til you see how it feels with my whole hand inside you!

Eventually, just fucking you guys myself wasn't enough. I wanted to see you
get fucked by real cocks, and that's how my love for forced bi scenes was
born. Sometimes, I just like to watch while you service another man. Other
times, I want to join in with my strap on. And of course, you can't have
forced bi sessions without humiliation.... Call me, guys, and let me show all
the things I like!

Synn: 1-877-201-0135

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